AAA on Twitch: 2019-01-19 


Recapped: 01/19/2019


Dinastía, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa beat Lady Maravilla, Lanzelot, Villano III Jr.
(10:27, Niño Hamburguesa splash Villano III Jr., ok, 00:33:25)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana beat Hijo Del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr.
(7:15, Carta Brava mask pull→spear Laredo Kid, good, 00:56:43)

Máximo, Murder Clown, Taya beat Chessman, Faby Apache, La Máscara
(8:37, Máximo triple kiss→cradle Máximo, ok, 01:17:12)

Killer Kross beat Dave The Clown and Parka Negra
(6:13, Kross choke Dave The Clown, ok, 01:36:51)

Brian Cage & Pagano beat Joe Lider & Texano Jr.
(10:22, Pagano super legdrop Texano Jr., below average, 01:50:28)

Blue Demon Jr., Hijo del Fantasma, Rey Escorpión beat Dr. Wagner Jr., La Parka, Psycho Clown
(13:08, Fantasma foul → martinete La Parka, below average, 02:08:10)

What happened: 


Hijo de LA Park came out to do commentary in the main event, and of course got attacked in the process. Fantasma got to do the honors. After a long ref bump, Fantasma fouled Parka and gave him a martiente for the win. Parka was stretchered out and the rudos unmasked the younger Parka and Psycho. No one made the save.

Keyra and Lady Maravilla attacked Lady Shani after the opener match, wanting a title shot. Lady Shani shrugged off the attack and said she wouldn’t give up the title that easily. Shani attacked both women and got the worse of it.

La Parka introduced Hijo de La Parka after the second match. Vampiro interrupted to say he had a surprise for Los Mercenarios and to reiterate his challenge for a loser leaves AAA match with Konnan. There was no surprise for Los Mercanarios or response to Vampiro’s challenge.

Brazo de Platino seconded Máximo, interfered in the match randomly, and got taken out by a chair to the head by La Mascara. Mascara and Máximo brawled to the back after their match, passing Averno on the way. Averno was set up on beating up Murder Clown for some reason. It didn’t work until the combined efforts of Averno, Chessman and Faby Apache was able to get it done and unmask him. Taya tried to help out her Murder Clown but it didn’t work.

welcome back to the land of spinning DDTs

The show started out with Demon calling out Wagner, and Demon criticizing Wagner (in a lot of the criticism that could be thrown at Demon.) They brawled until Konnan and Los Mercenarios attacked Wagner. Konnan threatened Fenix and assigned Fantasma to get the title back. Fantasma blew off the loss to Drago as insignificant and was talking about becoming chocolate champ when Psycho Clown made a save. It was going well until, as always, they went after Konnan and got attacked from behind.

Hugo & Jose Manuel seemed to have a new emphasis on explaining the backstory to each match in English and sometimes explaining what happened early. If you were a curious English speaking fan watching, you’d at least have some understanding now.

There was no Televisa commentary booth. Televisa wasn’t mentioned among the outlets where AAA airs.


Dinastia and Lanzelot

AAA is back and back with the same meandering main events. I think the semi-main was actually worse, but they didn’t have a referee die about 30 seconds too soon in that one. One of the goals of the night appeared to be to rehab Hijo del Fantasma, and he did end up strongly taking out both Parkas at the end. Demon/Wagner as a feud still looks important on a poster and fails to translate in the ring. I have no idea if Escorpión & Psycho are really feuding. The camera work was a struggle all night long, but there was a chop fight between Demon & Wagner where it seemed like they were doing their most to miss every chop and coming really close. They missed Fantasma fouling Parka too.

The first about 30 seconds of the semi-main was good fun of Cage throwing people around. It was a lot from there. Pagano hits the Volador Spiral correctly about half the time, and this was not the good half. Cage struggling with his reg leg might have affected the match, but it was just the usual Pagano randomness. Pagano taking a chair shot in the head and standing up so he could catch the chair for the next spot was pure Pagano. Cage & Lider seemed to be confused that the finish was happening while they were still doing things.

Kross should’ve cleaned Dave the Clown & Parka Negra’s clocks. Instead, they had sequences where Kross got beat up and sent out so Parka Negra & Dave the Clown could do sequences not a single person cared about except for them. They tried to make it up for it by having Kross take out both guys at the end but it was a bit too late. I guess I can’t say Kross is pushed much harder than he’s over because this wasn’t much of a push. This was a fine enough match in execution but it was a dumb idea.

cage is strong

Maximo/Mascara had another match. It was whatever. Taya’s offense went well. Crowd was less into her old rivalry with Faby than I thought; they reacted a bit for the dives and kisses at the end but weren’t into the match. Murder remains more fun as a técnico at this point but you don’t need to go out of your way to see Murder Clown matches.

The second match was another all-action match between the two teams, though a bit hurried. They blew through everything, including Laredo Kid getting a mask pulled off to have another one underneath, so quick that it was tough for any of it to sink it. They could’ve used a couple more minutes here to let something settle or to let Poder del Norte show more before the finish. Vikingo came back out of the holiday break with new crazy ideas and pulled them off well. This was a lot of fun, just wanted it more.

The opener had some good action but didn’t totally come together. Villano III Jr. shows some flashy moves and seems to be the guy keeping these matches together, but also seems to exist just to the pins. Dinastia & Lanzelot had one of their usual good sequences during the match and not a whole lot the rest of the time. Camera work couldn’t keep up with the match, which hurt the big spots. The crowd seemed to like it, as they do with anything Niño Hamburguesa. At least this isn’t CMLL, where Piero screwing up the three count would’ve ended the match after about two minutes.


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  1. Is there any reason we should have any hope for Hijo de La Parka (AAA)?

    He knows he’s supposed to be a pro wrestler, right? Like, being at least mildly coordinated if not athletic, and talking in a way people care about, and all that good stuff like that?
    If he was legit the son of Parka (AAA) I wouldn’t mind so much, but making the new Parka (AAA) really not very good at all and employed for unclear reasons in homage to the previous Parka (AAA) is way too meta for me.

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