CMLL Puebla: 2018-12-17 


Recapped: 12/20/2018


Black Tiger, Espíritu Maligno, Fuerza Chicana beat Centella Roja, Hijo de Centella Roja, Sonic
(11:54 [5:44, 3:56, 2:14], 2/3, n/r, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Cancerbero, Hijo del Signo, Perverso beat King Jaguar, Rey Samuray, Tigre Rojo Jr.
(11:21 [7:01, 2:15, 2:05], 1/3, n/r, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Kawato San, Okumura, Vangellys beat Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Stigma
(9:52 [4:29, 2:43, 2:40], 2/3, n/r, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr., Valiente beat Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero
(10:27 [4:47, 1:58, 3:42], 2/3, ok, VideosOficialesCMLL)

Ángel de Oro, Carístico, Niebla Roja beat Cavernario, Hechicero, Rey Bucanero
(11:48 [3:42, 5:16, 2:50], 1/3, n/r, VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened: 

The segunda built up a King Jaguar/Perverso feud. It was treated like it had been an issue for weeks, inserted of just being invented starting this show.


not a fun time to be Tigre Rojo Jr.

Angel de Oro spends most of the main event having trouble putting weight on his right leg. It appeared to be a cramp by the way he was reacting to it, and not something serious. He was wrestling fine the next day.

Stuka was hurt taking Gran Guerrero’s finish and may have forgotten what the move was supposed to be. Stuka was fine the next day.

All the matches were simple and short matches that seemed to satisfy the crowd while having not much to them. This was another skippable show. They were all different shades of fine. Vangellys stood out as really struggling at times in his match, making for the worst overall match. The Diamante Azul heavy semi-main got over to the crowd even if it didn’t do much for me. They played up the Caristico/Cavernario feud more in the main event then I than thought, but it was more ending it now with a Místico than going anywhere. Perverso & King Jaguar had no special chemistry as rivals and the only curiosity is which of the two is getting the hair match payoff. Jaguar hasn’t been around until now, so it is probably him.