lucha TV preview for weekend of January 11th, 2019

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I totally forgot about last week. That holiday season really made me lose track of days of the week.

FantasticaMania starts up in a few hours. It’s a 3:30 AM CT start time Friday morning, and the back again on Wednesday at 4:00 AM. I do not think I’m watching either of these live, though I may try to wake up a bit early to watch them on VOD right after the fact. I figure I’ll mess up my sleep next week instead. If you’re going to pick up one, I’m sure people are more excited for the Osaka show because it’s the first, but the Chiba show looks like the better show to me.

The CMLL B-shows in Puebla and on Martes continue. Lots of rudo/rudo lightning matches if that’s what you’re looking for.

AAA’s YouTube upload will be interesting. It should be Guerra de Titanes, but how much of it? If they’re still in desperate catch up mode, they may skip over a title match or the main event feud.