lucha TV preview for weekend of September 28th, 2018

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It’s a busy week for CMLL, with the IPPV (not Marca, ignore what it says up there), a Volador title match on Puebla and another cibernetico (though with an unsatisfying end) on Tuesday. Plus another title match and another singles match if I can manage to record Guadalajara.

the Lucha Underground preview mentions Taya and Ricky are back this week. Taya is called “Taya Mundo”, which suggests the wedding was official. They left it a little more unclear than that.

AAA is still not to TripleMania, but they are to the taping prior to TripleMania that you’ve forgotten happened. The 10/11 streaming show should make this schedule, only AAA still hasn’t said they’re streaming it.

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