AAA on Twitch: 2018-12-08 

the old double stomp stuff piledriver

Recapped: 12/09/2018


Dinastía, La Parkita, Niño Hamburguesa beat Arcángel Divino, La Parkita Negra, Último Maldito
(9:36, Niño Hamburesa splash Parka Negra & Último Maldito, ok, 00:36:25)

Lady Maravilla & Star Fire beat Lady Shani & Mamba  
(8:54, Star Fire German suplex Lady Shani, ok, 00:56:25)

Hijo Del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr. beat Australian Suicide, Jack Evans, Taurus
(12:07, Laredo Kid Laredo Fly Jack Evans, great, 01:15:53)

Aerostar beat Monsther Clown in a bull terrier match
(11:02, touch four corners, good, 01:40:55)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana beat Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
(14:52, Carta Brava air raid crash Super Fly, great, 01:58:46)

Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown beat Blue Demon Jr., Moose, Rey Escorpión
(20:30, Pagano top rope legdrop Moose, ok, 02:24:57)

What happened:

Aerostar at work

Star Fire challenged Lady Shani to a title match and got into a brawl with her post match, in a similar bit to what happened with Keyra & Shani in Ciudad Juarez.

Carta Brava got the win after being the one who lost the hair match trios match back at Verano de Escandalo. Once again, the OGTs offered handshakes of mutual respect, then attacked Poder del Norte after.

Tirantes slow counted for Lady Shani and fast counted for Star Fire at the end of the match, which helped Star Fire win. Tirantes also messed with Aerostar and ignored an Averno tap out, neither of which played any role in the outcome.

This card had plenty of changes. Mini Gronda, Mini Monsther Clown, and Mini Murder Clown did not appear and were not mentioned. Mini Psycho Clown and Black Danger weren’t there as well, and the two opening matches were totally changed. Kevin Kross also wasn’t in the main event and was replaced by Moose with no explanation.

The show started with the new trios champions and Lady Shani talking about their title wins in front of the live crowd while thanking them for their support. There was no angle coming out of it, it seemed to be there just to make sure everyone in the live crowd knew of the Guerra de Titanes title changes.

Arturo Rivera was the only member of the regular Televisa announce crew there. Fernando Torres filled in, with Konnan and Vampiro also each spending half the show announcing the show in a similar fashion to Lucha Capital.


not sure about this

The show featured the standard AAA main event: brawling that wasn’t much good to start with and everyone going to their corner for the técnicos to do their usual offense in the second half. The Demon/Wagner stuff isn’t amounting to much but they did show more emotion this week. It probably doesn’t serve them well to be on these shows every week. Moose looked lost parts of the match and they didn’t do anything to make him look special before he got beat. Perhaps they really wanted a big foreign name to balance out Kross being MIA, but this match itself would’ve been better served with another Mercenario in his spot. Psycho Clown again did a crazy dive. I hope he gets shuffled down the card so we can see what he might do in a real match and not as a bit player to Demon & Wagner.

The OGT/Poder del Norte kept up their streaks of brutal looking matches all year. If you like hard chair shots, this one had them by the dozens. There was an impressive stretch of Carta Brava and it came off like his redemption for being the guy who lost this feud six months ago. This one didn’t have as many spectacular moves as the match prior (few matches do) but they instead had long stretches of near falls after near falls. It almost got to being too much with nothing in between the near falls, like CMLL can be, but it never really crossed that line. The apuesta match was better, but this was still pretty good.

Taurus strong

There aren’t many positive AAA chain matches. Most of them are really bad. This was fine, maybe a little bit better than fine. Aerostar & Monsther Clown were put into a different spot than usual and adjusted well enough, with Aerostar still getting in some flying in between selling dramatically. Monsther Clown did okay as a threatening heel. Tirantes getting involved didn’t help the match at all but that seems also to be a rule for chain matches. I don’t think the upside for these is all that high, but they did as well as they were going to do with it. The post-match attack suggests they’re going to do a little more.

The third match was great for never before seen craziness. The corner moonsault bit was crazy (and makes me wonder what else they’ll try from that setup), and was joined by plenty of other series of moves. Vikingo, Laredo, and Myzteziz desperately need a team name because they already feel like a team with some trademark offense and not just three individuals. The rudos stepped up too, taking a normal Jack Evans spot and augmenting to it well. They also did what seems to be the impossible in CMLL, setting a stage dive spot that looked natural and not just the result of people standing around mindlessly in position for 10 seconds. Taurus had a great moment in the middle among a lot of good spots for everyone else. Hopefully, there’s a rematch of this coming.

Lady Maravilla

The women’s match didn’t click. The moves didn’t look as sharp as normal and there was no great story. Shani & Star Fire showed stronger emotion after the match than during it. The rudas briefly had control early in the match but were essentially shrugged off by the técnicos. The técnicos weren’t so interesting when they were in control, and the finish came off as a referee bit overpowering a match.

The opener was strange. They were trying to focus on the new characters, but it was a bit thrown off by most of the new characters being advertised not actually being there. La Parkita & Parkita Negra didn’t feel like great new stars, but they did fine. Parkita Negra is obviously an indie guy being regimmicked, since he did every flashy indie move he could think of. La Parkita seems like he could do moves, but was focusing on Parka comedy spots to get the character over. Dinastia looked like the best guy in the match and had some good rudos to work with. Divino wasn’t lost on the rudo side, but didn’t have the same impact as usual. Hamburguesa was barely a factor but got the win in the end.

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  1. Thanks for the write up! I fell asleep after the bull terrier match. The ladies did fine, IMHO, but needed to tighten things up and increase the tempo. The match right after was good. 10 pesos in the ring good? I dunno.

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