LA Park unmasks Hijo del Fantasma in the main event of TripleMania, Lady Shani takes Faby Apache’s hair

Hijo del Fantasma unmasked (photo by AAA)

Hijo del Fantasma lost his mask in the main event of this year’s TripleMania, as expected. The big surprise was it LA Park who got the win. The two finished the fourway mask match with heavy involvement from Hijo del Tirantes (who had very involved in the show already.) LA Park speared Hijo del Fantasma for the match deciding pinfall. Fantasma unmasked as Jorge Luis Alcantar Bolly, 34 years old, 18 years a wrestler.

There was a reason behind Park winning: Dr. Wagner Jr. walked out to challenge him for a hair versus mask match after. Park was very negative about the idea, feeling his mask was worth much more than Wagner’s hair, and Wagner lost his chance by losing his mask in the same ring a year ago. Park seemed to eventually agree by the end of the back and forth, though not strongly. All three announce crews immediately pressed that it was a match definitely happening for next year’s Triplemania, obviously being alerted that it was happening beforehand, but LA Park didn’t seem too enthusiastic about it. It was tough to read the fans, many of whom were exiting the building after a 5.5 hour show. This was a spot intended to replicate Wagner and Psycho Clown agreeing to a mask match ahead of time, but it didn’t have a strong feeling.

That Wagner/Park match is scheduled to take place at TripleMania XXVII, announced as taking place August 3rd in Arena Ciudad de Mexico.

Other results from the show

  • Vampiro and Konnan signed a contract for a loser leaves AAA (or Mexico) match. No date was announced, and it may end up being a team versus team match. This was highlighted by Vampiro losing it on while doing English commentary because the cue for his music was missed.
  • Lady Shani took Faby Apache’s hair, in a match which saw La Parka counter the interference of Taurus and referees fighting. Faby Apache got a real haircut time. She wasn’t bald when she left the ring, but her hair was cut enough that she would be better off bald. AAA did post a photo of her bald in the back later on.
  • Fenix is the new AAA Mega Champion, having defeated Jeff Jarrett. Dr. Wagner Jr. got a bit of revenge on Jarrett by pretending to be Konnan pretending to be Parka. It worked better than it sounds. Fenix beat Jarrett with a cutter. Cage may have suffered a leg injury during the match but did finish it.
    • A section of the match was designed for Marisela Pena to humiliate Jarrett by throwing a drink in her face, and Fenix to add in a dive to Jarrett. That first part went fine, but Fenix came in very hot and Jarrett didn’t catch the dive as much as he passed it by to Marisela and the people she was sitting with. You’ve never seen security people and medical people run to ringside as fast as they did then – it was as if a president got shot. Marisela herself seemed fine but it was less clear about the other people in the area, and the commotion distracted the fans attention from the match until the fake La Parka came out.
  • La Mascara, Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion defeated Pagano, Joe Lider and Murder Clown in an over the top hardcore match that saw Texano set his lasso on fire to hit Joe Lider (or an area near Joe Lider) for the win. Pagano was rushed to an ambulance after the match in a regular situation.
  • OGT beat Elite in the worst match of the night. A confusing sequence saw Poder del Norte attack OGT before and after the finish to no effect, and Chessman and Jack Evans getting into a very real brawl while the finish was happening. The MAD concept was given a big run with video packages and an in-ring promo segment here, but no one seemed to  care about this feud (and it appears to be over now with MAD losing and OGT moving back to Poder del Norte again.)
  • Poder del Norte earlier continued their winning streak by winning the three way team match, pinning Hijo de LA Park. So one win and one loss for the Parks tonight.
  • Bandido & Flamita were surprise winners in the ladder match and are owed a tag title shot now. AAA hung an attache case very high up, so the wrestlers had use for the ladders and used them a lot. Drago may have reinjured his shoulder on a spot in a match full of spots. Bandido & Flamita aren’t booked on the next three TV tapings, so it may be a while before they get that shot.
  • Nino Hamburguesa & Big Mami continued their successful mixed tag team reign with a win in the opener. They were easily the most popular team and got in many good moments.
  • Sammy Guevara picked up the Cruiserweight title, pining Suicide after a 630 senton in a match also including ACH & Shane Strickland. It was a bit of a disappointment of a match, though not one that stuck out by the end of the show. Killer Kross attacked everyone but Suicide after the match and gave Suicide a MAD shirt. Suicide later appeared with MAD, but had no great role.
  • Dragon Bane, Aramis and Freelance beat Draztick Boy, Latigo and Aramis in an exciting if at times sloppy opener.

Attendance looked good but far from a sell out; the cameras angles used kept showing sections of totally unsold seats, and these weren’t ones cut off for the entrance. The crowd generally seemed to be into the show, especially the main events. There was a lot of referee stuff with Tirantes but it didn’t seem to hurt the crowd.

I had terrible streaming problems for the second half of the show; I missed the finish of Shani/Apache and the main event when the stream just stopped on me, so there’s no real way I can do a recap tonight. It may be a few days. It must’ve been on my end; there was a path early where the feed was struggling badly for 20 minutes but no one reported problems otherwise. If you’re waiting for a recommendation, I’d say most of the show was watchable but it felt long and you’re going to have to put up with a lot of AAA tropes (referees that make no sense, heavy interference in singles matches). It was very much a TripleMania.

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  1. So Park gets a mask win and maybe a mask win for his son (vs Parka Negra) shit loads of cash maybe a big match with Rush and gets to drop his mask to his mate. Not bad :D

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