CMLL Friday, The Crash, Impact/LU today, Santo in WWE HOF


IWRG (WED) 04/04/2018 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Voltar b Black Puma
2) Dulce Luna & Reina del Sur b Galaxia & Lili Dark
3) Atomic Star, Guerrero 2000, Keiser Dragón vs Ángel Estrella, Death Metal, Taurino
Eterno (FILL/Atomic Star) and Oficial 911 (Zeus/Angel Estrella) helped their teams, which set up a school match to come.
4) Demon Rocker, Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker b Black Dragón, Dinamic Black, Dragón Fly

Los Infierno Rockers vs Dinamicks Dragón´s en la Arena Naucalpan. (posted by Estrellas del Ring)

Teelo replaced Dinamic Black after he took a martinete. Rockers still won in straight falls.
5) Emperador Azteca & Hijo del Alebrije b Capo Del Norte & Máscara Año 2000 Jr.

Máscara Año 2000 Jr y Capo del Norte vs Hijo del Alebrije y Emperador Azteca en la IWRG (posted by Estrellas del Ring)

Mascara & Emperador went to a double pin, which somehow sets up an Alebrije/Mascara mask vs hair match.

I did not know Eterno was back teaching the IWRG school. I got something out of this IWRG show.

CMLL’s Friday night show is a bit of a place holder. The big show of the month is the 04/26, and they’re not in a hurry to get to wherever they’re going. The Seductora/Sugehit feud started last week isn’t even on the card this week.

The main event does at least repeat what we saw last week. Kraneo teams with La Bestia del Ring & Rush against Atlantis, Caristico and Volador in the main event. Kraneo had problems with Bestia & Rush last week, and probably will again. Volador’s had problems with Carisitco elsewhere, and may again. The big matches are coming elsewhere.

The other match of note has Peste Negra versus a slightly adjusted Axis of Evil trio. Okumura & Sam Adonis team up with Kawato instead of Johnny Idol in what’s otherwise a rematch from last week. Felino, still teaming with the Peste Negra despite definitely saying he’s leaving the group, replaces Mr. Niebla. It’s probably not a coincidence they’re doing this same match two weeks in a row, but it’s not clear exactly where they’re going with it.

Just because nothing is happening does not mean the matches will be bad. Los Guerreros versus Dragon Lee, Mistico and Titan looks really great as a semimain. Drone, Fuego & Triton against Disturbio, Misterio & Sagrado could be fun as a second match. Valiente & Stuka Jr. is an odd match but they’ve got enough spot that will get a good reaction. And CMLL must think Astral & Electrico versus Cancerbero & Raziel is a smart idea, because they keep on booking it. This is the fourth time they’re meeting in Arena Mexico in under a month.

This show will air on MarcaClaro’s site & Facebook. It’ll goes up on YouTube later on. You’re own your own if it’s region blocked.

Meanwhile, the shows around WrestleMania will continue this weekend. There are Mexico based wrestlers working a variety of promotions. Mostly it’s Fenix & Penta, but there’s more lucha libre involvement on the ‘main’ indie shows this weekend than before. There are a couple show today which that are more directly lucha libre related.

The Crash, noon CT:

  1. Aeroboy, Draztick Boy, J. Spade, Amarok, Matthew Palmer, Jason Cade, Ángel Fashion, Curt Stallion
  2. Black Danger & Lacey Lane vs Christi Jaynes & Oráculo vs Barbie Hayden & Joey Ryan vs Diamante & Douglas James
  3. Rey Horuz vs Flip Gordon, Laredo Kid
  4. Bandido & Black Boy vs Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz and Dave Crist & Jake Crist
  5. Daga vs Brian Cage vs Willie Mack vs Sami Callihan
  6. Rey Fénix vs Flamita vs Rich Swann
  7. Damián 666, LA Park, Nicho el Millionario vs Bestia 666, Garza Jr., Mr. 450
  8. Penta Zero M vs Austin Aries

This The Crash show is being taped, which is a story you may have heard before. The big difference is there is an actual plan to air it: a raw version of the show will be up on Highspots (maybe as quick as Sunday), and a post-produced later. I’m not sure of the cost, but I’ll pass it along when it turns out.

I think this is going to be a good show! I think past shows that I thought were going to be a good show for a new audience failing has make me a little bit cautious to get good excited, and a little bit more focused on wondering what will go wrong. (That’s a lot of matches for 3 hours.) It should be an Experience either way.

much, much later: Impact (versus Lucha Underground), 9pm CT

  • Austin Aries & Fenix vs. Alberto El Patron & Pentagon Jr.
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Jeremiah Crane [I Quit]
  • Allie vs. Taya Valkyrie [IMPACT KNOCKOUT]
  • LAX vs. Killshot & The Mack [IMPACT TAG]
  • Dezmond Xavier, Andrew Everett & DJZ vs Drago, King Cuerno & Aerostar
  • Teddy Hart, Scott Steiner vs Dave Crist, Jack Crist
  • Famous B vs Trevor Lee
  • Matt Sydal vs Caleb Konley vs Moose vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Jack Evans vs Matanza
  • Eli Drake vs Brian Cage

You can watch this show for free on their Twitch channel. It’s a good looking show, the trios match was one of the ones I’m most looking forward to in New Orleans. Impact is also sort of good now. Like my concerns with hyped lucha shows, this probably means an iceberg is coming to kill us all, but we should still take advantage of this moment while it lasts.

For the purposes of an insanely specific lucha libre database, I consider really more of a Impact show with a few LU guests working in their LU characters. But, the next episode of Lucha Underground is likely months away from getting and this is freely available show. (At least live. I don’t know what they’re doing VOD.)

There may be one more option to stream Saturday night. CMLL has it’s 75th Anniversary Arena Coliseo show. Much of the stuff CMLL records for TV also ends up being streamed live on their YouTube channel. This show will be recorded to air on 52MX next week, taking the place of the usual Puebla show that airs. That also may mean it’s streaming live on YouTube at 7:30pm CT – but as of so far, CMLL hasn’t said anything about it. Maybe give it a peak if you’re around, just don’t make plans for it. It’ll still be up later.

(Random thought: what if they didn’t bother streaming Puebla this week because they aren’t going to air it? on the Caristico & Mistico week? That would be a thing. It’ll probably be fine.)

CMLL hypes Saturday’s Arena Coliseo show with Fuerza Guerrera and Super Astro. Reporte Indigo has a piece on the history of the building and more interviews.

On the WWE Network, El Santo will also be in the WWE Hall of Fame’s Legacy Wing tonight. That win is for historical important non-WWE (and so far non-living) people to be added by group to make the WWE Hall of Fame appear more legitimate. There is no induction speech, they’re simply mentioned in a video package. Each year’s group appears to be at least one unofficial “international” spot. It went to Rikidozan last year, and it was just Santo’s turn this year. There’s no particular criteria, the WWE Hall of Fame is simply about who the WWE feels good about putting in a Hall of Fame that year. Still, El Santo (or any Mexican) getting international recognition is always an important deal and I suspect this is going to be a notable sports story in Mexico once they pick up on it.

Heroes of Lucha Libre’s June 2nd event will be at the Galen Center, the basketball arena for the University of Southern California. Heroes of Lucha Libre is pushing the idea of 10,000 people coming to their show, though they’ve drawn closer to 4,000 in the past. No wrestlers have been announced.

Mexa Wrestling returns on 04/28 for Blood Party

Mary Apache’s daughter Natsumi said she hopes to be a great luchador like her mother. She was training under Mary and Averno while in Mexico, and Fuka now in Japan. It sounds like she plans on staying in Japan for the time being.

Puma King’s CHIKARA Pro match on 04/28 will be against snake man Ophidian.

Borderzine writes about Sin Cara, inplies he was the famous Mistico in Mexico.