lucha TV preview for weekend of September 21th, 2018

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I did this post last week. It never got posted. It’s still in my drafts, but the chart got updated.

As the afternoon goes on, I’m less certain The Crash will be streaming and so I haven’t even put in on the list. Roberto Figueroa, the lead announcer for the last stream, does not appear to be in Tijuana. Do not plan your Friday around watching that show.

The two AAA TV airings are now two weeks apart. (This happens a few weeks ago when the Gala/Canal9 show aired a Best of TripleMania show instead of a new episode.) Space gets the second half of Veracruz, while the main show gets the second half of Aguascalientes.

The YouTube channel was doing a catch up last week, but I think this means the episode in between is the one going up this week. Should I just be listing what’s new on YouTube rather than what’s on TV? More people watch AAA on TV than on YouTube or Twitch but I don’t know if any of those people read this site. I’m writing previews most of the streams anyway, and I’m not sure if this weekly post has a purpose.

Lucha Underground says there’s #1 contenders match; the title seems to be a suggestion of the people involved. Jake Strong in a handicap match seems something likely to be infuriating. The preview also says Ivelisse and XO Lishus find a new partner, so either Joey Ryan is being killed off really quick (no) or the preview wasn’t quite sure what stuff aired to this point.