lucha TV preview for weekend of June 22nd, 2018

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Lucha Underground will just have two matches next week. Jack Evans in a Put Up or Shut Up challenge and the three-way casket match. One of those is going a lot longer than the other! Two people are getting stuffed into caskets, which means they’re dead forever – or at least for a little while given the history here. The preview also mentions Worldwide Underground trouble and a new challenger for Pentagon.

It’s not up on the preview because it’s probably not airing on TV, but the Hijo del Vikingo performance from Tehuacan should make it onto AAA‘s YouTube channel this week. (I think the Televisa show is airing an hour early this week again but I don’t know that anyone actually uses this to watch Televisa now?)

LA Park versus Rush is a thing is happening. CMLL Marca is region blocked at least as of Thursday night. Ideas what I can do with the feed are welcome.