CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas iPPV: 2018-03-16 

things went badly quick for Angel de Oro

Recapped: 03/16/2018


Audaz, Flyer, Star Jr. beat Disturbio, Templario, Virus
(10:55 [4:20, 2:55, 3:40], 1/3, great)

Dalys, La Seductora, Zeuxis beat Kaho Kobayashi, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit
(14:16 [6:24, 2:33, 5:19], 2/3, ok)

Dragón Lee, Mistico, Rush beat Forastero, Máscara Año 2000, Sansón
(12:13 [4:05, 8:08], 1/2, good)

Atlantis, Matt Taven, Niebla Roja beat  Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero
(11:29 [5:09, 2:43, 3:37], 2/3, ok)

Valiente & Volador Jr. beat Rey Bucanero & Terrible for to win the the CMLL World Tag Team Championship
(16:59 [3:22, 1:56, 11:41], 2/3, good)

El Cuatrero beat Ángel de Oro in a mask vs mask match mask
(18:43, 1/3, great) 03/16/2018

  1. Cuatrero inverted bear hug (3:34)

  2. Angel de Oro campana (2:18)

  3. Cuatrero crucifix powerbomb (12:51)

What happened: 

Audaz & Star Jr.

Angel de Oro is Miguel Ángel Chávez Velasco, 29, 12 years a wrestler.

Rush put his feet on the ropes to beat Mascara Año 2000 Jr.. He really didn’t need to.

While Virus & Audaz did work together, Audaz submitted Templario to win their match (so maybe that feud is over for now?)


Angel de Oro versus Cuatrero lived up to the tradition of emotional mask matches. The crowd, pro-Dinamita all the way, made this a moment along side other similar matches. It was better than last year’s Diamante Azul/Pierroth effort, but Niebla Roja/Gran Guerrero was definitely better. That mask match seemed to have people go far and beyond a normal match. Angel de Oro just doesn’t posses the ability to go any farther than he has before. He pulled off All his usual spots. They were also all his Usual spots. Maybe the failed top rope move near the end would’ve lead to something different. He did kill himself on the tope early on and took a lot of punishment from Cuatrero. Angel just didn’t really rise to the occasion like his brother did last summer. Cuatrero was solid all the way thru, looking impressive throwing Oro around and being in the right spot for his big moves. The inverted bear hug was a strange finish. At least it was an idea. The loudest portion of the crowd so badly wanted him to win that it came off like a huge victory for him. He could’ve just used a little more exciting opponent.

Volador & Valiente dives

The tag title match was good as it was going to be given the people involved. Bucanero couldn’t do much on his own but was willing to try – the monkey flip over the ropes spot was back, he was the one who took Volador super headscissors, he was one the one who caught (or tired) on the Valiente Special. Terrible continues to look great, and Valiente and Volador got enough of their big offense. It just still felt like a main event on a B—show and never a great match on it’s own. Terrible & Bucanero never came that close to winning, and they do much as a team that would give you a reason to believe they’d over come their obvious disadvantage. If they do something with Volador & Valiente, their defenses will probably be all better than this match. Like a lot of this show, this one seemed like it might be much better live with the crowd caring more than you’d expect.

The fourth match had the stream dying early on, and didn’t last for too long when we did get to see it. Gran Guerrero & Niebla Roja mixed got to mix it in, the Guerreros got to go thru their team offense, the técnicos got to make a big comeback, but nothing really sank it to it. Nothing wrong with it and the crowd got into it.

everyone lived

The tercera was highlighted more by the crowd reactions than the match. Dragon Lee & Mistico looked off their usual. It just fed into the crowd hating them even more. Rush laid it in on the closing dropkick and Mascara 2000 didn’t seem to have a lot of fun there. The Dinamitas didn’t stick out strongly in this match, but were there for the offense. They got two falls and not a lot of time, so this wasn’t a big showcase.

The women’s match was an OK match which still really didn’t feel like it should be on this show. They were doing more than usual because of the occasion, but it came off as slow and really had a hard time following the match which came before. Seductora’s first spot in this match to duck an invisible clothesline. At least she got a new outfit and the splash went well. Zeuxis crushed Kaho with the double knees. Kaho seemed thrilled to be there anyway and her energy helped the match. It would’ve helped if they got her into it a little quicker.

The opener was a great display. Audaz has looked good this year. He somehow got even better in this one. He was leaping around the ring like gravity was an optional thing, looking like the mostly easily agile person on the planet. Star Jr. wasn’t far behind him, his frog splash to win the first fall was outstanding and he was getting amazing height on his springboards thru the match. They were so spectacular that Templario walking the ropes for a dropkick or Flyer’s moonsault got over shadowed. It felt a little pre-planed but the plan was strong and they pulled it off well.

Cuatrero bomb