Leyendas Mexica show in CMLL tonight, Dragon Lee/Exatlon

CMLL has a legends shows tonight. Infrequent Legends shows in Arena Mexico draw well. Many of the older wrestlers still are semi-active in smaller arenas, but there is a special attraction to seeing them back in Arena Mexico. The problem is they are old men (always men, the women aren’t getting brought back) and many have lost the athletic ability to have good or even OK matches. The better ones still have the mental ability to put on a good show, while some are less willing to adjust to their current state. The quality of the matches will not at all matter to the fans this show is intended to draw; they just want to see their childhood heroes one more time. If you didn’t grow up watching Canek or Rayo de Jalisco and lack a nostalgia for them, this may be a tougher show to get there.

A show being a draw and a show being a good idea are not the same. There’s a risk to putting these older guys in the ring one more time. The Cuervo/Angel o Demonio situation was a tragedy that could’ve been avoided. Angel o Demonio shouldn’t have thrown that brick, and someone should’ve stopped him from having a brick to throw. I hope all the old guys (and the young guys!) get thru this show fine but, if something happens, it’ll also be something that could’ve and should’ve been avoided. Jerry Estrada hasn’t been on a CMLL show in 25 years and it is good he is being honored. It’s also a bit worrisome that a man most last knew as being in a wheelchair is having a wrestling match. (The explanation being told is Estrada rehabbed and got back in ring shape.) CMLL has stopped putting Cien Caras in the ring, so there is a limit to who they will use. You’ve just got to hope as a fan that they’re making safe decisions here.

Of the three legends matches, the Los Diabolicos versus Trio Fantastia match should be the best. The Diabolicos were always really good, and Santana, Condor, and Gallego are pretty active on the indies. Solar & Negro Navarro would normally be expected to hold together that trios match, but Solar’s looked shaky in his Arena Mexico appearances this year. Felino will be needing to work harder than usual. Last week’s main event was built on creative deploment of Mascara 2000 to hide his weaknesses. This week’s main event has him as maybe the second best wrestler. Canek & Rayo have been immobile for decades and Villano IV has been limited to mostly stand and punch for a while. CMLL made a mistake by not including a couple of younger guys to carry the load.

The upside of this tournament regular matches look good. The micros have remained fun. NGD versus Terrible/Rush/Cavernario is a new and interesting match. Guerreros versus Caristico, Mistico, and Volador is not really that new but should be really good based on that past history. It also may be a trios title change for math reasons: the not-Sky Team winning the belts would reduce the Universal tournament participant list from 18 to 17 (or the perfect 16 if Electrico does not count.) This should be a memorable show, and hopefully a postively memorable one.

Lucha Central has a preview of the show. It’ll stream at 8:30 pm on Marca (currently region blocked) and Facebook. I’ll stream it on YouTube as well.

MLW announced Dragon Lee vs Rich Swann on 12/13. Dragon Lee & Golden Magic are replacing Fenix against Laredo Kid an upcoming Arena Xalapa show, That show has been moved from 12/20 to 12/18. It would now be Dragon Lee’s first match in Mexico. Fenix will still be appearing at the show.

Dragon Lee was on an interview show talking about his Exatlon appearance. He says he lost muscle mass on the island because he was eating only twice a day instead of the five teams he normally does. He’s working to get back in condition before getting in the ring. He was surprised to be taken out of the game, figuring the show would just treat the ear infection and he’d be able to return to the game. Dragon Lee also disputed rumors that the elimination game he won was thrown by the other participant and that he was angry about his face being exposed at a concert all his team attendant. Dragon Lee’s story here is he knew someone would inevitably take his photo, so he switched clothes with someone else to fool the photographers about his identity.

LA Park was interviewed on the popular Escorpion Dorada YouTube show. It is nothing something I watch, but a lot of people do – he’s got 5.5 million subscribers and the Park video already has near a million views after a couple days. LA Park talks stories about his career, including being in jail for a month in Satillo after sending a fan to intensive care after a fight. I stumbled on an article about that when going thru the archives a while ago – it was late 80s, if I recall – but I bet he tells it better.

Arena Puebla’s Astro (Aereo) has opened his own school in Tlaxcala.

+LuchaTV will stream the 10/28 Kaoz show starting at 7 pm tonight.

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RIOT says they’ll return on 02/02/19 with a surprise show.

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