all the lucha libre event data has been moved over to

All the stuff that used to be found in places in like “” can now be found in the slightly better “” location. The data will not have changed in any way, but it’s just it doesn’t have to share a room with these blogs any more. If you’re using an old link, it should seemlessly redirect to the page on the new domain.

Some frequently used links

The old data is still around. I’m giving myself some to make sure this works before pulling it off the website entirely. If there’s something you can’t find or a link that doesn’t work any longer, let me know. I end up typing page names instead of clicking links, so there’s probably some some links I just haven’t thought to correct. has some small content on it. I have some ideas – I’d like to make a list of notable non-Big 2 shows like the AAA & CMLL ones, but I’m not sure how to exactly define what a notable show, and my database is really primitive at identifying different promotions. Maybe if someone can figure out the first part, I can figure out the second part.