CMLL Puebla: 2018-04-16 

Zacaraias tope as a distraction ploy

Recapped: 04/23/2018


Astro, Asturiano, Shockercito beat Espíritu Maligno, Joker, Mercurio
(15:02 [8:11, 2:35, 4:16], 2/3, ok, via 

Kaho Kobayashi beat Dalys in a lightning match
(8:30, headscissors to inside cradle, ok, via 

Felino, Puma, Stigma, Tiger beat Gemelo Pantera I, Gemelo Pantera II, Pantera Blanca, Stuka Jr.  
(13:46 [3:50, 6:21, 3:35], 2/3, ok, via

Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón beat Ángel de Oro, Dragón Lee, Niebla Roja
(14:34 [2:35, 2:57, 9:02], 1/3, good, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Terrible, Valiente, Volador Jr. beat Atlantis, Carístico, Negro Casas   in a relevos increíbles match
(9:21 [2:12, 2:12, 4:57], 1/3, ok, via 

What happened: 

a rudo combo

Volador offered Carístico a handshake post-match, and then unmasked him with the other hand just to do it.

The NGD used their belts on the técnicos, which is probably more a danger to those ancient belts than they are to the técnicos. They won cleanly this week.

This was a rare CMLL streaming show without Julio Cesar Rivera. I didn’t catch an explanation of where CMLL’s lead announcers was. Miguel Linares and his son handled the announcing instead.


The main event allowed Volador to play rudo, but it seems like we get to see that a lot, and Mistico is better as a partner for that than Valiente. It ended up just feeling like them fooling around. The finish felt disjoined, maybe the camera angle hid whatever counter Terrible was suppose have done.

The semimain was the B-match version of an NGD match, only they ended ran past the usual finish mark and gave about three more minutes of action. This was not close to the best match they can have and it was still decently watchable. Angel de Oro’s usual match is fresher unmasked, though I wonder how much longer it’ll stay that way. Dragon Lee was not wearing tape it this match, though he was slightly limping if you were obsessively looking for it.

NGD press

The appearance of an actual 4v4 CMLL match just produced the same trios match, only longer and not interesting. The Panteras had no personality and Blanca wasn’t especially good. There are worse luchadors but I didn’t get much out of seeing them for 20 minutes. I hope they were able to use this to get a crowd in Texas at least. Big mystery is how Arena Puebla hero Stigma ended up on the rudo side. Did they decide him being on the winning side was more important?

I didn’t like Kobayashi/Dalys and I can’t pinpoint why. I know I was in the minority, the crowd seemed pretty thrilled for Kobayashi to pull the upset win. I guess it was because it was match heavy on strikes, and Dalys’ never seems like she hits hard. There wasn’t many moves, though Kobayashi’s cradle at the end was well done.

The opener was closer to good than usual. Mercurio is a really good base when he tries but, even in this one, he made sure to let you know he was still fooling around. Astro & Joker tried to do some stuff to mixed results, and the técnico locals have a really fun comeback. I’d be fine with this level match every week, but it still seems a little short.

a good Dalys moment