AAA on Twitch: 2019-01-26 

explain the physics involved in Aerostar

Recapped: 1/26/2019


All matches were from Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas

Lady Maravilla, Chicano, Villano III Jr. beat Máscara de Bronce, Raptor, Lady Shani
(7:00, Lady Shani guillotine choke Chicano, good, 00:20:24)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana beat Bengala, Mamba, Niño Hamburguesa
(7:10, Mocho Cota Jr. splash Mamba, ok, 00:37:02)

Drago © beat ArgenisParka NegraGolden Magic for the AAA Latin American Championship
(10:56, Dragon’s Tail cradle Golden Magic, good, 00:55:21)

Myzteziz Jr., Hijo del Vikingo, Murder Clown beat Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
(15:01, Hijo del Vikingo reverse 450 splash Averno, great, 01:15:21)

Aerostar, Dr. Wagner Jr., Psycho Clown beat Hijo del Fantasma, Monsther Clown, Rey Escorpión
(16:29, Aerostar springboard frontcracker Monsther Clown, good, 01:42:55)

Cíclope & Miedo Extremo beat Joe Lider & Pagano
(13:39, Ciclope German Suplex Joe Lider, good, 02:14:13)

What happened:

Lider always seems to take the worst stuff

Nothing and everything. There’s really no meaningful storyline progress on this shows. The most you can say is Vikingo, Aerostar and Los Macizos picked up big wins. Those don’t always go somewhere in AAA. They still seemed big in the moment.

Almost everything changed. Between travel issues (Laredo Kid & La Hiedra, mentioned at the top of the show), people booked elsewhere (Jack Evans & Australian Suicide, not mentioned) and Drago listed twice on the cards for reasons never explained, half the matches changed. The matches still turned out well. Also, the Ciclope & Miedo Extremo versus Pagano & Joe Lider match was moved to the main event, since they were going to litter the ring with objects.

Argenis, Bengala, and Pagano all left hurt. Pagano seemed to suffer a shoulder injury on a backdrop out of the ring onto a table. Argenis may have suffered a head injury taking a powerbomb on the floor from Parka Negra. That appeared to be the final spot of the match for both, so they could’ve been more storyline injuries. Bengala’s injury seemed more clearly legit, getting hurt taking the Poder del Norte tope doomsday device on the floor and landing on his right shoulder (which I believe is the one he’s had trouble with in the past.) Bengala was hurt before he got to do much in the match and might have played a bit in the next bit not going right.

Parka Negra bomb

A Lady Maravilla distraction caused Niño Hamburguesa to not do his splash and Mamba to get pinned. (Maravilla was late out for the distraction, which made it look awkward.) This might be a continuation of the long forgotten secret admirer of Niño Hamburguesa storyline or just a way to get out of the finish.

Rey Escorpión now appears to definitely be working his own feud with Psycho Clown.

The English commentary went back to just popping up randomly rather than explaining the context of things in advance.


ups and downs for Maravilla

The main event was what you’d expect it to be. Actually, not sure if you specifically expected a staple in the tongue and broken beer bottle shards laying on the mat for most of the match, but it was the same sort of extreme match these two teams have been handing. They didn’t use fire, though what they did use seemed as dangerous as anything they’ve done. It’s unclear how there’s an easy way to land on shredded glass. Pagano had the courtesy to not die until he was done with the match (a trend on this show) and Los Macizos really destroyed Lider at the end. This would be the time to move onto the next step for Ciclope & Miedo Extremo if there was a logical next step. Instead, it looks like they’re leaving with the win for the next great while.

Monsther Clown and Aerostar came off hungry to make an impression in the (not quite) main event and it went pretty well. The finish looked a little off, but they pulled off the best parts of the main event otherwise. Monsther Clown based for Aerostar’s trickiest moves better than could’ve been figured. The other four weren’t bad, it’s just a lot of what they normally do in these matches all the time. Having a little different blood helps.

all Myztezizs (Myztezi?) must be tossed

OGTs vs Vikingo, Myzteziz, and replacement Jiente Murder Clown was a lot of fun. They gave a big opening to the kids to look great and they did it again. There are some nits to pick; this match was thrown together like many of the other matches tonight and you could see it with how some of the spots looked a bit off. Still, they got the big stuff as they came together and it built into a big match by the end. OGTs have slowed down by a bit, but they’re still really good bases for a match like this and also skilled enough to get amusingly squashed by Murder Clown. They did a great job of escalating to the finish and they gave a surprisingly clean finish for an AAA show.

There was a lot of action in the four-way but it didn’t feel any special. Some of the moves would’ve looked a little better without time to set up them up but there were a lot of moves. Drago came off as the best guy by a little bit, though didn’t get to stand out as champion as much with needing to get everyone their moment. I can’t say I’ll remember a lot of this match later but I guess it was worth watching. I liked the opener more.


The ending of the second match was super flat. Not sure if Maravilla was late, or if they were missing a Bengala spot, or what, but it wasn’t at the level of the usual Poder del Norte matches. It was worse than usual already, with really only Bengala good at working with Poder del Norte. Niño Hamburguesa & Mamba did their usual, which get reactions but doesn’t make for a great match.

The opener was far for smooth. Raptor’s attempted Dragon Lee apron tijeras on Villano III Jr. was a perfect example of something that aimed high and didn’t always get there. Still, they had a lot of fun getting to the finish, with Villano III & Chicano killing themselves every time they get on TV. Maravilla & Bronce were bound and determined to do that Spanish Fly and did eventually pull it off. Bronce showed a little bit of what made people excited about him what seems like a very long time ago. Lady Shani, the best woman, submitting a guy who is barely on streams is the right call but a decision they’d always thin to make.