como estaz 5×7: park chat

If Park can manage to get back in CMLL, I can bother to record a podcast. Rob and I talk about LA Park’s arrival in to Arena Mexico and how the anniversary show build should work, as well as Zeuxis’ exit from the promotion and the problems with the CMLL women’s division. We talk about this past Friday’s AAA taping in Tehuacan, and the multiple visions heading into Verano de Escandalo. Finally, there’s talk about Saturday’s The Crash lineup and where we see the promotion right now.

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We’ll be back at some point? Probably.


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  1. Not sure why she’d owe them anything for that. Most mask matches revolve around who loses more than anything. Sugeith needed money for new tits & Vaquerita was cashing in. Zeuxis was just the random winner as shown by how little she mattered afterwards.

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