AAA on Twitch: 2018-10-28 

earning the name Psycho

Recapped: 10/28/2018


All matches took place in Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo, Puebla, Puebla

Faby Apache © defeated Scarlett Bordeaux, StarfireKeyra  to keep the AAA’s Reina de Reinas Tournament match
(7:14, Faby Apache Dragon Suplex Starfire, good, 00:28:05)

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana beat Mamba, Máximo, Pimpinela Escarlata and Aerostar, Drago, Angelikal
(8:46, Mocha Cota Spanish Fly Angelikal, good, 00:55:20)

Rey Escorpión & Texano Jr. © beat Bandido & Flamita and Laredo KidDJZ for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
(11:04, Texano lasso shot DJZ, good, 01:15:37)

Pagano beat Chessman, Kahoz, Hijo Del VikingoSúper FlyParka NegraHijo del FantasmaEspectro, AvernoNiño Hamburguesa to win the Copa Antonio Pena
(19:30, below average, 01:46:20)

00:00 Super Fly & Hijo del Vikingo start
01:04 Espectro enters
02:25 Kahoz enters
03:56 Niño Hamburgesa enters
05:16 Parka Negra enters
06:46 Chessman enters
07:05 Hijo del Vikingo out
08:14 Super Fly out
08:15 Averno enters
09:33 Hijo del Fantasma enters
10:23 Chessman out
10:37 Parka Negra out
10:50 Pagano enters
13:13 Averno out
13:28 Kahoz out
13:44 Espectro out
14:30 Niño Hamburgesa out
19:20 Fantasma out

Murder Clown & Psycho Clown beat Killer Kross & Monsther Clown in a cage match
(11:47, ok, 02:21:34)

05:59 Murder Clown escapes
08:28 Killer Kross escapes
11:47 Psycho Clown escapes

Dr. Wagner Jr. beats Jeff Jarrett in a hair match
(13:37, Wagner guitar shot, below average, 02:47:00)

What happened:

death of a DJ

Jeff Jarrett lost his hair to Dr. Wagner in the main event, though only after lots of interference and cameos which meant nothing on this show.

In a bit that insulted the intelligence of anyone who watches AAA, Blue Demon Jr. earlier in the night helped out Wagner and asked to be his second. Demon has been a rudo in AAA, returned on the last taping and turned rudo, cut a rudo promo for the internet, and was clearly going to turn on Wagner, except Wagner was the only person too dumb to figure it out. It didn’t matter. Hijo del Tirantes being taken out of the match (claiming an injury, removed by Vampiro for Copetes) didn’t matter either, because Copetes did the same heel stuff. Karen Jarrett & Rey Escorpión interfered, Psycho Clown ran them off, and Wagner hit Jarrett with a guitar to get the win. Jarrett got his head shaved in the ring.

The tag match was changed to a domed cage match, which led to a lot of very big wrestlers looking very uncomfortable climbing out of the hole in the top of the cage. Psycho Clown climbed up that hole and splashed Monster Clown thru a table, then escaped on his own. Monster Clown was the surprise wrestler, which was not much of a surprise. Aerostar attacked Monster Clown, yelled at him, and unmasked him after, payback for Monster’s attacks (including earlier in this show.)

Poder del Norte

The Copa Antonio Pena was fought under royal rumble rules, and with La Mascara, Australian Suicide, Dragon Bane and La Mascara advertised but not appearing. The newest version of Kahoz and Espectro debuted, as foreshadowed with the announcers talking about them as former Antonio Pena characters in an earlier tribute to him. Espectro is Black Danger, and Kahoz is Último Maldito. The finish saw Texano & Escorpión save Fantasma from elimination (by an already eliminated Niño Hamburgesa), only for Fantasma to get (barely) knocked off the apron a moment later by Pagano. Ciclope and Miedo Extremo attacked Pagano after the match to hype their match in Juarez.

Andrew Everett could not wrestle in the three-way tag match after a knee injury in Tijuana. Laredo Kid replaced him (and Angelikal replaced him in the three-way tag.) The finish seemed intended to be a flaming lasso spot, only the lasso did not light.

Lady Shani asked Faby Apache for a(nother) shot at the Reina de Reinas championship. Faby accepted but refused a handshake


double Laredo DDT

I don’t know if I’d call Heroes Inmortales a disappointment. It certainly wasn’t any better than OK, but it’s nothing something I felt let down by. The card wasn’t that good to begin with.

Jeff Jarrett & Dr. Wagner Jr. was exactly what you’d think a 2018 AAA match would be: a lot of stalling, a lot of punching, some Karen offense that looked horrendous but not much less horrendous than some of the Jarrett stuff, and way overbooked. I found the Blue Demon stuff more offensive than the match; when AAA treats people who watch their show within such a low regard, it’s rude and a turnoff. I know they did it to heat up Wagner/Psycho vs Demon, but Demon’s turn happened well before the finish and was completely forgotten in the post match. It didn’t mean a thing. This match didn’t mean much to me either. I guess the crowd cared and it could be worse, but I would love it of the old man division wasn’t also the main event. AAA’s La Parka seems like he’s on the road to Octagon-ville, but they’re replacing him with new people not much better.

was Chessman supposed to catch Vikingo here? this is a not great bump to take on purpose

I was really down on a bonus cage match, the tag match in general, and Monster Clown as a surprise wrestler, but it all turned out pretty OK. The guys – especially Kross – didn’t seemed thrilled to be climbing around the cage, but it was nice short brawl with a crazy Psycho Clown finish. It was also the rare AAA cage match with no interference. I would not call it an actual good lucha libre cage match but it’s usually worse than this.

The Copa Antonio Pena was an average at best AAA rumble that went off the rails with Fantasma and Pagano in the end. Pagano’s sections looking bad is no news, but Fantasma wasn’t far behind him. The finish was overbooked to get in a clever finish save that was quickly ignored – if Fantasma is going to pull off a trick to not be eliminated, he needed to come close to getting Pagano out at least once. Instead, Pagano mostly whiffed at swinging at Fantasma and out he went again. Fantasma has lost whatever momentum he had coming off the mask match. Pagano’s refusal to sell the Ciclope/Miedo beating doesn’t do much for that feud, but it gets Pagano over and that’s what the point is here anyway. Someone needs to fix Kahoz’ hair, because it was clearly messing him up. Black Danger looked pretty much the same as Espectro but Último Maldito Kahoz was nothing special. Hijo del Vikingo also really didn’t get to do much beyond his elimination; I think he and Super Fly were meant to do stuff at the start, but no one gave them the cue to start fighting, and this match instead had them awkwardly waiting for it for a minute.

human suplex machine Starfire

The tag title match was a lot of good action. Being the third straight multiman/team match, the third straight match that was just about how much offense they could do and how fast they could do it, made it has less impact. I think this one might work better out of context, just to watch all the big crazy spots. This wasn’t the biggest match for Mexablood, but they looked sharp. Los Mercenarios came off as the stars by the end, which gave the match more of a purpose than these usually have. The double superplex by Texano looked impressive and poor DJZ got killed by Escorpion’s powerbomb before the finish. I wish DJZ and Laredo got to do something more here than be in multiman matches, but they do pull those off well.

The three-way tag had what felt like a million things going on all times. It held together all things considering, with the exoticos having a better match than usual and the flyer getting in a new nice spots. Nothing you have to go out of your way to see but full of highlights. It was more balanecd than the usual Poder del Norte trios matches, with them taking less of the action than usual. I’m not sure why this wasn’t just a trios title match given Poder del Norte were winning anyway, but it makes more sense than a Monster Clown/Aerostar feud.

The four way could’ve been a little better, but it was still a fun opener. Keyra looked off – there was a forearm exchange where Faby where she was lost – and the time didn’t let the match turn in more than the hurried one on ones for the most part. Even with those limitations, they just turned about as good they could fit in the time. Scarlett had good offense, lived thru the corner dropkick, and fit in fine. The match turned into a Star Fire/Faby Apache suplex battle down the stretch, which was really fun. I’d like to see them in a singles match more than anything else. Crowd didn’t start out caring about this but did get into it by the end.