CMLL Puebla: 2018-06-04 

needs a little work

Recapped: 06/09/2018


Espíritu Maligno & Sombra Diabólika beat Centella Roja & Hijo de Centella Roja 
(12:45 [7:00, 2:57, 2:48], 1/3, n/r, via 

Espanto Jr., King Jaguar, Policeman beat Astral, Eléctrico, Tigre Rojo Jr.  
(13:03 [5:52, 3:09, 4:02], 1/3, n/r, via 

Estrellita & Marcela beat Tiffany & Zeuxis
(10:54 [5:07, 2:31, 3:16], 2/3, below average, via 

Kawato San, Okumura, Puma beat Guerrero Maya Jr., Stigma, Tritón  
(15:47 [5:21, 3:55, 6:31], 1/3 ok, via 

Ephesto, Hechicero, Luciferno beat Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón  
(9:26 [4:26, 5:00], 1/2, ok, via 

Felino, Soberano Jr., Volador Jr. beat Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Titán in a relevos increíbles match
(11:00 [3:55, 1:54, 5:11], 2/3, ok, via 

What happened: 

I don’t even know

Team Titan worked as the rudos in the main event, with Niebla & Cavernario making sure to rough up Felino.

The semimain was scheduled to be a national trios titles match. However, Mephisto could not return from a match Guatemala in time for the match due to a volcanic eruption. The title match was pushed back to next week and Hechicero filled in this week.

This was Zeuxis’ final match for CMLL for the time being, having given notice a while back. It wasn’t played up in the match. She appeared to say goodbye on Informa.


The main event was interesting for the novelty of people working different sides and really for no other reason. It was a trip to see Titan as a rudo and a partner of Cavernario, and the crowd enjoyed Felino standing up to his usual teammates. It disguised that the work wasn’t all that special, with Volador having one of his vacation days and Soberano/Titan never being as in-depth as you might hope. That felt like the match they were building until Soberano just pinned Titan to send everyone home happy. Maybe it should and will be the match they end up with, but this match didn’t come off as the first part of a plan.

Puma on target

It’s really too bad Hechicero was the substitute guy in the trios title feud, because he was obviously better than the two guys on his team who will be in the title match next week. Hechicero taking a big quebradora and Luciferno struggling to take the same move from the same man 10 seconds later was not great. This was a weird feeling matches because the NDS were técnicos and never had long control of the match, just brief moments of hope to break up the domination. It did get the crowd behind the intended team, though that team would’ve really struggled to take that much of the match without Hechicero.

The crowd was way into the fourth match. The work didn’t seem that special, just a generic toned down match. They did play to the crowd a lot. Perhaps that why it worked for them. Kawato is seemingly acting a little bit more wild and rudo-ish of late, though the rest of his wrestling is not anything pleasant. He remains an interesting person because he’s evolving in a promotion where most people are locked in the form they’ll be until their skills decline. I’m just not sure he’s evolving into anything good.

Estrellita was brutal at the end of the first fall, her work so bad that everyone else looked as if they messed up as well. There was a Marcela/Zeuxis dropkick spot that looked not good, and everyone generally felt a beat slow in reacting and moving. Marcela seemed angry throughout the whole match and it showed in her performance. I don’t know that it’s going to be a sure thing that Zeuxis will do great on the indies; this CMLL division being so underwhelming has taken her down from where she was even a year ago. Still, it’s a lot better chance for her improving than hanging around here.