more 2018 lucha db stats: CMLL appearances by day of the week, busiest states, AAA TV records

I did this two years ago. (I was busy writing a book last year, I think.)

CMLL Appearances By Days Of The Week

You can see the full chart here.

most Friday night Arena Mexico shows: Volador Jr., Ultimo Guerrero, Caristico, Barbaro Cavernario, Rush
most Tuesday night Arena Mexico shows: Stuka Jr., Mephisto, The Panther, Ephesto, Niebla Roja

There’s an a-team/b-team divide there. My theory is the Tuesday night guys are CMLL programming have no plans for, but there is some needed to have credible main events for those shows too. Maybe the better way is to look is to see not who works the most, but who works much more on one show than the other:

most Tuesday shows more than Friday shows: Nitro (22), Lucifierno (18), Pequeno Olimpico & Acero (16), Stuka Jr. (15)
most Friday shows more than Tuesday shows: Volador (36), Rush (27), Ultimo Guerrero & Barbaro Cavernario (26), Terrible (25)

Yea, that’s still pretty close. Pequeno Olimpico leads the way with most matches overall (47) with 0 Friday night appearances. LA Park & son broke the chart the other way,

Leaders in other categories:

most Puebla shows: Stigma (31) – son of person who runs the building
most Tuesday Arena Mexico: Stuka Jr. (33)
most Tuesday Guadalajara: Esfinge (30) – son of person who runs the building
most Friday Arena Mexico: Volador Jr. (44)
most Saturday Arena Coliseo: Stuka Jr. (23)
most Sunday Arena Mexico: Valiente & Niebla Roja (31)
most Sunday Guadalajara: Magico (37)

Magico was the original name of Mascara Sagrada. I don’t know this one. He wrestled on only 10 Tuesday shows, so he doesn’t have the most matches of the Guadalajara locals. That would be Difunto, who had 54 matches in that building alone. He got more CMLL bookings than Electrico, Sangre Azteca and Bengala, among many others.

Blue Panther wrestled the most matches without wrestling in Puebla. LA Park & son did the most without a Tuesday Arena Mexico. Sam Adonis disappeared from CMLL before he got to work a Coliseo match in 2018. Nitro didn’t go to Guadalajara all year. Pequeno Universo did not work on a Sunday.

Events/Wrestlers by State

Mexico City is the home of lucha libre. Except, there are a few states where I found many more lucha libre events in 2018

  1. Estado de Mexico (889)
  2. Veracruz (558)
  3. Coahuila (527)
  4. Jalisco (482)
  5. Ciudad de Mexico (461)

The wrestler to wrestle the most in one state appears to be someone named Angel Negro in Veracruz. Only, there might have to be two Angel Negros, because he’s wrestling twice a day most Sundays, sometimes in Veracruz and in Fortin at the same time. I will never be able to tell them apart.

Nayarit was the only Mexican state where I found zero events from all of 2018. This made me sad, so I searched Facebook and found a show from December. I’m still kind of sad, to be honest.

Lunatik Xtreme, one of the sons of X-Fly, turned up on the most Mexico State cards.

You can see a full list here.

AAA TV Win/Loss Records

This includes anything that aired as part of a taping on Twitch. I guess these would be different if we looked at what aired, though it rarely seemed like AAA had figured what was going to when they recorded the shows.

Most wins: Psycho Clown (19)
Most losses: Pagano, Joe Lider, Parka Negra (15)
Most matches: Psycho Clown (30)
Best win % (at least 5 matches): Nino Hamburguesa (80%, 8-2)
Worst win % (at least 5 matches): Joe Lider (13%, 2-15-1)

You can see a full chart here.