CMLL Domingo: 2018-06-17 

team Munoz

Recapped: 06/17/2018


Akuma & El Coyote beat Astral & Eléctrico
(12:11 [5:25, 2:59, 3:47], 1/3, good, 

Gallito, Micro Ángel, Microman beat Chamuel, Mije, Perico Zakarías
(14:02 [5:25, 1:27, 7:10], 2/3, ok, 

Princesa Sugehit beat Estrellita, MistiqueMarcelaMalignaDalysReyna IsisMetálicaLa SeductoraAmapola in a cibernetico match
(28:59, good, 

13:15 Metalica sit down piledriver La Maligna
15:24 Seductora armbar Mystique
16:01 Estrellita star cross Metálico
18:26 Amapola Devil’s Wings Estrellita
20:16 Marcela double stomp La Seductora
21:44 Princesa Sugehit armbar Amapola
24:34 Marcela tapatia Isis
26:54 Dalys scorpion Marcela
28:59 Princesa Sugehit armtrap armbar Dalys

Blue Panther beat Felino in a lightning match
(7:37 [3:06, 0:33, 3:58],

  1. Felino dropkick to the head (3:06)
  2. Blue Panther figure four pin (0:33)
  3. Blue Panther armbar (3:57)

Atlantis, Valiente, Volador Jr. beat Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero
(6:42 [2:30, 1:43, 2:29], 2/3, 

Mistico & Rush beat Cuatrero & Sansón
(11:04 [1:32, 2:29, 7:03], 1/3, good, 

What happened: 

Electrico springboard headscissors

This was a special Father’s Day show, announcing as airing just an hour before it took place.

Cien Caras came in the ring and tried to help his sons in the third fall (though oddly while they were pinning the Munoz boys). Bestia pulled out Tirantes to break up that count, and his sons won cleanly soon after

The lucha libre commissioner stopped the first fall to demand Blue Panther & Felino unmask, until Felino convinced him they had permission. Felino unmasked after winning the first fall. Panther immediately pinned Felino to start the second, but the count was delayed because Tirantes didn’t seem clear it was supposed to be a finish. Panther unmasked between falls and brawled with Felino into the crowd. Panther did the multiple tope spot in the third fall, but was cut off from a third tope by Tirantes blocking his path. That allowed Felino to get in, where he was quickly submitted.

Sugehit challenged Dalys for a title match after their win.

Guapito was the referee for the micro match.


don’t mess with Microman

The main event fit the special occasion show, feeling like a simple all-star exhibition match until the last couple of minutes. It was solidly worked without having a lot to it until the finish kicked it. It didn’t quite reflect with the crowd wanted to see – Rush and Mistico worked tecnico while being solidly booed – but they kept with their normal match either way. Cien Caras looked like he was hurting just getting to the ring, so the best part of this match was not having him wrestle in it. I’m not sure what was supposed to happen at the finish but I also didn’t put a lot of thought into figuring it out.

The semi-main was the sort of main event trios match after a big singles match, though it wasn’t really following a big singles match. Maybe it was just quicker because the show was going long, but they managed to fit in a lot of impressive Guerrero offense in the short time. Volador looked good in his run, and this was enjoyable while it lasted.

it’s fun playing rudo until you get wiped out

I don’t know what happened with Blue Panther/Felino but it was all sort of a mess. Stopping the first fall to argue about the masks was weird. The second fall lasting only as long as they did because Tirantes couldn’t believe that was actually the finish was weird. Tirantes cutting off Panther from this third dive only for Felino to come in the ring and lose five seconds later was weird. The brawl into the crowd got the crowd back into it, as did the dives, but this wasn’t really all that much. Hechicero really seemed to love the match but it was just odd to me. The idea probably was to honor two of the more famous current CMLL fathers with a singles match but the confusion didn’t really do it.

The women’s cibernetico was in that range of matches which are good though I’m not sure I’d ever need to watch again. It was probably too long – they went 13 minutes before anyone it was easily a couple steps up for the usual CMLL’s matches, with more pace and better offense because of the elimination rules. It felt like they put in more work planning this out than usual trios matches too. Women like Estrellita had better nights than usual, and the crowd bought into the importance of the match. Maligna looked more confident and aggressive in the time she was in. Mystique can do some big spots but iffy on simpler moves and needs a good ruda to work with. Isis having a big run was nice for the occasion; I also just want someone new in the top mix. I guess they could not given when they were going with the result. Sugehit/Dalys is among the best possible CMLL women’s matches they could go and this was a good setup to get there.

these two might have really good matches around 2025

The micros match was not bad, but they’d done much better than that. There were more obvious mix-ups on spots and less exciting big moves than usual. I thought the actual finish had to be a near fall when it happened, because there wasn’t a lot of big Micro Man spots in this match. It was just it. He didn’t mesh as well with Zacarias this time. Micro Angel got better near the end, but he had moments where he didn’t look ready for Arena Mexico. It’s nice to see the Micros again but this wasn’t a must-see match.

The opener was noticeably better than usual openers, so much so that I’m probably overrating it because it was nice not just have the 20 minutes of a CMLL show being a waste. Coyote looked solid throughout and the announcers went crazy for his northern lights suplex at the end. Astral & Eléctrico have figured out how to do spectacular looking spots within the opening match restrictions and pulled them off well. The rudos could’ve done a bit more but otherwise, this was a good show.

you made it this far, you get a Coyote highlight