AAA live tonight from Arena Aficion, VdE mystery spot, HOLL lineup

AAA has a strange TV taping tonight in Pachuca’s Arena Aficion. There’s been a lot of new people and different storylines added over the last couple tapings, linked to Konnan coming aboard. Most of those are not present on this show, and it looks like something fitting a lot closer to the shows earlier this year.

The main event is the notable exception. Hijo del Fantasma and Psycho Clown had issues on the previous taping, leading into both being part of the four way mask match at TripleMania. Fantasma’s since been teasing a return to the rudo side, and even appeared as a surprise at an AAA house show last weekend to cost Psycho Clown a match. They team again tonight against current AAA tag team champions Rey Escorpion & Texano, who should get a simple win.

The semimain is Pagano vs Murder Clown. There’s a story here – Pagano blamed Murder Clown for his injury at the end of 2017 which put him out for months, Murder Clown has attacked Pagano in Monterrey & Tehuacan – but this also looks like a match that’ll be a challenge to be any good. Same goes for the fifth match, Histeria & Psicosis versus La Mascara & Maximo, which wasn’t very interesting when it took place on the last taping. This is a good moment to note AAA may just change all of these matches again, and not do the pointless rematch.

The fourth match brings back the LA Park & Dave the Clown feud, with Cuervo, Scoria, Joe Lider and Parka Negra rounding out the match. Most of these wrestlers haven’t been featured the last couple of tapings and aren’t on Verano de Escandalo either. The La Parka/Dave feud hasn’t been any good, but AAA’s always focused on giving Parka something to do.

The first three matches are all titles match (which shows what AAA thinks of these titles.) Australian Suicide defends the Cruiserweight championship against Lanzeloth, in a rematch of a really good match from January. This will be Suicide’s first TV appearance in a couple months because of the reality show. Faby Apache defends the Reina de Reinas championship against Ashley. It should be good, but it also doesn’t make much sense for Ashley to be getting a title shot after Faby pinned her on the last show. Big Mami & Nino Hamrbuguesa probably defend the Mixed Tag Team championship against La Hiedra & Villano III Junior. The tecnico team were the champions at least check, but AAA first mixed up these teams, then listed the rudos as champions, so I don’t know what’s going on here. This was a feud that was getting steady TV time late last year, and disappeared the last few months.

Lucha Central previews this show. AAA’s Twitch broadcast begins at 9pm CT, with the first match a few minutes later. VOD will be available for subscribers to the channel. It should go up on AAA’s YouTube starting June 30th.

There’s still one mystery spot left on Verano de Escandalo’s current lineup. Zona Ruda, citing rumors and some common sense, points out that match includes Mamba and Mamba & Keyra keep building up a match without explaining where it’s going to happen. Keyra would fit in with the other people coming in, it’s a solid theory. Keyra is listed as working in Neza on Saturday but nothing right now for Sunday.

The Gladiatores posted an interview with Black Danger, who’s excited for his AAA move.

There’s not a lot new on Rey Fenix. The WON had a lot of the same stuff as yesterday. +LuchaTV has a brief interview with Rey Fenix (not clear from when) where he talked about every luchador wanting a chance to wrestle in Arena Mexico. The Crash posted a note saying Rey Fenix will still be appearing on their June 16th show. Everyone assumes Penta is coming as well. Penta hasn’t confirmed it, but has hinted about news soon.

My guess is CMLL has a press conference next Wednesday to talk about this situation and other news. It’d be a good idea to make any big announcements before the World Cup swallows up Mexico’s attention for a couple months.

Lucha Libre KDNA, the Monterrey promoter for this Sunday’s Verano de Escandalo, wrote on Facebook that Konnan was definitely going to be on the show Sunday, and that Fenix, Penta and Daga would be coming with him either on that show or later on at TripleMania. Penta will be in the Toronto area all weekend for Impact TV tapings, including an indie show on Sunday. Fenix is not on that show but I think he’s got a booking elsewhere. Not sure about Daga, but I wouldn’t tune on Sunday expecting to see any of them.

In an interview with Marca, Mistico says the fans were not behind him at first, but his work won them over. I’m not sure that second part has exactly happened but it’s a good story.

DTU’s 05/17 show is now up on Powerbomb.TV.

WWE programming will be back on over the air TV. Imagen Television, the replacement for Cadena3, will air one hour version of RAW & SmackDown on Saturday. It’d wrap right before AAA usually starts. FOX otherwise has the WWE TV deal and everything currently airs on that channel.

WWE also announced they’ll be back in Arena Ciudad de Mexico on 12/01 (Saturday). As that article notes, there’s usually multiple Mexico cities announced at once, but only this date has been announced so far. WWE’s US schedule does not have any shows listed for that weekend, so it’s likely WWE’s got more to announce.

Dulce Garcia (Sexy Star)’s next boxing match is on 06/09.

El Sol de Leon has a bio of Black Shadow.


HOLL (SAT) 06/02/2018 USC Galen Center, Los Angeles, California
1) Pierrothito vs Mini Rey Mysterio
2) Canek Jr. vs Fishman Jr.
3) Bestia 666 & Sam Adonis vs Ocelot & Tinieblas Jr.
4) Hijo De Wagner & Rey Wagner vs Hijo de LA Park & LA Park
5) Trumposo vs Rey Mysterio

They’ve announced this show match by match only on Facebook. They may be more matches: Zumbi, Chik Tormenta, Huracan Ramirez Jr., and Rayo de Jalisco Jr. are shown on the poster too. On the other hand, Sam Adonis wasn’t on the poster and he’s still on the show.

Trumposo was Aaron Aguilar on previous tapings. The match should be fine but feels like a waste of bringing in Mysterio. It’ll absolutely get a reaction, but a lot of people will get that reaction against someone doing a Trump gimmick and you could’ve done something more with Rey. Also a little interesting they’re doing the main event with “Trumposo” instead of just using Adonis in that spot. Minis match looks pretty promising.

Tickets for this show are discounted on Goldstar. They’re doing a free meet and greet before the show as well.

CMLL PURA RAZA (SAT) 06/02/2018 Gran Recinto, Tlalneplantla, Estado de México
1) ? vs ??
2) Gallito Tapatío & Microman vs Chamuel & Mije
3) Lluvia & Princesa Sugehit vs Dalys & Reina Isis
4) Audaz, Hechicero, The Panther vs Francois Montañes, Jean Montañes, Pierre Montañes
5) Ángel de Oro & Niebla Roja vs Espanto Jr. & Templario
6) Carístico & Mistico vs Bárbaro Cavernario & Mephisto

Hechicero Pro returns on short notice and not as many interesting matchups as last time. The french submission brothers are strange opponents for Audaz & Panther. The semimain could be good if Espanto Jr. twists his ankle walking to the ring and Templario wrestles the match on his own.

CMLL (MON) 06/04/2018 Arena Puebla
1) Centella Roja & Hijo de Centella Roja vs Espíritu Maligno & Sombra Diabólika
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Tigre Rojo Jr. vs Espanto Jr., King Jaguar, Policeman
3) Estrellita & Marcela vs Tiffany & Zeuxis
4) Guerrero Maya Jr., Stigma, Tritón vs Kawato San, Okumura, Puma
5) Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón © vs Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto [MEX TRIOS]
5th defense
6) Felino, Soberano Jr., Volador Jr. vs Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Titán [Relevos Increíbles]

When Zeuxis said she was working until 06/04, it somehow didn’t click that she literally meant this Puebla show.

Trios title match has been set up the last few days, and not so well. Relevos Increibles are common place right now, but this is a rare one without Rush or the other Los Ingobernables involved. Soberano & Volador are champions, so it’s possible this is a way to set up Titan challenging one of them for a tecnico/tecnico match. Or maybe it’s Cavernario. Or maybe it’s nothing.

CMLL (TUE) 06/05/2018 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Black Sugar, El Alteño, Micro vs Guerrero de la Muerte, Ráfaga, Sádico
2) Pegasso, Stigma, Vaquero Jr. vs Akuma, Grako, Metálico
3) Difunto vs Frezzer [lightning]
4) Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs Cavernario, Furia Roja, Shocker
5) Carístico, Kráneo, Último Guerrero vs Mistico, Mr. Niebla, Rush

Main event seems headed to Caristico/Mistico.

Diamante Azul missed last week’s show, with Niebla Roja challenging Furia Roja instead. Either they’re switching back to Azul in the feud, or they’re on autopilot.

Guadalajara rarely gets lightning matches – you’d have to go back to 2015 to find a Tuesday one – so there’s probably something happening there as well.

Lucha Memes MDA (SAT) 06/16/2018 Polideportivo del Sur, Puebla, Puebla
1) Fénix So & Siki Osama vs Black Histeria & Prince Dark
2) Arkalis vs Aramis
3) Alas de Acero & Iron Kid (Estado de México) vs King Rocker & Rey Samuray
4) Corsario Negro Jr. & Drako vs Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr.
5) Multifacético vs Templario (CMLL)
6) Blue Panther vs Prayer

Memes/MDA’s annual trip to Puebla has less people than last year’s card but a lot of promising matches. Prayer had a well received match with Virus last year. Rey Samuray & Arkalis get bigger chances than on Monday nights.