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these guys aren’t destined to fight forever, they won’t last that long

Kastigador © vs Vengador [TAO TOTAL]
(TAO @ Arena Querétaro on 03/21, 21:10, good, via 

Vengador and Kastigador are two Queretaro locals who’ve been teaming or fighting for what seems like forever. This match shows why they’re well regarded locally and why they probably aren’t used all that much outside of it. There’s plenty of impressive moves here: Vengador’s moonsault to the floor looks outstanding and the finish comes off well. There’s just not a lot in between the big sequences, substituting working with long pauses between moves and look at the crowd for any story. Kastigador is never quite clear if he’s meant to be a rudo, and neither man sells a move for more than few seconds. The crowd is into the dramatics of the match (until they get into watching a fight in the crowd in the last moments of the match instead) but it feels like emulating portions of other matches they like then putting something new together.

this kind of turned out safer than I would’ve thought
back suplex front cracker?

Bandido vs Flamita vs Daga vs Hijo de LA Park
(TAO @ Arena Querétaro on 03/21, 10:02, good, via 

The four way was a lot like the Kastigador/Vengador match, except four people meant a lot more moves and a lot faster pace. No one really stood out except for Hijo de LA Park’s very indie love of piledrivers. This is definitely watchable but I liked the Mexicali version of this better; Fenix provided a spark that’s missing here. It’s hard to miss how the crowd was far more into the locals match than this one. These guys are bigger names, but Mexican wrestling is still often regional and the fans weren’t wowed simply by being in the presence of TV stars.

MexaBlood teamwork
Daga dragon suplex

Cíclope, Draztick Boy, Miedo Extremo vs Alas de Acero, Aramis, Iron Kid
(LLB @ Arena Lopez Mateos on 03/31, 9:25, good, via 

The Kamikazes/Pachuca trios match was really fun early on, with a fast pace of insanity. It got sloppier later; it seemed like half the people missed on the everyone does a cutter sequence and the last few spots weren’t very clean. It’s so much action that enough of it work to make it worth a few minutes of the time, and some dives really work. The Nomads aren’t really doing these sort of spot matches and the técnicos have iffy moments, so the highs and lows of this particular match are to be expected.

Ciclope as Hijo del Santo

Carístico, Dragón Lee, Volador Jr. vs El Bandido, Hechicero, Xtreme Tiger
(LLB @ Arena Lopez Mateos on 03/31/2018, 10:50, via 

An all-star trios match, giving a taste of a lot of wrestlers and match ups but not having the time (or inclination) to build to anything very memorable. The action felt improvised and unscripted, which caused some confusion at times. Volador & Bandido had an awkward exchange in the midst of otherwise a good flowing match. Dragon Lee doing a balcony dive came off as something he decided he had to do once he got up there, not something that was really thought out well. This was enjoyable while it lasted while leaving me desiring something more substantial.

Bandido going over

Skalibur vs Ricky Marvin
(Local Wrestlers @ Arena Nacionalista on 5/20, 14:36 seen, good, via 
Arena Clandestina

Young Mr. Skalibur was very excited to face a star the level of Ricky Marvien. And then Marvin tried to rip Skalibur’s right leg off his body and it was not quite as fun for Skalibur. This is the Ricky Marvin versus skinny underdog kid match story that goes a little bit off the rails at points – Skalibur passing up the win off his 450 was a moment that the crowd rebelled against – but it does have Marvin being the nastiest Mexican wrestler going. He projects a viciousness and dirtiness in these matches that no one else seems to show in the moment. Skalibur is talented and meets loud kick with loud kick, but this is at its best when Marvin is hurtfully twisting his leg in painful directions. They lost their way a little bit in the last bit, and the Kawato match was better, but this was pretty good.

who needs knees
Marvin’s discuss clothesline is one of the best looking moves in Mexico (probably because he’s really killing dudes)

Fly Star vs Toxin in a super libre match
(Mexa Wrestlin
g @ Arena San Juan Pantitlan on 04/28, 28:51, great, Adrian Martinez)

It’s unclear how Fly Star & Toxin didn’t end up injured. It’s hard to tell what they’ll have left to top this in the mask match. This was an incredibly brutal match with multiple big spots that could’ve reasonably led to either or both men being strechered out forever. That’s not even counting the fruit box related head trauma, or the chair shots. This was so brutal that I’m reluctant to give it full marks, it felt like too much at times. But it was exactly the hate filled battle to the (almost literal) death merited by a feud going the distance, one that would be legendary if viewed in front of a wider audience. It also never felt meandering or dumb; the fight built to bigger spots along the way, and there were smart moments included. It’s not clear if it’s genius or dumb luck, but Toxin’s sequence with the unfolded chair in the ring had a perfect fake out included. They sold the exhaustion of the brawl well, likely because it was very real. The finish, a death trap constructed with broken chairs and wood fruit crates, was incredible. This is something to watch.

that box was placed in the right/wrong location
sure why not