AAA on Twitch: 2018-09-30 

no way to treat a Lady

Recapped: 09/30/2018


Dinastía, Drastik Boy, Hijo Del Vikingo beat Australian Suicide, King Balam, Villano III Jr.
(9:42, Hijo del Vikingo imploding 450 splash King Balam, good, twitch @ 00:31:37)

Angelikal, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa beat Arez, Lady Maravilla, Parka Negra
(11:54, Niño Hamburguesa splash Arez, good, twitch @ 00:51:23)

Golden Magic & Puma King beat Aerostar & Drago
(7:54, Puma King Gedo Clutch, good, twitch @ 01:20:42)

La Parka & Murder Clown beat Monsther Clown & Dave the Clown
(6:45, DQ for Monster Clown fouling Murder Clown, ok, twitch @ 01:37:31)

Mamba, Máximo, Pimpinela Escarlata beat La Máscara, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr.
(12:16, DQ for La Mascara fouling Pimpinela, below average, twitch @ 01:54:54)

Hijo del Fantasma & Jeff Jarrett beat Blue Demon Jr. & Psycho Clown
(9:54, Fantasma pin Psycho Clown, ok, twitch @ 02:16:19)

What happened:

Villano III takes an inverted rana without killing himself, a rare trait

Konnan announced Hijo del Tirantes would be the referee for Dr. Wagner Jr. versus Jeff Jarrett at Heroes Inmortales. This was obviously done with the idea he’d be favoring Jarrett and Tirantes himself teased the idea, but Tirantes was less a focus on the rest of the show than normal. He did ignore the foul and guitar shot in the main event.

Blue Demon replaced Dr. Wagner, who was working in El Paso instead. Demon played the usual legend role, mostly brawling with Jeff Jarrett, before fouling Psycho Clown at the end. Demon was a rudo before he suddenly disappeared from AAA, so it does make more sense that he’d still be one. Jarrett hit Psycho with a guitar and Fantasma tried to recreate the guitar pin spot from earlier this year. Los Mercenarios helped unmask Psycho Clown, and were run off by the exoticos. The two sides had an unending faecoff while the show was being wrapped up

La Mascara fouled Pimpinela for the DQ there.

Dave the Clown replaced Taurus in the fourth match. Monster Clown fouled Murder, only after Dave had done the same to a Parka.

Aerostar walked out after he lost the match. Drago seemed frustrated, and it was teased they were done as a team.

This King Balam is Dizzy/Ruigdo getting another new name.


chase scenes in wrestling are good

I watched the main event, shrugged, and moved on with my life. They did the same matches they’ve been doing with LA Park, Psycho, and Fantasma, including some of the same table spots. To no one’s great surprise, it was worse with Jeff Jarrett & Blue Demon involved instead. It was not terrible, but it seemed house show weightless, like most of this show. There’s been bits with Fantasma & Psycho in all of these matches and they just have the same match next week, and Blue Demon making an unexplained appearance made it feel less like it was going to be remembered a week from now.

The semi-main is an easy skip. It was long and not particularly interesting. Los Mercenarios slapping around the exoticos is not interesting. The exoticos getting their revenge by beating up Samoano is not so interesting. This match actually might have worked as a change of pace between the two opening matches, but no way would these guys happily work in that spot on the card. The comeback has to really be hot to make this format useful, and it was instead the same exoticos spots as always. This feud really needs a destination to give it some momentum, instead of just running in place doing the same matches every week. It’s not so good to just be thrown out there.

Villano III gets this suplex eventually

Murder Clown was the best wrestler in the fourth match, which probably tells you all you need to know. They tried to make up for their lack of ability with energy, and it didn’t completely work. La Parka was trying to do things on offense, and it ended as it must, with La Parka and the Clowns messing up in embarrassing fashion. The timing on some other spots wasn’t great and people were in wrong places at times. The evil-er clowns almost didn’t get catch Murder Clown on his dive, which would’ve been really bad. At least it was quick.

I’ve got the three first-half matches all rated as good, but the AAA vs ELITE match was best of all of them. It had big moves, and it also had the smoothest action of the undercard. Puma worked well with Aerostar & Drago, like they’d been wrestling against each for a while, while still having some new ideas. Golden Dragon had a steady match. Aerostar wasn’t as crazy as he’s been at times, doing more of his usual offense but doing it well. This had a lot more to it than they’d seem to be able to fit in the time. Puma’s cradle finish seemed not to be liked by a lot of people. I think I worked for the story they were telling – Drago shouldn’t have lost like that – but I’ve also seen Puma use it a lot lately so it didn’t strange to me.

proof I watched the last three matches

The second match suffered from being too match the same as the first match, a lot of moves and nothing really more. The spots weren’t as spectacular here – Angelikal wasn’t on the level of Vikingo – though they also did not have as much that went wrong. Parka Negra remains a great rudo, working the best of anyone with Shani and saving her from near doom on a dive. Niño Hamburguesa got over doing his usual stuff and Arez looked sharp.

The opener was exciting at times and really sloppy a times with a lot of spots. King Balam, who took special effort to expose himself as Dizzy by the end of the match, wasn’t the greatest base for Vikingo and they were off badly on a spot early on. There were other moments where it didn’t look quite right, but they were also trying so many things that it worked it good overall. Dinastia had some crazy dives. Villano III looked super impressive and it’s too bad he’s not an every TV show guy. Hijo del Vikingo looked great when he was on, and this was a good team effort. Suicide joining MAD at TripleMania seems pointless if he’s going to be wrestling in the same matches and the MAD bit not even matter – like, he could’ve at least hung out with Konnan and Jarrett later – but so much of these angles seem kinda pointless.