scouting the mystery people on Verano de Escandalo’s poster

AAA’s released the lineup for Verano de Escandalo. I’ll maybe write about it tomorrow. For now, let’s drill down on the notable inclusions, the three mystery people on the poster:

Those seem like really shoulder blade muscles (scientific term.) Cage like, but apparently with a more normal haircut. He’s clearly the power guy of the team, who Psycho Clown & Hijo del Fantasma will have to work together to take down. A real challenge.

Seems like the smaller half of the team, kind of like the Robin to the muscle guy’s Batman. Probably a normal power/speed combination going on. The completely white eyes with no pupils will surely be intimidating for our heroes.

shout out to soon to be bald Carta Brava Jr., your glasses look cool

Look at that skull! Look at those eyes! This man, this being is clearly not of the planet Earth. He’s an alien, maybe not Alliens, but definite not from here. Konnan is known for working with every group in humanity, is it possible he’s now transcended the cosmos and made deals with creaturs from other worlds to strength MAD? And what terrible price will we all pay when this deal, like so many others involving Konnan, falls apart? The stakes have never been higher.

Verano de Escandalo is June 3rd and will air on Twitch.