There are 3867 frames in the Lucha Underground Season 4 trailer. Let’s break them all down.

Lucha Underground’s Season 4 trailer is being officially released tonight on El Rey, during the regular airing of old episodes in the usual timeslot. It’s upgrade in what they have been doing for promotion, a still image airing for ten seconds between episodes. The new season is five weeks away and they’re starting to turn up the volume.

You don’t really have to wait until tonight to see it though. Lucha Underground did a promotional interview with ESPN about the new season, including quotes form lead writer Chris DeJospeh. The trailer is embedded in there.

If you click thru the article, you’ll notice the season 4 episode count is listed as 22. Vamprio, on the infamous Stone Cold Steve Austin interview, said it was 26 episodes. Other LU sources suggested in that range, so 22 seems like a change. Maybe there will be a lot of extra material placed on the web this time around.

I used VirtualDub to split it up the trailer – which is noticeably hosted on El Rey’s site and not the Lucha Underground one – so let’s what this season has to offer. There’s a lot of images here, so you’ll have to quick the link.

0-290 is the El Rey logo, with the crown opening up to a shot of Los Angeles
291-680 is a slow pan to the left, showing the new temple. The LU logo is projected on it, not painted on a billboard. The logo looks slightly different. This sequence is the longest without a cut in the trailer.
681-924 is another slow pan, finding Matanza locked in chains in a new location. Season 4 is truly about Matanza being locked in a place he doesn’t want to be.
925-989 – Indian Jones Johnny Mundo? Taya has a weapon, which later appears to be a bat. They’re lowering a rope down a hole rescue someone.
990-1180: cut to black, then a fade in on a black glove. It’s a fist, then it opens up into a open hand to hold onto a staff. Is this the Limo Man?
1181-1323: the man with the black glove is revealed to be Kevin Kross. There’s also a masked person inside the ball of of twigs to the camera right. He’s not immediately recognizable but is laughing about all of this, and that laugh echos thru the next few scenes.
1324-1374: a slithering Kobra Moon
1375-1420 Fenix approaching someone, who’s seems to be watching thru a door hole. Fenix has an odd, unfriendly, expression.
1421-1511: Ricky Mandel is still wearing the Worldwide Underground bandanna, but he’s also got a doll and seems to have lost his mind. Back in Season 3, Dario Cueto was trying to rid of images of the Island of the Dolls, and passed them off to Mandel. Looks like that’ll be picked up on.
1512-1611: the Rabbit Tribe traveling thru a surreal Wonderland-like room
1612-1739: Aerostar standing in a darkened room. There’s a dramatic pan to see who else is in there, but this trailer fades to black before we see it.
1740-2290: and fade up to a scene of Aerostar, King Cuerno and Dragon Azteca Jr. secretly meeting, implied to be same scene as above. These three characters haven’t had much to do with each other until now. It sounds like Azteca is trying to convince Cuerno to let Aerostar to take the gauntlet back in time, to keep it out of the hand of the Gods.
2290-2370: someone breaking chains to open a door. Given the placement and head of hair, this may be the owner of the new Temple opening the place.
2371-2395: I think this means the season starts on June 13th.
2396-2435: flipped this one to make it more Mariposa more obvious. She has maybe some flowers and a vase? The shot is obscured by her powering the water onto the screen
2436-2495: and the water pours into this obvious homage to 1983 movie Flashdance, though it’s not clear who’s playing Jennifer Beals
2496-2537: Catrina, in King Cuerno’s lair. It makes sense she’d still be upset about that little gauntlet stealing thing, but it’s notable that she’s around at all – she hinted she wouldn’t be after last season.
2538-2569: they’ve broken ground by having run four seasons while being unable to tour live, I suppose. That’s Aerostar.
2570-2600: that’s a marine giving a salute. Looks like Dante Fox, but it’s specifically a shot where it’s hard to tell.
2601-2626 Johnny Mundo doing Johnny Mundo things on the roof. Things are speeding up now.
2627-2645: maybe the groundbreaking part is how many scenes they shot on a roof (but that WWE Raw open did it first)
2646-2662: note to self, don’t buy Taya a personalized bat as a wedding gift, she’s covered. Taya crawls across the floor to get the bat back here, things aren’t going well.
2663-2686: this is a nothing scene, but that’s the point – Cage is looking at his wrist where the gauntlet ought to be
2688-2707: Mil Muerte stops Catrina from leaving their altar. Don’t think that’s going to work.
2709-2746: Mundo has the gauntlet now! Maybe LU is breaking ground in the area of having an over arching plot around battle for a a gauntlet with incredible power. Surely no one else is doing that now.
2748-2805: Matanza, with some artistic lighting. He’s free now.
2806-2827: an angry Drago, back in chains here
2829-2839: Vibora guarding a casket and kicking someone away. This may be the same scene.
2841-2921: Catrina (same outfit as above) first puts on a cross armbreaker on a mystery woman with demonic eyes, and the fight continues into a following scene where Catrina appears to be getting the worst of it. By process of elimination, I’d guess this is indie wrestler Chelsea Green, who was known to be part of these tapings, but I’m not really sure.
2922-2939: Paul London appears to have the staff Kross had previously, and also a fair amount of blood. Probably not a good day for the laughing guy.
2941-2960: Taya has Ricky’s doll, and also the Worldwide Underground got new jackets this season.
2962-2993: Vibora has Mundo in a choke. This is happening in the same Snake room seen earlier, not sure how Mundo ended up there. Mundo’s been training with Vibora during the offseason break, which might be reason they ended up together.
2994-3011: I’m sure I’m supposed to know who this is but I’m blanking. Edit: Ricky Mandel?
3013-3041: Marty Martinez, trapped in a box.
3043-3055: Catrina seems to be reaching up with the stone in her hand, but falling at the same time. This looks like a continuation of all the scenes we’ve seen so far, and might be her end.
3056-3072: I don’t know who you are but you seem to be dying. Edit: Swagger
3074-3113: Aerostar also yelling, and confronting something. This has a sudden cut to black.
3144-3266: fade out to Lucha Underground logo, fading into to
3267-3395: a photo of Dario Cueto, with his father Antonio Cueto reflected in the glass. “Antonio” is being played by the same actor, and live reports panned the makeup/hair they’re using with him. It looks not so convincing in this reveal. Antonio says this will be his new temple, which gives us
3396-3418: the first shot inside the wrestling arena.
3419-3428: and into an extended CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER montage. Taya.
3429-3436: first shot of Penta. He doesn’t have the belt, but no one has them in these promo shots.
3437-3443: the first show of in-ring action. Killshot is wrestling Sammy Guevera, with Son of Havoc & the Mack in a corner.
3444-3450: Ivelisse, all red.
3451-3457: the Mack
3458-3465: Penta vs Matanza. The band platform is behind Penta.
3466-3471: Kobra Moon
3472-3479: someone new. Edit: Sonny Kiss.
3480-3485: someone old. Tommy Dreamer.
3486-3489: Not sure. Edit: maybe Dante Fox. Maybe Jason Cade.
3494-3501: the wrestler formerly known as Jack Swagger splashing Son of Havoc. Guevera and Killshot can be seen on the outside; this could be the same match as above.
3502-3507: Ricky Mandel w/doll
3508-3512: looks like Guevera
3513-3517: Joey Ryan
3518-3523: Fenix kicking someone who looks like Johnny Mundo. Penta is helping Fenix out, maybe on purpose.
3524-3529: Officer Reyes lives, and has his cane. This transitions to
3530-3534: Daga w/the sword! Will he actually make it in a match this season?
3535-3541: another new person. This may be former Impact wrestler (and another Big Brother alumnus) Jessie Godderz.
3542-3548: King Cuerno, Marty the Moth, Penta and a fourth person on the mat I can’t recognize. You may be able to see the Aztec band up on the stage – this looks like Aztec Warfare 4.
3549-3554: Kevin Kross, with the staff we’ve seen earlier.
3555-3559: the Rabbit Tribe. Saltador has gotten a new pattern.
3560-3566: Son of Havoc
3567-2572: Dragon Azteca Jr.
3573-3578: Jeremiah Crane
3579-3588: Chavo Guerrero Jr. with a pescado onto Penta. Kobra Moon and another (Daga?) can be seen outside on the opposite side.
3589-3595: Jack Swagger, or whatever we’re calling him
3592-3601: new girl, who again appears to be Chelsea Green
3602-3609: Killshot
3610-3617: Daga makes it to the ring!
3618-3623: Chavo
3624: El Bunny, who might also be the laughing man in the earlier Kross bit. Or might be nothing at all; the running gag here is the first episode of this series included a El Bunny in a training vignette, who was never seen again, and the mystery/joke has been a running gag here and elsewhere. Maybe he’ll show up this season, or maybe this is just an Easter egg.
3631-3634: Jack Evans, PJ Black with green hair.
3635-3643: Aerostar, with his chest light coming to life
3644-3653: Cuerno diving onto Mundo, with Penta on the ground and someone in front of Mundo. Again, Aztec band = Aztec Warfare.
3654-3660: Drago in red
3661-3668: Marty
3675-3678: Mil and Catrina
3677-3681: Matanza, running
3682-3685: King Cuerno
3686-3692: Mil in the center of the ring, with Fenix, Mundo, Crane and Penta around him. This again looks to be Aztec Warfare. Note the Modelo logo on the floor.
3693-3699: Fenix
3700-3706: Johnny Mundo
3702-3712: Fin de Mundo, which is both a spectacular and possibly a symbolic way to end this. You might be able to see a clock in the back – that’s the same gear as in the other ring shots, so this is from the Aztec Warfare too.
3713-3867: and the promo shot to end it

5 thoughts to “There are 3867 frames in the Lucha Underground Season 4 trailer. Let’s break them all down.”

  1. 3056 is Swagger.

    I think 3486 is Dante, looks like the same camo pattern on his wristbands as last season.

  2. 3631-3634: Guy with green hair appears to be PJ Black, I zoomed in on his kneepad designs and they seem to be his.

  3. I’m pretty sure 2994-3011 is Ricky Mandel with a new haircut. This guy looks like the same one than 1421-1511.

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