2018 watch later catch up, part 10 of ∞

indie lucha libre

Iron Kid vs Komander
(Lucha Memes @ Coliseo Coaclaco on 06/03, 9:50, good,

About as good as should be expected with two young guys doing a lot of tricky moves leading to an injury ending. Komander can do cool things and seems to succeed at the most of the time. You can see the talent there, though you can also see the need for refinement and god base to work with. Iron Kid doesn’t seem like he’s usually in the position of basing for people, and does a decent job with it. The last spot gets a bit away from him, and becomes the end of Komander for now. Iron Kid didn’t get to show much and this came off as Komander exhibition to set up bigger things, which made the finish even more unfortunate.

coming thru

Látigo vs Arez
(Mexa Wrestling @ Arena San Juan on 06/09, 12:41, great,
Adrian Martinez)

Arez & Latigo having an interesting and entertaining without killing each other or themselves. This felt as much about their growth as lucahdors as much as this match themselves. They had the ability and confidence to put together a fun mat wrestling segment to the match, the sort they’re probably not going to be doing much on Twitch streams any the match. They moved it to some dives and some harder back and forth as they went along, highlights by some wellconstructed sequences. They played off these fans knowing Arez’ big spinning slam by teasing it a couple of different ways, and Latigo finally got caught taking too big of a risk and was taken out. This was a really smart match.

I think this is #strangestyle?

El Bandido vs Steve Pain
(Mex Wrestling @ Arena San Juan on 06/09, 10:18, good,
Adrian Martinez)

The Pain/Bandido has the expected great Bandido offense spots. It just seemed to lack a ton in between. The first few minutes seemed to be Pain slowly punching Bandido around. Bandido took over with the multiple rotation headscissors, but the match itself jumped between flashy spots and not much happening. It didn’t have much of a flow or story to the match, though there were some big highlights.


Niebla Roja vs Furia Roja for the hair
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara on 06/12, 14:15, good, via thecubsfan)

Good effort and fine execution for the hair match. It lacked the hatred of a big apuesta match and Furia Roja pulling up his opposite on a pin late in the third fall really didn’t sell the serious of the moment. It came off more like a general CMLL title match and was fine for that, though you’d want a little more out of Furia Roja in his big opportunity. He tried, there just wasn’t much to remember him by.

a Furia Roja highlight

Carístico vs Mistico
(CMLL @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara on 06/12, 11:55, ok, via

I think I’m just going to end up watching every Mistico/Mistico match. Mistico losing his own mask on a powerbomb, only holding the cover for two, and then demanding his arm raised should go in the Mistico highlight reel. Caristico’s second fall finish mistake is not the worst only because it followed that. The rest of the match picks up to make sure this isn’t overall bad, but the Puebla match is definitely better and more definitive.

the best

Ricky Marvin vs Daga
(LLB/MDA/Memes @ Arena Lopez Mateos on 06/17, 12:54, ok,
CaritaJC LuchaLibre)

(Watched the Carita version, thinking it was in full. It has some small edits.)

I was excited to see this match, I’ve liked Marvin this year and I keep waiting for a signature Daga match. I’m still waiting. They did have some ideas in this match but the execution is not good at all. The opening six minutes are dedicated to Daga attacking to Marvin’s arm. Marvin occasionally tucks in his shoulder in pain a couple times after that, and then it’s all forgotten and goes nowhere. It’s a little bit more startling when Marvin uses that same arm to do all sorts of moves, but so it goes sometimes in spot heavy matches. The problem with a long time on the arm comes in more that the match falls apart because one or both men are exhausted by the end. Maybe not spending so much time on stuff that was going to go where would’ve allowed them to finish a lot better. I wouldn’t argue this was a bad match because there are sequences and moments in here where a good match could be built around. There’s also bad moments shockingly bad, much worse than you’d expect from either man. The bit where Ricky Marvin goes for a clothesline, then just freezes because Daga hasn’t turned around to kick it yet, feels like something out of an IWRG trainee match. The suplex reversal into a cradle at the finish was horrendous. I don’t know enough to know who to blame, but I do know it made both guys look terrible. This was a disappointment.

made this GIF so you can cringe like I did