Dragon Lee (& Caristico) versus Penta tonight, Klan Kaoz/Guerreros, Rayo de Jalisco


Tonight’s CMLL show a bit of prelude to other events. Penta is back, and finally will be across the ring from both Caristico & Dragon Lee, but whatever singles match they’re setting up is still some weeks off due to scheduling. The main event is an obvious build-up match for a title match to come. And CMLL’s spent the last couple of days highlighting matches from two weeks from today, which makes this show a bit less important.

Klan Kaoz return to face Los Guerreros in the main event. Ciber the Main Man’s crew defeated the CMLL rudos via cane shot two weeks ago, and both sides hinted towards a trios title match. Another win here would set that up on July 27th. Klan Kaoz had a better match the second time out, though that was more Los Guerreros figuring out how to work around them. I’d expect the same here.

After a month or so of social media teases,, Dragon Lee and Penta finally set foot in the same ring for the first time. The semi-main also has the wildcard of Caristico being involved, who isn’t getting along with either man. Mistico, Cavernario, and Negro Casas all being there should make for a fascinating match.

The rest are just matches to fill out a Friday, some better than others. Cuatrero and Mephisto will have their own first ever singles match. The NGD have supplanted Los Hijo del Infierno as a rudo trio, but Mephisto as an individual is still pretty high up in the rudo ranks and a Cuatrero win would be meaningful. The OneAtos trios of Esfinge, Titan, and Triton take on Kawato, Okumura, and Polvora. Dalys is part of a Friday night women’s match, as always, teaming with Amapola & Reina Isis against Marcela, and Lluvia and Mystique. Super Astro Jr. & Principe Diamante are also back on Friday nights, this time facing Yago & Espanto Jr.

The CMLL show starts at 8:30pm. It will stream on Marca (currently regionblocked, but also currently showing women’s soccer) and Facebook.  It’ll be available on CMLL’s YouTube channel later on tonight.

Ovaciones and SuperLuchas have Rayo de Jalisco obits. CMLL, Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, AAA, and Hijo del Santo have posted acknowledgments of his death. I’m sure there will be a moment honoring him at every show this weekend, as there was last night in Arena Aficion.

In CMLL’s weekly Facebook video, Caristico announced he will be on this year’s 09/14 CMLL Anniversario show. So that’s only about 31 more people to be announced, and maybe some matches. In an interview with Marca, Caristico claimed he was going to retire young so he wouldn’t retire injured.

Tiffany has reached 25 years of wrestling. She’s still hoping for an apuesta match with Estrellita before she retires, which could be “one day or three years away.”

Atlantis was part of an aquarium inaguaration.

The WON mentioned Fenix/King Phoenix is expected back to Arena Mexico on 08/03, which means it’s possible he’ll be in the match with the Briscoes.

AAA’s posted a video introducing Vanilla (Vargas). They’ve also put up a cleaner version of the Jeff Jarrett promo video from last Friday’s taping; they had some technical difficulties with it live.

La Mascara is frustrated with the losing he’s done since coming to AAA, and wants to form an IngoberAAA to turn it around.

Los Traumas say they’ve never seen since La Parka use a good wrestling hold. They think La Parka was trying to be intimidating when he interrupted the press conference but thought he should better use the go to the gym and train so he’ll have a little chance again them. They also can’t remember an AAA match that started with at least five minutes of mat wrestling and think it would be great.

Meanwhile, the Traidor Clowns posted a video of them cutting up La Parka’s gear before yesterday’s show in Arena Aficion. Allowing Dave the Clown to use scissors was a mistake.

Drago did make it to MLW. Fenix & Pena beat Drago & Horuz to keep the MLW tag titles. Konnan did wrestle in the Battle Riot, did do a Tequila Sunrise. MLW announced LA Park will be on their October show in New York. LA Park was part of the prior version of MLW in the early 2000s; an at the time DVDVR review of the show with him and Shocker is stuck in my head forever because of line along the lines of “hopefully this ticket helps Court Bauer buy a nice tie for the inevitable bankruptcy hearing.” This version of MLW seems better timed and doing better judging from the crowd last night.

Arez & Mr. Iguana will debut in CZW next Saturday, facing Trey Miguel & Myron Reed. That’s part of two matches in the New Jersey area that weekend, as the two face off for NeoFight Pro the day before.

DTU announced Kylie Rae was off their August shows after breaking her collarbone in Japan. Miranda Salinas from Texas will replace her.

Arena Guatemala Mexico has posted a list of upcoming dates with foreigners. The mask match with Atlantis mentioned yesterday is set for September 2nd. Additionally, LA Park (& Hijo de LA Park) will be in Guatemala one day after TripleMania.

An article on AAA’s 11/16 show in Bogota, Colombia says there are plans for a lot more shows in the country in 2019. Psycho Clown & Hijo del Fantasma are on the show.

LuchaWorld has the latest news update.

Segunda Caida reviews NGD vs Soberano, Mistico and Angel de Oro from May 18th.

+LuchaTV has a new edition of Aqui esta la Lucha.

Luchador/serial-killer La Mateviejitas was interviewed by MSN, insisting she’s innocent of the charges and talking about her lucha libre career. The most handsome luchador she ever saw was Charlie Manson. That feels a little bit too on the nose.

Lucha Libre in Japan

Hijo del Pantera & Ricky Marvin lost their opening match of the NOAH Junior tag league back on the 16th, came back with a win on the 17th, another on the 19th. before taking a loss earlier today. That leaves them 2-2, 4 points, middle of the table. This is a single block, top two teams advance. The Mexico team needs to win their final two matches to advance. The last league match is on July 31st, the tournament final is on August 5th, and the winner teaming is possibly getting a title match on NOAH’s 08/18 show.

Rey Wagner & Hijo del Dr. Wagner’s Japanese tour wrapped up with a match in Tokyo Gurentai, a Nosawa led promotion. Wagner & old partner Kendo Kashin beat Nosawa & Hijo de Wagner. Nosawa challenged Rey Wagner to a hair versus hair match in March, and that came off as if it’s actually happening.