tecnico Kraneo & Soberano/Casas tonight, Alberto’s latest excuse

Kraneo returns to the tecnico side for the first time in eight years on tonight’s Arena Mexico show. He teams with Atlantis & Diamante Azul against Los Ingobernables (Rush, Terrible and La Bestia), who he turned against last week. It seems like a feud was just a way to move Kraneo to the other side, and we’ll find out if there’s any more to it tonight.

The match where there’s more likely to be something going on is the second match, where Sugehit and Seductora are on opposite sides of the trios match after Seductora stole a win two weeks ago. Seductora is not much important normally and the level of ruda who only gets cheating wins if they’re being set up for a match, and we know there are shows that will need big matches coming. CMLL’s holding a press conference next Wednesday, so tonight’s a good time to making the expected the hair/hair challenges.

The rest of the card are matches which could be good but aren’t sure to be. Caristico, Valiente, and Voaldor take on UG, Euforia & Mephisto in the semimain. Negro Casas faces Soberano, a replacement for an originally announced Casas/Adonis match and a first time ever match. Casas versus a young wrestler is usually one of the best matches of the night. Esfinge, Titan and Triton attempt to rebound from Tuesday’s title match loss against Okumura, Kawato and Dragon Rojo. The show opens with Nuevo Valor finalist Flyer 7 Oro Jr. taking on Templario & Espanto Jr.

CultIcon also previews the show. It starts at 8:30pm on Facebook and MarcaClaro’s site – or at least that’s the plan, they’ve been late starting the feed of late. It’ll be up on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

Reporte Indigo has a brief interview with Seductora, who sells clothes when she’s not wrestling. DTU starts a weekend of show tonight in Arena San Juan Pantitlan.

The main event is an incredible pairs match, with Miedo Extremo teaming Rocky Santana versus Ciclope & Mr. Condor. Ace Austin and Isias Velazquez are the foreigners in for these shows, with Velazquez scheduled to face Draztick Boy on this hosw. DTU in a Neza arena means there will likely be many handhelds of the show up on YouTube over the next couple of days.

Alberto told the Sporting News that he missed the Impact vs Lucha Underground show due to family issues. He’s used that line before; he used it last October when he missed a different show, and has used it often in the past in situations where he wanted people to stop asking questions about why he really was missing a show. Alberto had previously told Impact that he missed the show due to illness, and it doesn’t seem like they believed that story either. Alberto also claimed he was going to retire in 2019, after previously saying he was going to retire in both 2018 and 2020.

LA Park says Universo 2000 is again in the hospital in poor health.

Nieto del Santo is making an increasingly rare wrestling appearance on 04/21 in Pachuca. It feels like the brakes have put on his (and Atlantis Jr.’s) debut in Mexico City, which has gone from “a couple months” to “maybe next year”

Vampiro retirement progression (March 2018 edition)

  • 03/22: Vampiro announces he’ll have a big announcement tomorrow about his career in the ring
  • 03/23: Vampiro posts a meme instead.
  • 03/24: Vampiro says “no more TV” after his match with Xalapa
  • 03/25: Vampiro has a “strong feeling” the match in Monterrey will be his last match on TV, but may keep wrestling house shows and hopes to retire at TripleMania
  • 03/26: Vampiro wrestles in Monterrey, says his plan is to retire at Verano de Escandalo in Monterrey next time if AAA lets him.
  • 03/31: Vampiro says he’ll talk to people before deciding when he’ll have last matches
  • 04/09: Vampiro announces he’s had his last match, post medical records of injuries from a couple years ago
  • 04/11: Vampiro says he’s wrestling on Puebla on 04/14, but not on 05/16 in San Luis Potosi because he’ll be retired by then for sure.
  • 04/12: Vampiro says he’s wrestling on 05/16 in San Luis Potosi – NEW!

In other Vampiro news, there’s apparently a Hijo del Tirantes/Vampiro feud going on. Leo Riano’s column complains that the awful rudo referee was kept off a TV taping and wants revenge. I do not recall Tirantes missing a TV taping, but the idea is Tirantes wants to be a wrestler now to face Vampiro. Hijo del Tirantes and Vampiro had a run-in at an Xalapa show last month in a video now on YouTube; Hijo del Tirantes books shows and wrestlers fairly often in his home city so this might have been his idea. I’m not sure it’s a great idea to be building a rivalry between a referee who wants to be a referee and wrestler who doesn’t want to be a wrestler but it’s AAA and maybe it’d mean no more Tirantes as referee.

+LuchaTV has a new edition of Aqui Esta La Lucha.