2018 watch later catch up, part 13 of ∞

Daga probably just should’ve let go

Alas de Oro, Centella Oriental, Mexica, Yakuza vs Danger, Loquillo, Sádico, Yoruba
(Klandestino @ Arena Lopez Mateos on 08/04/2018, 26:18, good, HECTOR GODFREY TV)

This was a good action tag match in front of a crowd who was very excited to see it. Everyone did well, there wasn’t a particular direction to it. It seemed like a fun match to experience live but there were a few points of obvious repositioning and releasing holds for no reason that bothered me on video. Sadico always makes these roundups and then I don’t think to see him the rest of the year, but he remains really good with his dropkicks and his dive among the highlights here. I don’t think I’ve seen Yakuza since he lost his mask. He could use some bigger trunks.

annual Sadico dive gif

Penta 0M vs Rush vs Carístico
(IWRG @ Arena Naucalpan on 08/16, 12:39, ok, +LuchaTV)

I’m not sure why I included this one on the list to watch. Maybe I hit the wrong button? It is more energetic than most matches involving all these people, but not a great match by any standards. They brawl a bit, they use some weapons, there’s an convoluted finish. It’s fine, it’s a little bit better than fine, but it’s not a particularly satisfying match.

Rush with a bucket

Lady Maravilla vs Keyra
(LLB/Lucha Memes @ Arena Lopez Mateos on 09/16, 5:59, +LuchaTV)

This version of the eternal rivalry seemed surprising for how fast they were getting to the big stuff. It may a little more sense when they were only going six minutes. Still, this flowed better than the Mexa Wrestling match while giving you a look at some of what they could do – it’s a better introduction match for sure. The sequence leading into the campana and Keyra crushing Maravilla’s face was really well done. Keyra is a rare human being who will give her friend a hard elbow in the face and then smile and laugh about it. Maravilla’s finish looked good. Easy enjoyable match.

the laugh is colder than the elbow
Maravilla Fly

Hechicero vs Daga
(LLB/Lucha Memes @ Arena Lopez Mateos on 09/16, 19:55, great, +LuchaTV)

This version of Hechicero/Daga was going along better than The Crash September version, and then the referee counted three on a spot where it sure didn’t seem like was the plan and that was it. This match was still building up and it was just cruel for it to end so soon. I’d probably put that match over this one because it had an ending, but this would’ve been easily better had it kept going for a couple more minutes. The smaller sequences were really good. I liked the battle over Hechicero’s anklelock, and Hechicero’s corner knee smash was one of the best he’s done. Daga’s German suplex looked great too. I still have the Crash Iron Man match to watch and my recollection is that didn’t go quite as well. Hope they eventually get a chance for it to go as far as it seemed like it was going to go here.

a sort of wrap around cradle

El Bandido, Flamita, Rey Horus vs Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Templario (CMLL)
(The Crash @ Auditorio de Tijuana on 09/21, 8:45, good, Arena Clandestina)

What Happened: This version is edited, heavily so near the end.

Review: [good]

A strong all action tercera from what we could see. The Mexa Blood & Horuz team are really spectacular throughout the match, looking like the more major league side. Templario carries things for the CMLL team. Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja are fine but didn’t make much of an impact in what we see. (It’s a bit telling that Niebla Roja’s move for the big run of finishes is a Canadian Destroyer, a CMLL version of the fantastic moves, while the indie teams are doing more cutting edge stuff.) An easy fun watch, if frustrating that it had editing where not much was really needed.

Horuz cuts off Niebla Roja

Aramis, Freelance, Relámpago vs Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Dragón Bane
(AAA/IWRG @ Arena Naucalpan on 10/04, 16:58, good, Internetv Deportes)

Easily the best of the three trios/atomicos in this batch. It built better, it had a fun mat wrestling section with Aramis/Dr. Cerebro while also matching big highspots. The crowd was into this one too, and the screwy finish feels irrelevant because we still got a three count. Relampago had a weak performance in his highlight run, but so many other guys looked great in their time. The dives were pretty cool too. Dragon Ban hasn’t gotten to act like much of a rudo in AAA, gets to do so here, and shows a little bit of a personality. The third fall goes a decent amount of time but doesn’t amount to a lot. This would’ve been a stronger recommendation with a bit more.

Cerebro submission
or you could just nail someone with a tope