Ingobernables defeat Lucha Brothers, AAA in Ciudad Madero tonight


CMLL (FRI) 01/25/2019 Arena México [CMLL, Lucha CentralluchablogMarcaOvacionesPubliMetroRecordThe Gladiatores]
1) El Coyote & Grako b Eléctrico & Oro Jr. LUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 25 DE ENERO  DE 2019 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
13:19. Rudos took 1/3.
2) Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Rey Cometa b Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Universo 2000 Jr. LUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 25 DE ENERO  DE 2019 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
13:41. Tecnicos took 1/3.
3) Felino, Shocker, Vangellys b Audaz, Flyer, Titán LUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 25 DE ENERO  DE 2019 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
11:57. Rudos took 2/3.
4) Soberano Jr. b Templario [lightningLUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 25 DE ENERO  DE 2019 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
8:09. Soberano won with his sit down piledriver.
5) Atlantis, Carístico, Volador Jr. b Cavernario, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero LUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 25 DE ENERO  DE 2019 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
9:47. Tecnicos took 2/3.
6) Diamante Azul, King Phoenix, Penta 0M DQ La Bestia Del Ring, Rush, Terrible [Relevos IncreíblesLUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 25 DE ENERO  DE 2019 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
10:56. Straight falls, the last by DQ when Rush fouled Penta, then unmasked him and everyone else after the match.

CMLL promos: Los Ingobernables, Soberano Jr., Flyer & Audaz (who want to be a team)

Media room interviews: Diamante Azul (Box Y Lucha), Los Ingobernables (Box Y Lucha), Guerreros & Cavernario (Box Y Lucha). These promos are still in Fantastica Mania mode, where the trio they’re in that night was the best team they’ve ever been in and would like to be part of forever.

The work is still in recovering from Fantastica Mania too. Soberano/Templario is the only one worth going out of your way to see, though the main event was better than expected. Penta & Fenix are in Atlanta next Friday, so whatever they were setting up there will take a while to get to in CMLL. They shouldn’t take too long; there’s a looming time limit on Lucha Brothers versus Ingobernables/Munoz matches in CMLL. We don’t know when LU will make a decision and when Fenix & Penta will be free to sign with someone, but it’s unlikely ROH will keep outbidding people for (more) Mexican wrestlers. Any of the other people they’d sign with are not going to have a relationship with CMLL and these days may end.

Fenix & Penta wrestled in Mexico City last night, flew up to Chicago tonight for AAW, and fly back to Mexico City tomorrow night for a match. I think these last few years have been really fun (and profitable) for them but I can’t expect they’ll want to keep up these schedules if they get good offers for easier ones.

AAA is streaming again tonight on Twitch. They’re live from Ciudad Madero, a city seared into my mind as the location for the 2015 Guerra de Titanes. The show was canceled and everything seemed to be falling apart for AAA at the same time: Alberto left while champion, Mysterio finished up, and Konnan was excommunicated soon after. The Ciudad Madero cancelation was a separate issue from the rest – cartel-related violence has made the city unsafe to run – but it seemed like the bottoming out point in what turned out to be a disappointing year. AAA canceled another show in Ciudad Madero in 2016 as well, and tonight will be the first time they’ve been back for a taping since 2010. AAA will get to associate Ciudad Madero with something else tonight.

It is an alright card. No Blue Demon, which helps the matches. The main event still looks like a typical AAA main event, with Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner, Fantasma and Rey Escorpion involved. The twist is Aerostar & Monsther Clown pick up their late-year feud tonight in that main event.

The semi-main has The OGTs scheduled to face Murder Clown, Laredo Kid, and Drago. Something is up because Drago is also listed as defending his Latin American championship against Parka Negra, Argenis and Golden Magic. AAA has enough people that Drago really doesn’t need to be working twice. AAA is definitely aware Drago’s listed twice so maybe there’s a story to come on the show.

Miedo Extremo & Ciclope meet Pagano & Joe Lider once again. They’ve split their head to head meetings so far. It’s not listed as an extreme match but probably will end up one. Poder del Norte face 2/3rds of the trios champions (Myzteziz Jr. & Hijo del Vikingo) and Nino Hamburguesa in the second. The opener is listed as Mascara de Bronce, Raptor and Vanilla against Jack Evans, Australian Suicide and La Hiedra. Evans & Suicide were in Canada last night to wrestle on a Teddy Hart show and Evans is listed as working in Los Angeles tonight, so both are doubtful to make it to Madero. Maybe Chicano and Villano III Jr. will get the call.

Lucha Central has a preview. The show is listed as an 8pm CT start, which means first match around 8:30 pm or so.

In his Record column, La Parka says Hijo de La Parka only told him recently he wanted to be a luchador. He still has to finish high school and will be going to college. I’d suspect he’ll wrestle the same time he goes to college but it still may be quite a while before we see him in the ring regularly.

Ciudad Madero’s Disturbio talks about his love of extreme wrestling. He’s wrestling in the locals only match, which usually gets skipped by the Twitch stream.

02/09 The Crash in Tijuana

It’s unclear in the post if that’s a trios, a three-way tag, or a six-way match. Guess that’s something to look forward to in the poster.

The Crash also released their full schedule for the year. They’re going to run 17 shows in total in Tijuana. (The one they already ran is not listed.) They’re pretty much going to be running every third week with the exception of taking August off. The Anniversario show is 11/02.

It is weird that The Crash, a promotional I constantly and possibly unfairly pick on for small things like forgetting who their champions are, is so organized to have all their dates figured out for the year and that’s something AAA & CMLL cannot do. I mean, “every Friday” is pretty simple but it’s late January, I couldn’t tell you when Homenaje a Dos Leyendas or Rey de Reyes is, and The Crash is out here announcing November dates like a grown-up promotion.

Toxin is off the MexaWrestling card due to injury. The injury was not as severe as first thought but he’ll still be out for a while.

Puma King compares the types of fans in Mexico, Japan, and the US.


CMLL pulled Volcano & Kraneo off the Tuesday Arena Mexico card and put on Volador & Niebla Roja instead. A tag team getting pulled off suggests they’re booked somewhere else and not injury, but you never know.

CMLL (FRI) 02/01/2019 Arena México
1) Robin & Star Jr. vs Akuma & Espanto Jr.
2) Kaho Kobayashi, Lluvia, Princesa Sugehit vs Amapola, Dalys, Reyna Isis
3) Atlantis, Atlantis Jr., Niebla Roja vs Hijo del Villano III, Mephisto, Villano IV
4) Flyer, Místico, Volador Jr. vs Euforia, Templario, Último Guerrero
5) Carístico vs Dragón LeeValienteStuka Jr.TerribleCavernarioGran GuerreroForastero [CMLL Universal, torneo]
6) ? vs ?? [CMLL Universal, quarterfinal]
7) ? vs ?? [CMLL Universal, quarterfinal]
8) ? vs ?? [CMLL Universal, quarterfinal]
9) ? vs ?? [CMLL Universal, quarterfinal]
10) ? vs ?? [CMLL Universal, semifinal]
11) ? vs ?? [CMLL Universal, semifinal]
12) ? vs ?? [CMLL Universal, final]

The Universal tournament ending the show instead of the trios match means maybe they’ll give the semi-main time. Or at least it won’t be the match that won’t be cut.

That leaves Mephisto, Cuatrero, Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, Volador Jr., Sanson, Electrico, Soberano Jr., Diamante Azul and Niebla Roja (assuming he gets by Luciferno on Monday) as left for the 02/08. CMLL could run a 10 man block if they want. That just seems to out of the box for them. It is intriguing to have both Euforia & Soberano left since even just putting them in a battle royal violates CMLL’s secret rule against fathers and sons wrestling each other. Maybe that is also the answer to how they’re getting to eight: the lightweight title and welterweight titles are the smallest weight divisions for the national titles, so Electrico and Soberano get bumped.

Atlantis Jr. making his Arena Mexico debut will be a big deal.

CMLL on Marca: 2019-01-25 

best part of the match

Recapped: 01/25/2019


El Coyote & Grako beat Eléctrico & Oro Jr.
(13:19 [6:16, 3:04, 3:59], 1/3, ok, 00:01:20)

Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Rey Cometa beat Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Universo 2000 Jr.
(13:41 [4:57, 2:05, 6:39], 1/3, ok, 00:22:05)

Felino, Shocker, Vangellys beat Audaz, Flyer, Titán
(11:57 [4:23, 4:48, 2:46], 2/3, below average, 00:45:56)

Soberano Jr. beat Templario in a lightning match
(8:09, fire driver, good, 01:09:04)

Atlantis, Carístico, Volador Jr. beat Cavernario, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero
(9:47 [5:47, 2:11, 1:49], 2/3, ok, 01:23:10)

Diamante Azul, King Phoenix, Penta 0M beat La Bestia Del Ring, Rush, Terrible in a relevos increíbles match
(10:56 [3:31, 7:25], 1/2 DQ, ok, 01:45:02)

What happened:


Rush fouled Penta to end the main event and ripped his mask after. Los Ingobernables eventually took off all the técnicos masks.


The main event was a great tease of a match that might not be happening any time soon in Arena Mexico (but sort of has happened on indies already.) Penta & Rush seemed motivated to make something out of the exchanges for how long they lasted and a rematch would be a fun counter balance to the Universal tournament, but the Lucha Brothers weren’t announced for next week. Just thinking about this match, the two teams did better than expected together. Besides Rush/Penta, Bestia and Terrible handled Fenix’s tricky offense fine, and the cameras helped out a lot on the not great double cutter spot. They got more of the match together than the veterans/tecnicos match earlier. Diamante Azul also dropped Bestia on his head with a German suplex so that was a thing. The crowd amped for Rush & Penta made this a bigger deal then it would seem given the time.

proof this happened

Semimain was a passable match. Carístico’s La Mistica looked so much better than the repeated Canadian Destroyers but such is life in 2019. The third fall was really short and it wasn’t like the previous falls had a lot to them either. They were taking it easy.

Templario and Soberano had a good exhibition match, with some of their best moves and one really cool reversal. It left room to get better; there was a slower pace than you’d expect, maybe because Soberano seemed to suffer a rib injury. The no-sell Canadian Destroyer sequence didn’t work well either; it’s not as much the no-selling the problem as them not selling the idea that the blocked the original moves (if that was even the idea). Still, they got in pop up powerbombs and gutwrench suplexes reversed into huracanrana, it was the kind of action you’d want from these two people.

The rudos dragged down the técnicos in tercera, as expected. Shocker did take one spiffy Audaz headscissors but everything else was slow. The finishes in the second fall were quite bad. The dives in the third fall, with Vangellys and Flyer being on two different pages, was not so great.

pobre Monito

Rey Cometa did a headscissors off the apron. Misterioso didn’t pay attention and got pinned. Blue Panther Jr. did a lot of quebradoras to set up the dives. This was like many matches you’ve seen with these guys, and there was a comeback bit later that looked bad. There was a little less energy than their better matches. Universo 2000 Jr.’s mask looked cooler than usual, though he didn’t show much here. He took the boomerang kick well at least.

Opener had an interesting first fall and went down from there. Grako & Coyote are firmly OK and had one team spot (which seems like more than they used to have.) Oro tried things, they just didn’t work out well. The big headscissors off the apron had poor timing. Eléctrico was present.