the Tuesday morning lucha libre video posts are now done

About nine years ago, I wrote a post:

I’d like to share the lucha libre video I’m getting off 52MX (Guerreros del Ring – Ras de Lona is already available), TeleFormula (if IWRG airs next week!), AYM Sports (if anything ever airs in the right time slot), and whatever else turns up. I’d like to do it in some way that’s painless for me and you, but I don’t know what it is.  I am taking suggestions.

This was the start of offering full lucha libre shows on this site. I was already putting some video up on DailyMotion at that point, and I was adding it via download. The regular Tuesday posts started soon after. I’ve put one up pretty much every week. It appears I was using megaupload at first and ended up at successor mega at the end. It’s a nice full circle.

It’s also the end. With Lucha Azteca apparently being canceled, I will no longer be putting up video for download. I’ll still be putting up Guadalajara video when it’s possible to record it (which it turned out not to be this week.) You can download it off YouTube if you like. Should something else turn up, I may reconsider it. It’s increasingly unlikely that some lucha libre airs on TV in the US without having streamed live on YouTube or gone up later. There’s not a need for this anymore. There probably hasn’t been any need for a while. It’s been inertia carrying it along. Lucha Azteca getting canceled was enough to finally cancel this feature too.

All three channels mentioned in that 2009 post are still airing lucha libre, though it’s come and gone from TeleFormula and AYM. CMLL is also airing on Mexicanal, which aired a couple of San Luis Potosi lucha libre shows in the past. All of the current shows appear to airing matches which are already streaming on official and semi-official sites and would cost me $20/month to check to see if we’re missing anything. That’s not worth it to me. It feels like we’ve won anyway. The goal to start was to make lucha libre more accessible for everyone. It’s now easier to watch these shows than I could’ve imagined a decade ago. There’s still issues, trouble spots, and missed chances, but I can’t fix any of those with a DVR.

to be clear

  • Guadalajara is still going up on YouTube when I can get it to actually record (not this week). I’ll try to mention it on Twitter when it goes up, but you can also just subscribe to the channel.
  • I’m still planning on streaming CMLL shows which it’s convenient for me and until CMLL complains
  • the only thing really changing is this Tuesday morning post is going away.

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  1. *presses F* Many of those early videos opened up a whole new world of wrestling for me, Cubs. Thank you :)

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