Titan vs Soberano tonight in Puebla, IWRG results

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG (SUN) 06/24/2018 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, Black Terry Jr. (Flickr)The Gladaitores]
1) Arquero b Atomic Star
2) Hijo Del Mosco X-Fly & Psycho Kid b Kanon & Miss Gaviota
3) Hijo del Alebrije, Pantera I, Relámpago b Demonio Infernal, El Hijo del Diablo, Eterno
despite the loss Eterno challenged Pantera to a title and a hair/mask match.
4) Hijo de Canis Lupus, Imposible, Toscano b El Hijo del Medico Asesino, Pit Bull, Trauma I Toscano, Hijo de Canis Lupus e Imposible vs Hijo del Medico Asesino, Pit Bull y Trauma II (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
5) X-Fly b Ovett Mosco X Fly vs Ovett mano a mano en la Arena Naucalpan (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
X-Fly used a weapon and a foul when the referee was down. Ovett wants a rematch without a ref.
6) Trauma I L Cerebro NegroEmperador Azteca [losers advanceTrauma I vs Cerebro Negro vs Emperador Azteca ¡¡¡ MÁSCARA, CABELLERA, CAMPEONATO EN JUEGO !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Trauma I would’ve had to put up his mask had he lost. Cerbero Negro framed Emperador for using a chair to cause him to advance.
7) Cerebro Negro b Emperador Azteca © [hair, IWRG IC WELTERCerebro Negro vs Emperador Azteca  ¡¡¡ CABELLERA vs CAMPEONATO !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Negro’s hair vs Azteca’s title. Cerebro Negro is the 37th champion, holding this title for a record 7th time. Azteca falls on his sixth defense (including two obscure ones in Oaxaca)

Cerebro Negro as champion is usually a pretty good idea. Losing a match to set up a title match is an IWRG staple at this point.

Soberano and Titan meet for the first time ever in a singles match tonight. Soberano put the Mexican National Welterweight championship against former holder Titan in Arena Puebla. It’s a rare tecnico/tecnico championship match in CMLL, though Titan has been playing the role of the rudo leading up to it.  Both have some recent experience facing tecnicos. Soberano’s previous defense was against Magia Blanca in the best match Blanca’s had in CMLL. Titan and Dragon Lee had a great match in Pro Wrestling Revolution earlier this year. Their sequences in the lead-up trios matches have been good, and this figures to be on the same level as the Soberano/Cavernario title match in this same arena.

It’s a better overall Puebla card than usual. The main event has Volador & Flyer versus Templario & Ultimo Guerrero, a rematch of the Gran Alternativa final. This probably won’t be as good, main events after a title match are usually cut a bit short. The Panther kids & Esfinge take on Puma, Tiger, and Felino in the fourth match. I think we take for granted how good the Puma/Tiger/Panther stuff is because CMLL runs it so often (and so meaninglessly), but maybe we shouldn’t right now – if Puma does on those indie dates, he might not be around to superkick Black Panther as much.

Princesa Sugehit, fresh off losing a title match to Dalys, meets Amapola in a lightning match. This should be another loss for Sugehit, setting up a title match for next week. Astro, Asturiano, and Stukita face Joker, Mercurio, and Stukita, to see if CMLL’s remembered a Puebla apuesta match for July. Meyer, Milenium, and Tigre Rojo Jr. meet Espiritu Maligno, King Joker and King Rocker in the opener.

The show will air at 9pm on CMLL’s YouTube channel. I’d guess the title match will be taking place around 10:20pm, and it’ll be up for VOD as soon as the show completes. Maybe I’ll remember to put up timestamps in the comments if it’s good.

MDA has announced Rey Wagner vs Penta on 07/29 in Monterrey.

+LuchaTV has an interview with Daga.

Segunda Caida reviews Hechicero versus Stuka lightning matches.


CMLL (TUE) 06/26/2018 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Micro, Principe Daniel, Vaquero Jr. vs Demonio Maya, Frezzer, Relámpago Azul
2) Retro, Robin, Sangre Imperial vs Akuma, Inquisidor, Príncipe Odín Jr.
3) Drone, El Audaz, Fuego vs Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Virus
4) Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Soberano Jr. vs Cavernario, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Atlantis, Carístico, Volador Jr. vs La Bestia Del Ring, Rush, Terrible

Guadalajara cards are occasionally showing up late. There was no feud here last week. There’s probably not going to be Terrible here this week.

CMLL (SAT) 06/30/2018 Arena Coliseo
1) Acero & Aéreo vs Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Violencia
2) Robin, Star Jr., Starman vs Cancerbero, Metálico, Sangre Azteca
3) Blue Panther, Drone, Stuka Jr. vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Universo 2000 Jr.
4) Dragón Lee © vs Luciferno [CMLL SL]
6th defense, first in over a year.
5) Kráneo, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Forastero, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero

I need a weigh-in for that title match. It won’t be taped and we’ll never see it unless we get a fan to take a camera, which seems very stupid for a Dragon Lee singles match in 2018.

No sign of that trios title match. Cancerbero still going solo without Raziel.

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2018-06-19

OneAtos Style

Recapped: 06/21/2018


Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro beat Angelito & Fantasy
(12:26 [5:02, 2:51, 4:33], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Hijo del Signo, Metálico, Signo Jr. beat Bengala, Leono, Príncipe Diamante 
(13:48 [5:45, 4:09, 3:54], 1/3, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Disturbio, Espanto Jr., Virus beat Astral, Eléctrico, Star Jr. 
(16:04 [6:10, 5:03, 4:51], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Esfinge, Titán, Tritón beat Kawato, Okumura, Templario
(13:38 [3:50, 3:30, 6:18], 2/3, good, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Dragón Lee, Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr. beat Ephesto, Mephisto, Shocker
(12:32 [3:53, 5:25, 3:14], 1/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Atlantis beat Rey Bucanero for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship
(11:16, 1/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

  1. Atlantis Villano cradle (2:24)

  2. Rey Bucanero inside cradle (0:53)

  3. Atlantis huracanrana (7:59)

What happened: 


Seconds in the main event were Stuka and Shocker. Shocker & Bucanero are now Senores Bien. Shocker punched Atlantis to set up Bucanero’s second fall win. Shocker did it again in the third time, but Atlantis kicked out and got the pin soon after.


Rey Bucanero put in a lot of work in the main event, carrying most of the action to make it a passable main event. Atlantis seems slow and had trouble getting to the top rope for his plancha. He did pull it off and took a superplex, though he didn’t do a lot more. Atlantis was never a guy who did a lot of different moves, instead of using a lot of armdrags and rollups, and while I’m not sure why that is, it turned the match into a rare bit of a rudo dominating the flow of the match for a long portion of the third fall. Bucanero brought a variety moves, old and new, and kept the match moving along. I’m not sure a Shocker or an Ephesto could’ve done it as well.

maybe Titan is going for this too often

The semifinal was good for watching Shocker stand in the corner while the other rudos did most of the work. It’s not a good match on paper and came up as a lesser version of the match which preceded it, but Dragon Lee trying to fix Shocker’s jaw with a tope was something to see.

The fourth match was good by some grading curve of B-shows. Friday matches need to be completely good matches. Tuesday matches which have simply have some good sequences seem pretty good by comparison to what else is going on. Kawato kick exchange with Titan in the first fall was startling competent, but he and Okumura disappeared into the background afterward. That worked out well, because Templario got his first real showcase of a trios match in a while, wrestling the entire técnico team and looking impressive doing so. Hechicero wanted to see a Titan/Templario match out of this and I was right with him; they are both super athletic and also prone to doing creatively silly things. The last couple of minutes do a lot sell these técnicos as a team, though I appreciate Titan’s refusal to ever join in on Esfinge & Triton’s pose.

Dragon Lee to Shocker’s face

The tercera was thoroughly average, where I could barely think of something to write about it. It’s unfair putting Signo & Espanto in back to back matches because they’re the same boring rudos. Pimping wanted this over so quick that he called Star Jr.’s third fall submission before Virus could finish putting on the hold.

I watched the opener to see if Angelito was still alive. He was! He had some good moments and showed more energy than usual for these dire openers. I hope Angelito wrestles more outside of CMLL where he might get something to do. This is worth checking out to see him if you haven’t watched him in a while, and the match overall was better paced than usual. It slowed down in the third fall, and Fantasy still pretty generic, so I couldn’t give a good. It wasn’t far off.

another Alvarado unmasked, Dalys keeps her championship, CMLL title match challenges

Muneca de Plata/photo by Black Terry Jr.

CMLL (SAT) 06/23/2018 Arena Coliseo [CMLL]
1) Shockercito & Último Dragóncito b Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Violencia
tecnicos took 2/3
2) Magnus, Príncipe Diamante, Starman b Cholo, Grako, Inquisidor
tecnicos took 2/3
3) Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Virus b Drone, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa
rudos took 1/3.
4) Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Soberano Jr. b Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón
tecnicos took 2/3, then issues a challenge for the national trios titles.
5) Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto b Dragón Lee, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr.
Volador & Stuka replaced Mistico & Valiente. Straight falls, Luciferno beating Dragon Lee in both. Luciferno issued a challenge for Dragon Lee’s lightweight championship.

Post-match promos: Ultimo Dragoncito (talks about CMLL classes), Starman (sad he and Arkangel never got to do their mask match), Soberano Jr. (ready for his title match tomorrow) and Luciferno (really serious about challenging Dragon Lee).

Luciferno is an unlikely lightweight. He’s a likely Dragon Lee opponent. For reasons only truly understood by CMLL, Dragon Lee and Luciferno have met in the first round of the 2015 Universal tournament, the first round of the 2016 Universal tournament, and the 2017 Universal tournament. The results have been consistent, Luciferno loses every time. They can not repeat this match in 2018 at this point, so I guess this is another way to do it.

Torta Super Astro (SAT) 06/23/2018 Arena Lopez Mateos [Black Terry Jr. (Flickr)LuchaCentral]
1) Divino Boy, Kalibus, Magnético b Hijo Del Dr. Pólux Jr., Maremoto, Murciélago Plateado
2) Demasiado & Musashi b Ciclón & Dragosth and Astro Infernal & Lucifier
3) Montana, Syrus, Tackle b Maravilla, Perro Negro Jr., Terremoto
4) Zeuxis b Lady ApacheQuetzalCinthia MorenoRossy MorenoMima ShimodaEstrellita [G21 WOMEN]
5) Ricky Marvin & Silver King b Steve Pain & Terremoto and Samoano & Tonga
Terremoto replaced Hijo de Dos Caras. Tonga may be “Huma”, who was originally listed in that spot.
6) Imposible & Laredo Kid b Demonio Infernal & Golden Magic and Ángeluz Fly & Diamante
7) Baronessa b Muñeca De Plata [maskMÁSCARA VS MÁSCARA MUÑECA DE PLATA VS BARONESSA (posted by Tortas Súper Astro y Sin Aflojar Videoblog)
La Mascara ran in to help his cousin, but Baronessa still surprised her with a cradle. Muneca de Plata is Monserrat Alvarado Nava, 29 years old, 13 years a wrestler, originally from Guadalajara.
8) Hijo de LA Park & LA Park DQ La Máscara & Xtreme Tiger
The LA Parks were unmasked.

Seemed like the building was around half full for a show largely built around the women’s mask match. There was some controversy about the match and I’m not sure why. People may have been led to believe the result was going the other way but I’m not sure why it mattered so much – neither are big names by indie standards and the match is really only notable because of Muneca is an Alavardo. I guess I don’t really need to understand why as much as note there was unhappiness in how it went down.

CMLL (SUN) 06/24/2018 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Retro & Sangre Imperial b Camorra & Príncipe Odín Jr.
tecnicos took 2/3
2) Cancerbero, El Coyote, Nitro b Arkalis, Magnus, Súper Astro Jr.
Rudos took 1/3
3) Misterioso Jr., Puma, Sagrado b Audaz, Pegasso, Tritón
Rudos took 1/3
4) Dalys © b Princesa Sugehit [CMLL WOMEN]
Dalys took 2/3 to keep her title. 16th defense. Sugehit’s 2nd chance.
5) Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Terrible b Flyer, Kráneo, Titán
Rudos took 1/3. Terrible was injured after a Kraneo senton landed on his head.
6) Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero b Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr.
Rudos took 1/3, then asked for a title shot.

Terrible suffered a concussion from that senton, according to Dr. Zavaleta. He’s not listed on any cards next week as of yet, so hopefully he’s taking some time off Post-match promos: Dalys (wants new challengers), Shocker & Rey Bucanero (looking for a third member of their Senores Bien group), Los Guerreros Laguneros (want a trios title shot), and the Sky Team (ready to give one.) Even the champion Dalys is aware they need different match-ups in that division, but I’m not sure what the solution is going to be. Or if there is one.

CMLL (SUN) 06/24/2018 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) El Alteño b Frenético
Alteno, replacing Eclipse, took 1/3.
2) Cosmos & Johnny Dinamo DQ Destructor & Quca
Quca unmasked Cosmos for the DQ. Straight falls.
3) Fugaz, Neutrón, Reycko b Gran Kenut, León Blanco, Linterna
Linterna’s partners betrayed him. Tecnicos took 1/3.
4) Bobby Black, Carlo Roggi, El Chakal, Mr. Apolo b Exterminador, Príncipe Kisho, Terremoto King Jr., Thunder Boy
Team Roggi took 1/3
5) Joker b Sádico [hair]
Joker took 2/3 to take his ex-partner’s hair.

Joker starts his tecnico career with a big win, which probably should be inspiring for Linterna.

I’m not going to even link to the latest round of “Alberto says he’s retiring in 2 years” article, but I am letting you know they exist.

Lucha Underground posted a Jeremiah Crane promo for 3 Way to the Grave. He makes it clear two people are getting put in a casket at the end.

LuchaWorld has an obituary for El Egipcio and the latest Lucha Report.

LA Park wins a draw with Rush, Phoenix/Cavernario, Jack Evans returns to AAA

Rush slowly taking off the frame before selling is just a touch cartoonish.

CMLL (FRI) 06/22/2018 Arena México [ESTOLucha CentralMarcaOvacionesRecordthecubsfan]
1) Robin & Súper Astro Jr. b Akuma & Yago LUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 22 DE JUNIO DE 2018 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
~13:00. Tecnicos took 2/3. The stream went out during this match.
2) Estrellita, La Jarochita, Marcela b Amapola, Dalys, Reyna Isis LUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 22 DE JUNIO DE 2018 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
12:27. Tecnicos took 1/3.
3) Dragón Rojo Jr., Hechicero, Pólvora b Black Panther, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. LUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 22 DE JUNIO DE 2018 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
19:55. Rudos took 2/3.
4) Atlantis, Carístico, Stuka Jr. b Euforia, La Bestia Del Ring, Último Guerrero LUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 22 DE JUNIO DE 2018 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
9:33. Tecnicos took 2/3.
5) El Hijo de L.A. Park, King Phoenix, Volador Jr. b Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas LUCHA LIBRE VIERNES ESPECTACULAR DE ARENA MEXICO 22 DE JUNIO DE 2018 FUNCION COMPLETA (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
17:10. Tecnicos took 2/3, the last when Cavernario unmasked Rey Fenix. Fenix challenged him to a singles match next week.
20:14. Rush was DQed in the first after Bestia interfered and Rush hit the referee. Park was DQed in the second after hitting the referee when he was trying to stop him from punching an unconscious Rush. The referee and the officials tried to stop the match at this point but LA Park wouldn’t let them, and punched Rambo out when he got to close. Referee Edgar quickly counted both men out when the third fall ended. Rush was dragged to the back while LA Park screamed for the mask versus hair match.

Park/Rush exceeded the high expectations. The result was a draw, but Park was the man walking out of the building and Rush was the man who knocked out. The Panther match and the semimain are also worth watching.

CMLL post match promos: Robin & Super Astro Jr. (would like to be teamed up as Los Nuevos Arqueros del Espacio), Black Panther (explains the name change), King Phoenix (explains the name change). Fenix is using “King Phoenix” until “Rey Fenix” is legally his, in a situation not unlike Kraneo/Alebrije. No media interviews have been posted as of yet.

LA Park punching Rambo could be a set up for Park being “suspended” from CMLL for a while. I keep expecting that sort of explanation to happen, but it didn’t seem played up by commentary and they may just not explain it. LA Park will be on an AAA/EMW in Tijuana on July 27. I’m guessing we won’t see him in CMLL again until August regardless of the reasoning.

Blue Panther mentioned his third son will be debuting as Hijo de Blue Panther very soon. The family has brought up this son as training and joining the family team before but there’s never been a firm date of when we might see him.

The Marca website feed was unblocked. The Facebook feed was Mexico only and had at least 3.3K viewers by the main event. My YouTube stream just over 11K.

Penta & Fenix will appear on the Pro Wrestling Revolucion show tonight in Gridley, California. I believe that’s streaming on their Twitch channel late tonight.

Draztick Boy told Criterio Hidalgo that he and AAA had been in talked for months and had recently come to an agreement for him to work their full time. Draztick says he signed a three-year contract. In AAA, that’s probably good for at least four different changes of direction. His performance in that Arena Aficion show made a difference.

El Egipcio passed away suddenly Friday. He was a former Mexican heavyweight champion and lost his mask in a match with Rayo de Jalisco Jr. in Arena Mexico in 1983. Egipcio was a local star in Arena Puebla despite originally being from Oaxaca, and was honored this past year in Arena Puebla as part of their Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show. He seemed to be in fine health on that show.

Shane Strickland/Killshot has an interview on ESPN to promote this upcoming weekend’s EVOLVE shows, but talks a lot about Lucha Underground. After Hell of War, Strickland says Dorian Roldan told he and Fox they had made wrestling history, and no one would ever do a match like that again on television.

Fightful has a report from the AroLucha show.


CMLL (FRI) 06/29/2018 Arena México
1) Magnus & Príncipe Diamante vs Espanto Jr. & Hijo del Signo
2) Pegasso, Star Jr., Stigma vs Disturbio, Kawato San, Okumura
3) Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Templario
4) Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, Niebla Roja vs Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón
5) King Phoenix vs Cavernario
6) Charly Rockstar, Cibernético, Zorro vs Carístico, Valiente, Volador Jr.

The idea of the main event was Klan Kaoz versus Caristico and two of his friends. Valiente is a nice man who gets along with everyone. Volador is definitely not Caristico’s friend. Zorro’s most recent Arena Mexico match, as far as I can tell, was October 1, 1999. He teamed with Ringo Mendoza and Pantera (II) against Violencia, Karloff Lagarde and Arkangel de la Muerte.

Fenix specifically demanded a no time limit match. He’s getting that, a full three falls and not a lightning match.

Fourth has Atlantis as the third wheel in a trios we’ve seen a lot. Templario is a nice addition to the third. Kawato makes an increasingly rare Tuesday appearance.

AAA TV (SUN) 07/29/2018 Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México
1) Astroluxe, Lady Maravilla, Vanilla vs Keyra, Látigo, Starfire
2) Carta Brava, Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana vs Aramis, El Bandido, Flamita
3) Lady Shani, Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Australian Suicide, Faby Apache, Parka Negra
4) La Máscara, Máximo, Sammy Guevara vs ?, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart
5) Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly vs Hijo del Fantasma, Juventud Guerrera, Taurus
6) Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, Psycho Clown vs Killer Kross, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr.

This is three tapings down the line for AAA. We know the 07/13 Queretaro lineup. We have not seen a real lineup for Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera on 7/21, which will be an AAA vs ELITE show and may be the first taping for an ELITE TV show. It’s a 6pm local start which means stream will start around 6:30pm.

Wagner said he would still work some dates for AAA when also saying he was quitting AAA following Verano de Escandalo. This appears to be one of those dates. It’s tough to be certain of any directions beyond the announced matches at this point, but the main event teams up the tag team champions.

With the influx of MDA and ELITE rudos, OGT may have been flipped to psuedo-tecnicos, defenders of the AAA flag for the moment. Fantamsa, Texano, and Escorpion might as well partner with one of those factions instead of being entirely separate rudos.

Guevera was definitely a rudo in Monterrey, and is in the Aerostar role of making an Alvarado match good. More interesting is the other side. Teddy Hart returns four months after his last appearance (if he’s not on CDMX) and Jack Evans returns to AAA after an 18 month hiatus. AAA fired Jack after an interview in Europe where he was critical of the promotion and some of the wrestlers, La Parka in particular. This seems to be the season to let go of old AAA grievances. It also makes him an obvious fit for MAD.

Tercera continues the Shani/Faby build. Suicide is not getting a lot to do, though that’s better than Ashley is doing.

Flamita & Bandido may not actually be on this show. They started their latest tour with Dragon Gate earlier today. They’re due back in Mexico near the end of July, but maybe not in time to make this date. It’d be a good match if they’re there. It’s billed as an AAA versus ELITE so it’ll probably be two other people we’ll see in Mexico City.

Vanilla is likely is Vanilla Vargas from Puerto Rico, who’s popped up in a variety of Konnan projects. Alternate spelling for Astroluxe but same old Latigo as an opponent. Tiny Starfire as a ruda seems an odd fit.

CMLL on ClaroSports.com: 2018-06-22 

L.A. Park

Recapped: 06/22/2018


Robin & Súper Astro Jr. beat Akuma & Yago
(~13:26 [6:39, 3:27, ~3:20], 2/3, n/r, VideosOficialesCMLL )

Estrellita, La Jarochita, Marcela beat Amapola, Dalys, Reyna Isis
(12:27 [6:31, 3:02, 2:54], 1/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL )

Dragón Rojo Jr., Hechicero, Pólvora beat Black Panther, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr.
(19:55 [6:04, 4:49, 9:02], 2/3, great, via VideosOficialesCMLL )

Atlantis, Carístico, Stuka Jr. beat Euforia, La Bestia Del Ring, Último Guerrero
(9:33 [3:10, 2:27, 3:56], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL )

El Hijo de L.A. Park, King Phoenix, Volador Jr. beat Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
(17:10 [1:59, 3:21, 11:50], 2/3 DQ, good,  VideosOficialesCMLL)

L.A. Park and Rush went to a draw
(20:14 [10:24, 9:09, 0:41], 1: Rush DQ; 2: Park DQ; 3 DCOR, excellent, via VideosOficialesCMLL )

What happened: 

King Phoenix

Rush lost the first fall either due to referee attack or foul or La Bestia del Ring interference, because all of those thing happened. The second fall ended when Bestia gave Rush a glass portrait to use, but Park got it and smashed it over Rush’s head. That wasn’t the disqualification because the second ref was down at the time. Edgar woke up, tried to stop Park from punching an unconscious Rush, and Park punched Edgar. That got the DQ. Park knocked Rush to the floor and continued to beat Rush with Rush unable to respond. Edgar, Dr. Zavaleta, the normal CMLL doctor, and commissioner Rambo all tried to get help for Rush. Park eventually punched Rambo. Much to the surprise of everyone involved, someone sent out the third fall card. Park continued to beat up Rush on the outside and Edgar called a lightning quick 20 count to end the match. Rush was dragged away, regaining some consciousness, while LA Park demanded CMLL make the mask versus hair match with Rush.

Cavernario tried to unmask King Phoenix (Rey Fenix) and pin him but was caught. Phoenix challenged him to a singles match next week.

El Egipcio was remembered after the third match.

The CMLL feed died just before the third fall of the opener and did not fully resume working until the women’s match.


a dance (and maybe a missed spot)

LA Park versus Rush was everything you’d want it to be, an insane brawl from the moment both wrestlers entered the arena. They’d felt a restricted since the first trios and the earlier matches had some brawls which might have taken the steam out of this one. That didn’t happen at all – these guys continue to go above and beyond what anyone else attempts or is allowed to do. The match started with Rush throwing a popcorn tray at Park and just got crazier than there. This was another week where LA Park appeared to suffer a serious leg injury only to dance around minutes later. Rush delivered on blood though, as usual with these sorts of promises, it turned out to be his own. Multiple referees were attacked, a commissioner was punched out, and absolutely no one actually pinned someone else for a legal three count. The actual wrestling work was sloppier at times – that leg might really have been an issue for Park – but it didn’t really matter. The crowd was there to see this match, loved what they saw, and will absolutely come back to see it again.

There’s also the bit where LA Park has more leverage at this second than he has had in his life. Rush kind of looks like a chump if he never faces Park again, and CMLL will be pilloried if they try to present any other match as the Anniversario main event. I haven’t been able to figure out if Park has more than verbally agreed to anything, but he’s the most valuable man in Mexico by a big distance in this moment.

so much good popcorn wasted

The semifinal was fun but sloppy at times with pretty much everyone in the match having a moment they probably could’ve done better on. Maybe Niebla was the only one to get out clean, as strange as that reads. Casas whiffed on a kick and catching a dive, Park had slips, Volador looked off on headscsisors, Cavernario and Fenix started hot but weren’t working well together on Fenix’s tricky offense. That probably reads harsher than the match was, but it was so clear they were off a bit from being the best possible match. Cavernario especially needs a better night next week if the match with Rey Fenix is going to be what people want it to be. Fenix – sorry, King Phoenix – has moments where he appears to be the best wrestler in the world, but he also didn’t seem as over this week. Mr. Niebla was over with this crowd and should be given the random big bumps he was taking.

Atlantis and friends was a professional star match on a big show. You got to see the big spots from the usual guys in a short amount of time, they stuck around long enough for it to mean something, but they didn’t get as all out as the other matches. Stuka was the best looking guy on his team though the other two were more over. Atlantis got the Atlantida to work, which is something to be celebrated at this point

The tercera guys hurried out to the ring, which made me think they were short on time and the match was going to run short. That was not the case! This was a blown out Panthers match, which them pulling out all the usual spots. And the unusual spots – Blue Panther tried his first ever plancha into the crowd. It didn’t totally work but the effort was amazing. Hechicero was really on today, connecting well on his offense and selling nicely for the técnicos. This was a good Pólvora/Dragon Rojo match until the last move. There was a lot more crowd brawling than you’d expect, and a lot of people obviously feeling like doing a lot because of the hot crowd. Worth going out of your way to see.

how did Fenix get so high?


A hotter crowd helped the women’s match but it was still the usual barely passable performance. They lost the crowd in the third fall. Dalys & Jarochita working a lot together and it wasn’t a great fit. Jarochita is really unconvincing when it comes to striking offense. Dalys goes training school speed on huracanranas and I’m not sure what she was doing on the second fall. Isis is relatively OK and has greatly moved up the CMLL depth chart because of the changes, but it’s weird to see her to do her simple plancha to the floor or Jarochita is allowed to do tope when better wrestlers aren’t allowed to do the same.

What we saw of the opener was pretty good, and missing the third fall due to transmission issues was made more frustrating for it. They was more coordination in each team, and they were definitely trying for a good match instead of just warming up the mat. Yago seems to be mixing well with a variety of partners, and he and Akuma connected well here. Super Astro is getting over very easily.

LA Park versus Rush happening tonight, AAA & MSG not happening (this year)

LA Park picture is roughly a decade old

Today is Rush versus LA Park day. The story so far:

There are plenty of new people checking in for this match. The attendance thing has gotten it some buzz. Maybe even some of those new people are reading this. Hello! If you are expecting an athletic big move showcase like you’ve seen with Volador or Soberano or even Ultimo Guerrero, you’ll get that in the semi-main event. That is not what LA Park and Rush will do. This is going to be a brawl, a messy and out of control fight. There might be good moves or near falls, but a LA Park versus Rush match is about having as ugly as a battle as possible. The one thing we can be sure of about this match is at least one referee will be taken out and cheating will ensue.

Rush versus LA Park is a big deal in CMLL because CMLL style is about having as clean as much as possible, and they’re aiming to have something as far away from that style as possible. A lot of people, CMLL fans included, want more than the style presented. Rush versus LA Park is a big deal in lucha libre because a lot of matches outside CMLL have even more ugly violent brawls – go check out Fly Star versus Toxin – but none have the charisma, intensity and the energy of this particular matchup. Rush versus LA Park is a big deal because it may have blood, which was largely banned from CMLL but Rush has been promising since last Friday.

I think Rush & Park are going to give people who’ve been into this feud exactly what they expect, and I think people wandering into watching this match because it’s gotten some hype might be totally confused. It doesn’t fit what the hyped “best” professional wrestling looks like in 2018. It fits more what the best-hyped pro wrestling looked like in 1978. It’s OK if it doesn’t work for everyone. There’s other stuff on this card too.

The semimain has Volador Jr., Hijo de LA Park, and “King Phoenix” (Fenix) versus Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, and Negro Casas. CMLL couldn’t bother to address The Panther becoming Black Panther, so I do not expect to ever get a reason out of them for the King Phoenix name. He’s still one of the best whatever the name. Atlantis, Caristico, and Stuka face Euforia, Bestia del Ring, and Ultimo Guerrero in a match seemingly just to get people involved on a big house.

The Panthers – Blue Sr., Blue Jr., and Black – face Dragon Rojo, Polvora and Hechicero is a sneaky good match. The older Blue Panther does well in all matches, but figures to be extra popular with the older crowd coming in for tonight’s main event. The luchadoras are back on Friday night for the first time in seven weeks, with Estrellita, Jarochita and Marcela versus Amapola, Dalys and Reyna Isis. That match does not look good on paper, but Maravilla & Zeuxis quitting seems to have gotten CMLL to try a little bit more with the remaining women. CMLL openers aren’t usually good, but the Robin & Super Astro versus Akuma & Yago match has more hope than usual.

Lucha Central has a preview of the show.

The Friday night show, as always, will air on Marca and their Facebook. If they block the feed outside of Mexico, I will stream it on my YouTube channel. (Check Twitter, I’ll remember to pin the streaming location to the top of my feed tonight.) It’ll be on CMLL’s YouTube channel later tonight.x


CMLL & Rush were very concerned about that fake poster that listed Rush as working the AAA/ELITE Gimnasio de la Barerra card. Not only did Rush call it fake on Twitter, Rush appeared on CMLL’s Facebook show to say it wasn’t true and CMLL put out a press release to mention it wasn’t true. It also comes up in CMLL’s preview of today’s show.

In the least shocking news of the year, AAA will not be running Madison Square Garden. At least not in 2018. Konnan, in his return to the old MLW Radio podcast, mentioned AAA is “probably” not going to do it and is looking at 2019 instead. This doesn’t have to do with WWE blocking them from running the building (as they have with ROH); AAA hasn’t heard either way about that. It’s more an admission that running in New York costs a lot, running a show with a disappointing turnout would look bad, and there’s no way they’ll be ready by September. Konnan continues to tout the possibility of a deal with a “major network” that would heavily help the show while avoiding all details of the network. The previously mentioned show in Los Angeles was not mentioned either way.

AAA running a major show in New York in 2018 with no TV presence would’ve been a disaster. It’s good they realized that. They probably should’ve realized that before they floated out the idea, but better later than never. Even if they had three months of TV – I’m guessing the network is the Univision Deportes channel or something similar – it still would be a pretty big reach. The great news is it doesn’t seem like AAA is going to do something that would ultimately hurt their company more than it helps unless they get that deal. The not great news is AAA could be doing other stuff to promote their show – like any English language content at all, or even just more Spanish language content to explain what is supposed to be going on during these insanely long gaps between tapings – and they don’t try to those things except in a quick hurry before a big project comes up. I think Konnan believes this too – he agreed in a Twitter thread hoping AAA would stream/VOD their shows in English – and maybe they’ll actually do. But they should’ve been already doing it, whoever they’re bringing in for TripleMania should’ve been brought in for Verano de Escandalo to actually get a feel of what was going on. None of this is a new idea, but the same ones they’ve been circling around and committing to for years.

(That is a stray thought from a longer thing that I can’t get around to writing.)

The podcast was in part to promote Konnan will be wrestling on MLW’s show in New York. It looks like that’s his first match in five years, though many of the later Konnan matches had him participating more in name only. Konnan seems to be moving better but hoped he wouldn’t be in the royal rumble match they’re doing long. NOAH also comes up on that podcast. Court Bauer & MSL had heard Impact & NOAH are going separate ways. Konnan wasn’t as sure of this, mentioning that Dorian Roldan had recently visited with NOAH officials in Japan, relations between NOAH & AAA were good, and believed that had to still be true for Impact since Impact & AAA are also good. AAA & NOAH talking sounds like plans for the October AAA Japan shows. Konnan was also under the impression that Rey Mysterio was close to signing with WWE, though it kind of sounded like he might not start with them right away and be allowed to work out his other dates.

Miedo Extremo & Ciclope are headed back to Japan for “two months and twenty days.” They’re wrestling for Freedoms and talk proudly in that interview about their recent success.

SoLucha has released a free PDF book of recently deceased mask maker Alejandro Puebla’s work.

RO Wrestling in Houston has Eterno vs Tiger on 07/14.

El Hijo del Santo was on ESPN Deportes talking about the World Cup.

+LuchaTV has a new edition of Aqui esta la Lucha.

LuchAWorld has the latest lucha report.

Pushing Upwards positively reviews Daga vs Ricky Marvin.

Lucha Talk is up with a new episode.


Muchas Luchas (SUN) 07/08/2018 Arena Jalisco, Guadalajara, Jalisco
1) Black Golden & Shyru Dragón Jr. vs Implacable & Kittan
2) Chik Tormenta vs Diosa Quetzal
3) Mr. Iguana, Steve Pain, Torito Negro vs Crazy King, El Enviado, Willy Banderas
4) Demasiado, Diva Salvaje, Nygma vs Draego, Estrella Oriental Jr., Maravilla Azteca
5) Masada (Texas) & Trauma II vs Makabre & Rayman

3rd Anniversary show.

lucha TV preview for weekend of June 22nd, 2018

full size

Lucha Underground will just have two matches next week. Jack Evans in a Put Up or Shut Up challenge and the three-way casket match. One of those is going a lot longer than the other! Two people are getting stuffed into caskets, which means they’re dead forever – or at least for a little while given the history here. The preview also mentions Worldwide Underground trouble and a new challenger for Pentagon.

It’s not up on the preview because it’s probably not airing on TV, but the Hijo del Vikingo performance from Tehuacan should make it onto AAA‘s YouTube channel this week. (I think the Televisa show is airing an hour early this week again but I don’t know that anyone actually uses this to watch Televisa now?)

LA Park versus Rush is a thing is happening. CMLL Marca is region blocked at least as of Thursday night. Ideas what I can do with the feed are welcome.

Kaoz in CMLL, AAA in Queretaro, AAA vs ELITE, The Crash, Puma/PWG

two Ks is a sufficient amount of Ks, please do not add a third

Cibernetico & Sharly Rockstar invaded CMLL Informa yesterday to announce their new group – Klan Kaoz – is coming to CMLL. There’s also a Zorro promo up on CMLL’s YouTube channel. The end result is a match on the 29th with Cibernetico, Sharlie and Zorro against Caristico and two partners TBD. At least I think that’s the match: CMLL’s twitter says has Zorro as the second and in the match. Zorro’s probably in the match. The fourth member of this faction, Mesias, seems unmentioned. I’m not as excited by the possibilities of this group of coming in, but it’s an obvious thing to try given the success they’re having with LA Park and “whatever we’re calling Rey Fenix today.” It may be too much at once to have the biggest possible effect, but perhaps this week will be the end of LA Park/Rush for now.

You have to be a long time fan or someone who likes looking up stuff to know this, but this is actually a return to CMLL for Zorro. He started as a Arena Coliseo Guadalajara wrestler, got scooped up by Promo Azteca when they got going (in a similar fashion to Ultimo Guerrero and Ultimo Rebelde) and migrated to CMLL after Promo Azteca fell apart. He doesn’t seem to have stayed too long and ended up making his name in AAA. The character feels so AAA but he had it beforehand. This is a big deal for him, trying to get a promotion off the ground in Monterrey which would be helped by having a connection with CMLL.

AAA announced their next TV taping

AAA TV (FRI) 07/13/2018 Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Querétaro, Querétaro
1) Dragón Bane, Lady Maravilla, Starfire vs Arez, Chica Tormenta, Keyra
2) Arkángel Divino, Hijo Del Vikingo, Joe Lider vs Carta Brava, Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana
3) Dinastía, Lady Shani, Niño Hamburguesa vs Australian Suicide, Faby Apache, Parka Negra
4) Aerostar, La Máscara, Máximo vs ?, Juventud Guerrera, Taurus
5) Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly vs ?, Rey Escorpión, Texano Jr.
6) Pagano & Psycho Clown vs Hijo del Fantasma & Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett is here because AAA believe he’s famous and important. They spelled his name wrong. They spelled Chik Tormenta wrong too, so it’s an equal opportunity name misspelling. Fantasma & Jarrett are the two top AAA champions teaming up. Jarrett & Pagano wrestling should be thrilling, though Jarrett will probably be stalling more than usual. OGT go from feuding with the rudo Poder del Norte to feuding with Escorpion & Texano apparently. Maybe Samoano gets his first match.

Aerostar brings some needed energy to the Mascara/Maximo matches. Doesn’t look like Killer Kross is around for this show and Teddy Hart remains MIA, so maybe a new MAD member. Dinastia seems lined up as Suicide’s next challenge in the tercera – but TripleMania is more likely to be a multiman match with every lightweight guy not busy given history. If being a rudo doesn’t matter, I’d rather move Parka Negra down and Joe Lider up so Lider can do comedy with Hamburguesa and Parka Negra can be part of a good segunda. Chik Tormenta is the latest person to debut in an opener.

ELITE sent out another video, teasing an AAA versus ELITE confrontation on the 07/21 CDMX taping, the AAA taping after that Queretaro one. That’s already been leaked as being AAA versus ELITE. A lineup was going around Facebook as if was the one for this show; it’s a fake. There are people listed for that show who probably aren’t working that show – Rush said he won’t be there (even showing up on their Facebook show to repeat it), Cibernetico is unlikely to be coming back to AAA at the moment, Bandido may still be in Dragon Gate at that point. I have strong suspicion there are people who aren’t listed who will be on that show too; they’re going to want some surprises.

The Crash’s next Tijuana show will be on 07/14 (Saturday). Matt Riddle vs Daga has been announced for the show, based of a challenge on the previous show.

The Criterio Hidalgo report on Tuesday night’s DTU show confirms Draztick Boy is starting with AAA in July. Draztick worked in ELITE and could end up being part of that roster. They also say the Ciclope/Miedo Extremo match was to determine who was leader of their Macizos. Since that group seems down to just being the two of them, I think they could’ve just kept it simple with a coin toss.

Dragon Lee will be getting another match with Hiromu Takahashi for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship on the 07/07 NJPW San Francisco G1 Special show. It’s unlikely Dragon Lee will win but the match will be great. The show will air on AXS in the US and will be available on NJPW World outside of the US.

Puma King was announced in PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles tournament. A fair amount of CMLL wrestlers work in the US. Puma’s been working more in the relatively higher profile indie shows, the kind that seem to get people’s names out there to get bookings elsewhere. This is the biggest of all of those, and a successful weekend for Puma could open up a lot of options for him going forward. That is also the Anniversario show weekend, so it’s notable Puma would be passing on any chance of working CMLL’s biggest show. Given how CMLL’s used him and the addition of new talent into the promotion, Puma would’ve been a long shot to work the opener at best.

CMLL is now listing Rey Fenix as King Phoenix. No one knows why. It would seem like something that AAA might push back about – they didn’t want him to use the name “Fenix”, so he’s been wrestling as The King in Mexico – but it seemed like there was a truce when Fenix showed back up in AAA. Maybe? Maybe not? Maybe CMLL is just weird?

In other name changes, Blue Panther Jr. & Black Panther did the weekly CMLL interview segment on Marca, which means someone finally got to ask “the Panther” about why he’s no longer “the Panther.” His story is everyone knows they’re the sons of Blue Panther and people were calling him “Black Panther” already because he wears black a lot, so he decided to run with it. Black Panther is also fairly obviously a Marvel name and CMLL changed Flash to Fuego to get away from a different comic book hero. That trademark hasn’t been filed in Mexico so I guess it’s fine for now.

Lucha Memes announced it’s next show (Chairo Bill Vol. 4) in Coliseo Coacalco is on 07/22 with their first match:

Lolita was an AAA luchadora from 2011 until sometime in 2014. The last show we know she wrestled on was the New Years Day show that year, though she showed up on lineups afterwards. She left wrestling to start a family with Hijo del Pirata Morgan, and there was no prior indication she’d be returning to lucha libre. She showed promise but still needed to improve when we last saw here. I have no idea what to expect.

Today is the 59th Anniversario of Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. The first show had Blue Demon vs El Espectro, almost as big as Carisitco/Mistico. They figure to do something big to celebrate the round number next year.

YouRocket visits the most recent Zona23 show.

An article on the Mexican lucha libre art exhibit in Colombia.

I enjoyed Hijo del Fantasma’s remembrance of Vader.


IWRG (SUN) 06/24/2018 Arena Naucalpan
1) Arquero vs Atomic Star
2) Kanon & Miss Gaviota vs Hijo Del Mosco X-Fly & Psycho Kid
3) Hijo del Alebrije, Pantera I, Relámpago vs Demonio Infernal, El Hijo del Diablo, Eterno
4) Hijo de Canis Lupus, Imposible, Toscano vs El Hijo del Medico Asesino, Pit Bull, Trauma I
5) Ovett vs X-Fly
6) Trauma I vs Cerebro Negro vs Emperador Azteca © [IWRG IC WELTER]
Trauma’s mask versus Negro’s hair vs Azteca’s title. Would be sixth defense (including two obscure ones in Oaxaca)

The main event usually leads to the title changing whenever IWRG does it. Guessing Trauma I is winning. Toscano is back here for the first time in a while. He’s been wrestling only in northern Mexico for the last while, so it’s notable for him to pop up here. He’d fit with either promotion’s invasion angle going on.

CMLL (TUE) 06/26/2018 Arena México
1) Bengala & Leono vs Apocalipsis & Cholo
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Oro Jr. vs Cancerbero, Nitro, Yago
3) Estrellita, La Jarochita, Marcela vs Dalys, La Metálica, Reyna Isis
4) Hechicero vs Felino [lightning]
5) Esfinge, Titán, Tritón vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Luciferno, Pólvora
6) Dragón Lee, Flyer, Mistico vs Euforia, Forastero, Negro Casas

That’s a good main event featuring young people on a Tuesday show? Seems like a mistake. Forastero/Dragon Lee would be a logical title match if they’re interested in running a feud off that match.

Semimain could be good too. It seems like CMLL’s running with the OneAtos trios too.

Cancerbero is teaming with Coyote & Nitro on Sunday and Yago & Nitro on Tuesday. Raziel is nowhere to be seen since having a very public running argument with Tirantes on the 06/12 show.

KAOZ (SUN) 07/15/2018 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Chica Tormenta vs Lady Apache
2) Azteca Warrior, Galactar, Rico Rodríguez vs Apolo Estrada, El Divo, The Tiger
3) Lince de Oro & Tormento vs The King Crow & Vasco Jr. and Hijo del Volador & Tequilita
4) El Elegido & Toscano vs Difunto I & Diluvio I
5) Dos Caras Sr. & Panthro vs Negro Navarro & Skayde
6) Blue Demon Jr., Octagón, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs Cibernético, Sharlie Rockstar, Zorro
Demon 22th Anniversary show

Second show for the promotion. That semimain is interesting.

CMLL Puebla: 2018-06-18 

CMLL is weird

Recapped: 06/19/2018 

Guerrero Espacial & Policeman beat Black Tiger & Meyer
(17:18 [9:23, 4:44, 3:11], 1/3, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Acero, Astro, Asturiano, Stukita beat Joker, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Universo 2000, Saurón
(16:46 [6:44, 4:43, 5:19], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Estrellita & Princesa Sugehit beat Amapola & La Seductora
(19:33 [8:55, 4:38, 6:00], 1/3, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Esfinge, Fuego, Stigma beat Kawato San, Máscara Año 2000, Okumura
(15:46 [7:09, 2:54, 5:43], 2/3, n/r, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Kráneo beat Rush
(7:53, 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

  1. Rush dropkick to the back (1:36)

  2. Kraneo splash (3:04)

  3. DQ Rush [ref attack] (3:13)

Gran Guerrero, Titán, Último Guerrero beat Flyer, Soberano Jr., Volador Jr. in a relevos increíbles match
(8:30 [3:11, 5:19], 1/2, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened:

Stukita splash

The main was a quick build-up to next week’s title match. It was split pretty evenly between getting Titan over as a rudo in this feud and showing what they could do in a singles match. Hopefully, they get a lot more time next week. Flyer continues to get the status boost from being in the top two matches without actually doing all that much in them.

Titan continues to wrestle as a rudo, going as far as ripping off Soberano’s mask in the second fall. (Tirantes belatedly distracts himself with the Guerreros as to not call a DQ.) Titan challenged for a title match after submitting Soberano in the second fall.

Rush had his match seemingly won with a dropkick to the corner on Kraneo. Referee Pompin held up at two despite Kraneo not kicking out at all. Pompin restarted his count and got to two again, but Rush yanked Pompin by the shirt, angry about the count. Pompin explained something to Rush, shoved Rush from his knees, and crawled over to raise Kraneo’s arm to give him a win. Rush dropkicked Pompin – who never takes physical contact – then grabbed a beer from outside he ring and threw it to him. Kraneo half sold and half checked on Pompin, as did medics. Pompin seemed to tell him he was ok, but they still put him on the stretcher to sell the attack.

Amapola rather flagrantly used the ropes to beat Princesa Sugehit. Sugehit demanded a rematch.

Arkangel was honored in between the third and fourth matches.


Soberano can leap

The original Rush/Kraneo benefited from the crowd really into the concept. It was just a match here, and the minimal action itself wasn’t enough to carry it. The finish was classic CMLL, unclear if it was an ending completely and embarrassingly falling apart or a weird way to protect both men from having to go to a decision. It was far more interesting than the match.

I’m not sure why I watched the fourth match. It wasn’t going to be any good when Okumura is the best guy on his side. Kawato and Stigma didn’t seem to be a good matchup but nothing was a good matchup. Esfinge and Mascara 2000 doing shoulderblock spots was some unconvincing wrestling. This match had plenty of dropkicks that didn’t seem to connect right if that’s your thing.

I wanted to like the minis/locals match. Some parts were really good. I wish Stukita had one of the fifty singles titles in this promotion so we could see him in a singles match with Pequeño Nitro after their short time together. Asturiano & Astro got to do dives and that was nice. It was just still boring in large stretches and the work wasn’t always solid. Astro’s handspring flop wasn’t great. Stukita landing on Nitro’s knees and just popping back up because they needed him for the next bit looked silly. Maybe if they got rid of the Sauron’s and Acero’s, it would allow the better wrestlers to do more to make up for it.

Lucha Underground 4×2: Darkness and the Monster

welcome to Lucha Underground Sammy


Son of Havoc, Killshot and the Mack beat Big Bad Steve, Sammy Guevera, Jake Strong for the Lucha Underground Trios
(5:28, Killshot shooting star press Big Bad Steve, good)
– first defense

Dragon Azteca beat Drago for an Aztec Medallion
(6:08, casadora bomb, good)

Pentagon Dark beat Matanza for the Lucha Underground Championship
(7:44, package piledriver, good)
– second defense

Status Check

still cool

Champion: Pentagon Dark

Gift of the Gods: vacant
Medallions: Dragon Azteca + 6 more
Trios Champion: Killshot, the Mack, Son of Havoc


Drago DDT

No one’s gone in and out of an Aztec Warfare as champion. No one’s beaten Matanza in a singles match. Pentagon Dark has done both in back to back weeks. Matanza remains a force but maybe a more beatable opponent with Dario around. Antonio Cueto only got involved after the match was over, seemingly preventing Pentagon from getting his arm broken by bringing in the key. Antonio was very upset by Matanza’s performance, saying Dario had spoiled Matanza and made him weak.

In one of the lingering questions from last week, King Cuerno does NOT have the Gauntlet of the Gods. Catrina found this out the hard way, sneaking in Cuerno’s lair only to discover the gauntlet glass case empty. Cuerno revealed he knows how strong the gauntlet is – “it could strike down the descendants of the 7 Aztec tribes” – so he’s keeping it safe and out of reach. Cuerno gave it to someone else – “I don’t where or when he hid it” – which sure points the finger at a time traveling Aerostar.

Catrina wasn’t pleased. She wants the gauntlet to get her full life back. Apparently, she has multiple ways of achieving that: she proposes a Grave Consequences match with Mil Muertes and Fenix. This plan involves Catrina getting Fenix’s life force when he’s put in the casket. I’m not sure how that worked, and Antonio was surprised to find out Catrina really was a ghost but decided it was violent enough to go with. Antonio was also surprised to later find Jeremiah Crane demanding to be added to the match. Crane explained he really wanted to impress Catrina, because Catrina is really hot. Antonio bought that as reasoning an added him. That match will take place next week.

Guevara superkick

This week, the matches included Famous B getting his guys a trios title match. His guys are not Wagner and Texano; they’re written off as working for him in Mexico. Famous B’s new trio is Big Bad Steve (a mechanic who also happens to be Steve Pain, no longer masked as Pindar), Sammy Guevera and Savage Jack Strong. Jake Strong is ex-WWE’s Jack Swagger, which they carefully point out. He’s a cut above the rest of his teammates, and has the titles won with an ankelock on Killshot. Unfortunately, the referee is busy arguing with Famous B (who had been trying to help but lingered on the apron too long.) The trios champions really to beat Steve. Strong savagely attacks his teammates and his now ex-manager, breaking Famous B’s ankle.

The middle match on the show saw Antonio Cueto returning the seven Aztec Medallions back to play. As with Dario, the seven holders of the Medallions will battle for the Gift of the Gods championship, and that gives the winner a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship when they want it. Dragon Azteca pulled a slight upset over the Kobra Moon controlled Drago for this Medallion. Kobra Moon was upset with Drago over the loss. She was probably more upset after Taya attacked him from behind, thanks to a distraction from Johnny Mundo. They’re still upset about Vibora and Kobra costing Mundo Aztec Warfare last week.

In a statement seemingly for only existing for the most obsessed, Striker goes out of his way to say Dragon Azteca Jr. is part of the Eagle tribe. I need to go mark that one down.


Drago dive

This was a better episode than the last week. The match quality was a lot better than the first half of the Aztec Warfare even without having a standout match. Aztec Warfare wasn’t great for starting new feuds; the limited time means you had to know what was happening already or you’d get lost. Issues got more time to breathe this episode and came off stronger for them.

“Strong” is a good word because that’s how they put over the former Jack Swagger. He nearly won the trios titles single handily and destroyed his partner. That match gave me the same vibe as the first couple episodes of the first season – same visa issues, same people being thrown in odd places just because they needed to find a way to make it work with some people MIA. It didn’t feel like Strong was ever meant to be a Famous B guy, because Strong was immediately established as a top contender for the top title and that’s not where Famous B normally dwells. Sammy Guevera fits the expected Lucha Underground style better and did well even though he was slotted in the midcard. Big Bad Steve also existed. The makeshift nature of the trios champions was way downplayed, probably because getting over the new guys was the priority, but the match flowed pretty well.

Azteca wins!

Drago/Dragon Azteca seemed intended to be a proper lucha libre match on a show that hasn’t had many of them (and might not have any soon.) They pulled out a lot of flashy moves and kept up a good pace. I thought they meshed pretty well, though Drago could’ve used showing a bit more of a rudo side. I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be rooting for in this Taya/Johnny vs Drago/Kobra feud, though team Worldwide Underground has the cooler jackets.

Pentagon’s match kind of showed how much had changed since he won the title two years ago – it was less of an adventurous match and more his indie showcase bit for a long way. It got more competitive in the last third, and Matanza suplexes were pretty cool. Still, this didn’t feel like an epic rematch of an Ultima Lucha main event as much of the challenge of the week. They tried to explain it by Matanza powering up once Antonio showed up with the key, but the character felt less scary than in years past. Penta feels completely different, having beat nine people in two weeks. I guess the answer to “how do you book Penta?” is you have him just beat everyone. Crowd seemed to like it and it’s a pretty decent idea.