AAA on Twitch: 2018-11-24

a good summary of the show

Recapped: 11/25/2018

This was a sponsored show for the Emperador cookies. The show took place from a fairly full Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera. Jesus Zuniga and Leo Riano were the announcers.

The usual music was replaced by generic music for reasons not explained. Also, “OGT” was never called by that name and did not wear that merchandise, which seemed like a sponsor request.


Hijo Del Vikingo & Máscara de Bronce beat Australian Suicide & Dave The Clown
(14:01, Vikingo & Bronce 450 splash Suicide & Dave, good, 
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))

Gif: 4058/4243/4341/4443

Dinastía & Máscarita Sagrada beat Mini Histeria & Mini Psycho Clown
(8:18, Máscarita Sagrada small package Mini Psycho Clown, ok, 
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch)

Aerostar, Angelikal, Argenis vs Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana
(9:55, Aerostar frontcracker Carta Brava Jr., good, 
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))

Guardián Emperador I, Guardián Emperador II, Psycho Clown beat Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
(14:01, Guardian II legdrop Chessman, ok, 
Lucha Libre AAA (Twitch))

What happened:

welcome back Mascara de Bronce

The Guardian Emperadors are masked wrestled representing the sponsor. The smaller Guardian (I) did a lot of cool springboards and revealed himself to be Golden Magic on twitter. The bigger Guardian did not do as much. The rudos have control about 12 minutes in when Máscarita Sagrada runs in, which appears to be totally legal. He helps them win and gets a Guardian mask post-match.

Chessman, with Averno & Super Fly, taunted Máscarita Sagrada after the match. Chessman teased press slamming Sagrada out of the ring, mimicking the commercial campaign that set up this show. This time, he ended up slapping and stomping Sagrada down.


This was a different show than usual for AAA. The main event was a bit more comedy and playing to the crowd for reactions than they’d do on a normal TV show, which there’s already a lot of. The match worked for the live crowd but a little bit dragged for me. The rudos were kind of taking it easy, which was the same for most people. Golden Emperador was the standout, and didn’t seem affected by his outfit.

Aerostar tries to pull off the CMLL apron headscissors, it doesn’t end well

Poder del Norte versus three técnicos was about what you’d expect, a decent amount of lying though nothing extraordinary. Angelikal stood out less than usual, with Aerostar doing the majority of the interesting spots for his side. The rudos were solid too, though it felt a little bit down effort-wise than usual from a normal TV taping. This was still interesting enough, though maybe not far away from the thrice-weekly CMLL midcard trios matches that I get bored with.

Like the other Máscarita Sagrada matches, this was one where he needed someone to help him out by carrying most of the action. Dinastia did so, making it better than some of the Lucha Capital matches but not really something worth watching. The rudos did what they could but he just can’t do much. I assume Sagrada is here because the sponsors specifically asked for him. It doesn’t make much sense otherwise.

They got more time for the opener they would for this on a regular show and it helped a bit. It gave the técnicos more of a chance to show off early. It was Was funny to see Suicide work the opening exchange with Bronce, Dave get in one knee to send Bronce, then tag out himself so Suicide could carry the load against Vikingo too. It was for the best. Dave wasn’t at his worst, but Suicide was definitely better. The rudos did offense and comedy when they were in control, and it built back up nicely for thee end. Mascara de Bronce looked as good as any of the guys who usually work openers in his first appearance in five months. I feel like there has to be a story behind him getting so completely shuffled out of the mix in the new regime, but maybe things will change again and he’ll be back part of it next year.