Kraneo/Euforia, Alberto/AAA, LU alternate plans

DTU GALA (FRI) 03/16/2018 Arena Roberto Paz, Guadalajara, Jalisco [+LuchaTV, DTU]
4) Lokillo b Moria © [DTU AI]
5) Cíclope & Miedo Extremo b G-Raver & Jimmy Lloyd
6) Kenji Fukimoto b Violento JackEric Ryan [deathmatch] Facebook video (posted by )
7) Crazy King © b Halloween [DTU]

I thought I saw these results on the DTU’s site and now I can’t find them and maybe I’m losing my mind. Pretty sure Lokillo/Lokillus won the Alto Impacto championship though.

DTU (SAT) 03/17/2018 Autolavado VM, Tulancingo, Hidalgo
1) Luigi & Mini Flash b Ángel Negro & Hermes
Luigi’s return.
2) Anarquía & Billy Gamer b Devitt Rodríguez & Hard Boy and Fly Danger & Zarkord
3) Kevin b AnarquíaDrolux
4) Tiburón b AdrenalinaMoriaCamuflaje
5) Draztick Boy b Jimmy Lloyd
6) Cíclope & Miedo Extremo b Eric Ryan & G-Raver and Crazy King & Ovett
good match
7) Violento Jack © b Kenji Fukimoto [KFC HEAVY]
Violento Jack retained title in a strong match

Violento Jack won the King of the Freedoms’ Championship in Japan and successfully defended in Mexico, a rare feat for an international championships.

IWRG (SUN) 03/18/2018 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, The Gladiatores]
1) Atomic Star & Dragón Bane b Soma & Toto
straight falls
2) Lilith Dark & Star Fire b Dulce Luna & Lady Cat
Sources disagree if Lady Cat or Lady Pink wrestled.
3) Liderk, Spartan, Spector b Leo, Mike, Teelo
straight falls, Factor interfering to give a piledriver to Leo.
4) Emperador Azteca, Internacional Pantera, Veneno b Black Warrior, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., X-Fly
Moved down a spot.
5) Dr. Cerebro © b Ricky Marvin [IWRG IC MIDDLE]
Cerebro used the ropes to win. first defense. Moved up a spot.
6) Hijo del Alebrije b El Hijo del Medico AsesinoHijo de Pirata MorganCapo Del NorteDiablo Jr.Dr. KaronteLunatic XtremeApolo Estrada Jr.Hijo del PanteraMáscara Mágica Jr.Hip Hop Man [Rebelion de los Juniors]
Hip Hop Man made his return to IWRG by being added to this match. Hijo del Alebrije, who’s technically a junior but actually (supposedly) Alenrije’s nephew, won the mach and a title shot at Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.

Hijo del Alebrije is one of the IWRG guys who shows up most often and seems good, so it’s nice to see him getting a big match. It’d be better if it wasn’t against Mascara 2000 Jr. but there’s only so much you can do.

Tonight’s Puebla has a unique and first time ever singles match between Kraneo and Euforia. Kraneo has had problems with his rudo teammates the last few weeks, first with Johnny Idol & the rest of the foreigners, and now with the big man of the Guerrero Laguneros. Kraneo’s been in CMLL as a rudo heel comedic monster for nearly eight years, but the longest stint of his career was as AAA’s comedic tecnico Alebrije. CMLL is definitely hinting Kraneo will switch to the tecnico side after tonight, and there’s no one doing it much in CMLL with Maximo gone and Super Porky unlikely to ever return from injury. Kraneo’s still listed as a rudo on upcoming shows, so it’s always possible this is just something for Puebla alone but we may at least get that official tecnico turn for that building tonight.

The main event has another Munoz family team up (Bestia, Mistico & Rush) taking on Gran Guerrero, Mephisto and Caristico. Caristico hasn’t been mentioned in CMLL since he was pulled out of the tag team tournament three weeks ago with an injury. He was last seen Saturday night in Tijuana, as a surprise main eventer for The Crash. Caristico has said he’s going to wrestle in both places, which Rush was doing for a while, and we’ll know that for sure if he makes it to his show

The semimain continues Angel de Oro & Cuatrero wrestling against each other on every show, with Niebla Roja, Matt Taven, Sanson & Mr. Niebla in the match. Kawato, Puma & Tiger face Blue Panther, Stigma and Drone in the tercera. The second match has Electrico, Astral and Arkalis versus Hijo del Signo, Perverso and Policeman and the show opens up with Astro & Millenium versus Joker & Sauron. The show starts 9pm locally, but it’s remains an hour later in if you’re watching it in Daylight Savings Time land.

The Televisa/Unimas Reto 4 Elementos reality show starts tonight as well. That’s the show where Australian Suicide, Bengala, Lady Shani and Hades (Hahastary) will be appearing on for the next several months. It airs at 8pm CST in Mexico on Televisa’s Canal 5 and 9 CDT in the US on Unimas. The show airs for one hour every day Monday thru Thursday. (If you’re trying to record it, you may have manually set up a time recording. At least for me, I’m not getting updated program guide information on Unimas, the same as happened with the Blue Demon show.) Four hours a week is a heavy time commitment but maybe I’ll check out the first episode.


In an interview with +LuchaTV, Alberto says he’s agreed to work five AAA shows in addition to TripleMania. I wonder if that means he or AAA are going to be bringing in opponents for him to work against for all the matches or if he’ll be working with the rest of the roster.

The TWitWow podcast had Lucha Underground writers Chris DeJospeh & Chris Roach on as guests last Wednesday.  The main subject was Lucha Underground storylines that they’ve had which didn’t make it to the screen. It ranges from ideas that were just pitched in the writers room and never got past that, to ones which were moments written into the script the day of the taping and then something happened. There’s almost as much stuff to write about as the (way too long) Vampiro interview and I’m not going go in to everything. If you’ve ever thought had What If questions about Lucha Underground, you owe it to yourself to listen to this show. I’m going to pull out a few important topics, because they’re the topics that come up the most when people ask about paths not taken.

DeJoseph and Roach mention Pentagon was originally scheduled to win the championship at Ultima Lucha 2. They knew how over Pentagon was at that point. They also were concerned they were short changing the Matanza character by having him lose in three months and turning him into LU version of WWE’s Kane (had a long lead up and impressive debut but got beat too soon and was considered a level below the championship guys.) They also felt there were more storytelling opportunities for Matanza as champion at that time and Pentagon could thrive as an Undertaker-like character who didn’t need a title for most of his feuds. They were always high on Pentagon, they even pitched Alberto on having Pentagon break his arm to explain why he wasn’t around for a set of tapings (Alberto didn’t see Pentagon as big enough star and said no), they just didn’t see him needing the title until it was obvious it had to happen at the end of Season 3 because everyone would flip out if someone else ended up with it.

In other interviews, DeJoseph had hinted that there was another choice to win Aztec Warfare 3 beside Sexy Star but would always avoid saying who that pick was. In this interview, DeJoseph and Roach reveal it was Angelico. It turns out LU had lots of plans for Angelico that never worked out due to his injuries – he was originally going to end up in Worldwide Underground and instead ended up feuding with them due to his first injury. His second injury made him doubtful for Aztec Warfare, and Roach takes credit(/blame???) for pitching Sexy Star in that spot. Had Angelico won, he was also planned to lose it the following episode: the bit was never as much about Sexy Star or Angelico as it was making Johnny Mundo even more hated. Sexy Star lost the Gift of the Gods title to Mundo for that purpose, and they reasoned Mundo would be even more evil if he stole a title from her twice. Angelico was cleared by the time the match took place, but they had already picked the new direction at that point. Had they stuck with Angelico as champion, the Ultima Lucha 3 big matches were looking like Puma/Pentagon in a career vs career match and Mundo vs Angelico for the title. Angelico would’ve won it back, only for Son of Havoc to do the Gift of the Gods cash in on his friend and win the title to end the season.

Again, there’s more in the interview worth listening to. I don’t want to give away, because it’s great audio and it sounds like it never escaped the writers room but, if you’ve ever idly wondered “what if they did a butterfly effect story with Aerostar’s timetravel powers?”, they explore that idea and it’s a lot of fun.

TWitWow has had LU people on as guests in the past. They interestingly noted that this time, it was LU reaching out to get on their show. I think it’s probably not a coincidence the LU management reached out to get on podcasts last in a positive fashion after Lucha Libre FMV did got some negative press for the company. They’re not dumb.

Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground @ WrestleCon on 04/06 (free show on Twitch, night show)

Segunda Caida reviews Lucha Underground episode 3×36. I think they’re going to do it, I think they’re going to finish season 3 before season 4 starts.

La Jarochita & Reina Isis are working the 03/24 Sendai Girl show, so they’re finding work even with REINA no more around.


CMLL (TUE) 03/20/2018 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Micro & Tigre Blanco vs Exterminador & Maléfico
2) Magnum, Príncipe Diamante, Sangre Imperial vs Difunto, Espanto Jr., Príncipe Odín Jr.
3) La Vaquerita, Lady Maravilla, Sanely vs La Comandante, La Seductora, Tiffany
4) Diamante Azul, Esfinge, Niebla Roja vs Luciferno, Mephisto, Terrible
5) Ángel de Oro, Marco Corleone, Matt Taven vs Cuatrero, La Bestia Del Ring, Shocker

I missed the lineup for some reason. Maybe boredom? It’s OK.

IWRG (WED) 03/21/2018 Arena Naucalpan
1) Ángel Dragón, Biosfera, Dinámico vs Canario, Dranzer, Kraken
2) Príncipe Dragón, Príncipe Mexica, Puma de Oro vs Chicanito, Dragón Infernal, Power Bull
3) Ángel Oriental, Fly Tiger, Voltar vs Black Puma, Carnicero, Hijo Del Bombero
4) Galaxia & Princesa Shira vs Lady Cat & Reina del Sur
5) Atomic Star, Guerrero 2000, Keiser Drago vs Ángel Estrella Jr., Death Metal, Taurino
FILL vs Zeus (Death Metal)
6) Súper Brazo Jr., Tortuga Mike, Tortuga Teelo vs Eterno, Leroy, Skanda
7) Black Dragón, Celestial Boy, Chef Benito, Diablo Jr., Lunatic Xtreme, Picudo Jr., Shadow Boy, Toto vs Aeroespacial, Divino, Emperador Del Aire, Emperador X, Fandango, Hausser, Hijo Del Brazo De Platino, Ninja de Fuego [Torneo FILL]
Black Terry vs LLB (Fantasma de la Opera)

A lot of trainees on this show.

CMLL (SAT) 03/24/2018 Arena Coliseo
1) Ángel Del Amor & Sangre Imperial vs Apocalipsis & El Coyote
2) Bengala, Retro, Sensei vs Arkángel de la Muerte, George Kebrada, Metálico
3) Gallito, Guapito, Microman vs Chamuel, Mije, Perico Zakarías
4) Ephesto, Hechicero, Luciferno vs Blue Panther, Dragón Lee, Stuka Jr.
5) Atlantis, Carístico, Matt Taven vs Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero

The micros are back, but still not on TV. Kebrada hasn’t been seen here since September. He was supposed to work a couple shows which were canceled due to the earthquake and hasn’t been on a card anywhere since November.

CMLL (SUN) 03/25/2018 Arena México
1) Acero & Aéreo vs Pequeño Olímpico & Pierrothito
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Príncipe Diamante vs Disturbio, Espanto Jr., Sangre Azteca
3) Kaho Kobayashi, Marcela, Sanely vs Amapola, Dalys, Metálica
4) Blue Panther, Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr. vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Forastero, Pólvora
5) Matt Taven vs El Cavernario
6) Atlantis, Mistico, Valiente vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

It’s looking like Cavernario has a singles match on Sunday and one on the Tuesday after against Soberano, and probably won’t win either feud.

AAA TV (FRI) 04/20/2018 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California
1) Big Mami, Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Ashley, Estrella Divina, Faby Apache
2) Hijo Del Vikingo vs Lanzelot vs Máscara de Bronce vs Dinastía [#1 Contenders, AAA CRUISER]
3) Aerostar & Drago vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria and Rey Escorpión & Texano Jr. and Histeria & Psicosis
4) La Parka vs El MesíasPaganoJoe LiderHijo del FantasmaParka Negra [TLC]
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Vampiro vs Hernandez & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr.
6) La Máscara, Máximo, Psycho Clown vs Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly

The second match is the only one that hadn’t been announced. And seems like it might be too early to happen if Suicide isn’t going to be back for Months. Maybe lucha libre should have interim titles.

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