CMLL Aniversario, Impact, Expo Museo Lucha Libre

Today is CMLL’s Aniversario show. You can watch it on Honor Club or internet.TV. The show should be good, even if it’s not the Aniversario show expected. Expectations for the show have been lowered so much that it could easily be a pleasant surprise.

I wrote a long preview over at Voices of Wrestling. I’m still expecting Rush & Cavernario to win, and the Guerreros to retain the trios titles. It’s worth noting that today’s WON seems to be hinting at a Volador/Taven win, which surprises me.

Volador says Rush isn’t half as good as La Sombra. Ultimo Guerrero is sure he’s keeping the trios titles. Lucha Central has a preview of the show.

Impact taped last night in Mexico City. I have results here, and some of your favorite bootleggers already have video up on YouTube. Attendance was said to be not good but they moved people around to make it look good – which is really no different than many Impact tapings. Today’s taping might be even more of a struggle; if you’re interested in going to a lucha libre show in Mexico City today that’s not the CMLL show, you probably just have to hang around outside Fronton Mexico long enough and you might get a free ticket.

AAA wrestlers were used at the show, though some of the names you might expect were working a show scheduled for Guanajuato last night. (Though some people were been pulled from that show.) Two Llave de la Gloria level trios matches were taped for Impact’s Xplosion show, and sound like they were among the best things on the show. Jose Manuel Guillen worked as an announcer. Faby Apache got a storyline. The Lucha Brothers had two matches on the taping, which perhaps will be split over two episodes so they won’t be needed for today’s taping. La Parka answered an open challenge. La Parka was obviously a terrible fit. Besides the entire issue of wrestling, the people who are going to an Impact taping are the least likely to like AAA’s La Parka, so he was booed noticeably and fans changed for LA Park. (Parka blamed it on it being Impact fans.) Still, he and AAA get to brag that an international promotion used La Parka on their TV and hope everyone forgets the details. That’s really the motivation for everyone to be on this show.

The Gladiatores has interviews with Faby Apache and Puma King.

Not sure who will end up working the tapings today, but this Keyra twitter post seems like a tease of her being there. There were a lot of indie people around last night, and not all got used.

The Expo Museo Lucha Libre opens today. Saturday night is the night with the wrestling show (at 5pm), but today is the Rey Mysterio Jr. & Mil Mascaras autograph signing. I think it might be the biggest day of the weekend for them. Whoever planned this did a great job of putting it on the right weekend.

Today’s also the first night of PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. I’ll be there. Lucha related matches tonight include Adam Brooks vs Rey Horus, Flamita vs Puma King, and Bandido vs T-Hawk.

LuFisto and Crazy Boy/DTU had a bad falling out, which LuFisto took to social media saying that she never got paid for her matches on this trip. They agree only on the LuFisto left the tour before working the last show. LuFisto says she was concerned about missing an important show this weekend and was contacted by United that she may need to change her flights due to the hurricane hitting the east coast of the US. DTU says LuFisto contacted United herself to get her flights changed to leave early. DTU was going to use the money owed to LuFisto to pay for the new flight. When the new flight didn’t cost extra, DTU decided to keep the money, justifying it as a co-promoter pulling out of that last show in Guadalajara and DTU losing money in the process. LuFisto also says she was told she asked not to wrestle any extreme matches and was told she wouldn’t be, then ended up in one in Hidalgo. She and her friends are now telling Americans not to work for DTU going forward.

It’s notable that the advertised DTU main event in Guadalajara was LuFisto vs Chik Tormenta. LuFisto didn’t work the show, but it doesn’t look like Tormenta was going to either. She was on those Impact tapings instead last night.

LuchaWorld had the latest Lucha Report.

Puma King and Barby told a story instead of cutting up a video this week. They’re a bit busy.