lucha TV preview for weekend of December 14th, 2018

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We’re in the middle of a 17-day break between AAA TV tapings. There still will be an AAA show every week, with Lucha Capital finishing up this week. But it’s a nice weekend to have off if you have to catch up on indie matches and/or socialize with human beings.

AAA would normally head into Best of programming next week. It might not happen right away since the AAA YouTube show is one week behind Space. It might not happen at all, since that was what Televisa seemed to want and Space might want new material. For now, the second half of Heroes Inmortales will air.

This looks like another in a series of skippable CMLL weeks. Puebla broadcasts finish up for the year, Tuesday might have a good main event but is peaking for the next two weeks, and it is unclear if there will be anything going on Fridays.