2018 watch later catch up, part 16 of ∞

Mr. Iguana barely survived 2018

Sammy Guevara vs Jack Evans
(RIOT @ Arena LLF on 07/28, 14:36, great, no publicly available link)

What Happened: This match isn’t publicly available at this point in time. I got to see the match by annoying one of the promoters into sharing, then losing the link to where he posted it, then asking someone else if they could ask them where the match was at. I do not recommend this strategy. RIOT may put up matches on some service at some time?

Review: [great] A tremendously fun match with a memorable moment or three. Sammy & Jack are goofy before the bell, and at times during the match, but they also show genuine dislike and anger. Some of the shots occasionally come off sloppy, but they work as just angry people who are a bit too emotional to always hit right. The crowd helps raise this up too, being into the match and hilariously taunting Guevera by singing happy birthday when the match is going poorly for him. This resembles a lot more of a wild brawling match at times – they end up outside and dunking each other in a tank of water – than both guys just doing highspots and is better for it. If this ever available, it’s worth checking out.

this is not the ice bucket challenge
look how messy his back looks

Mr. Iguana vs Taurus vs Vasco Jr. in a tournament final ladder match
(KAOZ @ Arena Coliseo Monterrey on 10/28, 12:34, great, mluchatv)

A lucha libre ladder match where the ladders held up, the people in the match knew the rules, and they did cool stuff using the ladders, what a great thing. I think we’re in a period where ladder matches in Mexico are no longer catastrophes and that’s a pleasant things. Taurus is at his best in this match, not doing stuff just to do it and instead of coming off as a monster destroying things while still being able to base for the crazy things. Mr. Iguana has some crazy ideas, most of which work out and make the feel wild. I liked the Terry Funk homage, and the corner dive was insane. I wish Mr. Iguana wouldn’t take crucifix bombs out of the ring because I’d like to see him in wrestling a lot longer. Vasco Jr. is a guy. This was borderline good/great but there were a few spots that’ll stick in my memory more than most good matches.

animal on animal violence
when you really wish you had a floor cam

Cuatrero, Forastero (CMLL), Sansón vs Bestia 666, Garza Jr., Mr. 450 in the KAOZ TRIOS tournament
(KAOZ @ Arena Coliseo Monterrey on 10/28, 15:41, good, mluchatv)

Seemed like it was going to be a fine if a bit exhibition trios match between these two teams for the half dozen or so minutes. They found another level after the careta spot, picking up the pace and coming up with some sharp looking spots. Rebelion doesn’t seem to team in trios much (or I skip it because I can’t find a full video, probably), but came across as a group on NGD’s level here. The badly timed finish took it down a bit; this isn’t much of the ladder match with a better-executed ending.

hooray team kick
confused by Garza Jr. flashy offense

Zumbido vs Ricky Marvin
(LLB/HUMO in Arena Lopez Mateos on 11/03, 9:10 seen, Estrellas del Ring)

What Happened: This is three falls, but the first two falls are clipped to nothing. Also, a random Angel o Demonio appearance as a second, which feels weird at the moment.

Review: Zumbido politely asks for his second to move the barricade away from the ring before he does a dive, then cracks his head on the apron on the dive because there’s not enough room and bleeds from the back of the head for the next while. Perhaps we can heed Zumbido better next time. Zumbido completely whiffs on catching a Ricky Marvin dive later on. They’re much better when they’re inside the ring, a solid hard hitting match with a good bit of action and some calls backs to their hair match. Zumbido’s worked himself into shape where I hope he gets a nice opponent for a big hair match at some point. This showing that both guys can still go, though it doesn’t hit the highest heights.

unclear why my only GIF is the injury

Penta 0M, Puma King, Rey Fénix vs Eterno, Trauma I, Trauma II
(Cuervo Benefit show @ Arena Naucalpan on 11/22, 15:09, good, +LuchaTV)

Fun exhibition style, peaking with the brawl early. Fenix’s dive near the end was nice too. It didn’t feel like they did all they could’ve done but they did go 15 minutes on a free show so not exactly complaining. Pentagon really wants a match with Eterno from the looks of this one and I hope he gets it at some point. Actually, Fenix/Eterno would be pretty good too.

no matter how many people are in Arena Naucalpan, an empty section of chairs can always be found
Fenix reaching the fans

Alas de Acero, Aramis, Freelance vs Arez, Belial, Toxin
(Cuervo Benefit Show @ Arena Naucalpan on 11/22, 7:43, good, +LuchaTV)

This was totally rushed but sometimes that’s really OK. This was really great in a different way than the short Negro Casas matches, they just used the time to do anything and everything they could think of. The lack of smoothness could be forgiven because something else exciting was happening a second later. Freelance’s backdrop dive to the floor was the biggest moment, but Arez stood out with his spots and Aramis was good as usual. This is the kind of that would get these guys over anywhere they went.

Freelance behaving normally
Alas de Acero in the wrong part of town