CMLL Puebla: 2018-02-26 

Titan is great

Recapped: 03/12/2018


Arkalis & París beat  Espíritu Maligno & Sombra Diabólika
(12:42 [6:02, 3:46, 2:54], 1/3, n/r, via

Astro & Stukita beat Guerrero Espacial & Mercurio
(13:01 [6:00, 2:56, 4:05], 2/3, ok, via

Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Templario beat Lestat, Rey Samuray, Tigre Rojo Jr.
(17:11 [6:45, 3:57, 6:29], 1/3, ok, via

Diamante Azul, Hechicero, Stuka Jr. beat Johnny Idol, Kráneo, Titán in a relevos increíbles match
(10:37 [7:01, 3:36], 1/2, ok, via

Mephisto © beat Soberano Jr. for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship
(15:50, 1/3, good, via

  1. Mephisto Gedo clutch (3:00)

  2. Soberano seated armbar (1:17)

  3. Mephisto Canadian Destroyer (11:33)

gif: 3900/4144/4542/4811

Cavernario & Último Guerrero beat Valiente & Volador Jr. 
(8:06 [2:21, 2:07, 3:38], 1/3 DQ, below average, via

What happened: 

Soberano flattened

Cavernario faked a foul in the third to cause a quick end to the main event and set up a singles match.

Kraneo splashed his partners by accident to cost them the first fall. Idol & Kraneo argue after the fall. Idol trips up Kraneo to cost his team the second fall and the fight after the match.


The main event was nothing even by CMLL b-show nothing main events. The third fall didn’t feel like it got going before Cavernario faked the foul, and the first two falls weren’t much. They went shorter in this match than the one where Volador broke his nose. The show ran long, but this shouldn’t be so short.

Soberano/Mephisto was kind of similar to Volador/Mephisto, except we haven’t seen three dozen Volador singles matches and have all his spots memorized. There were other touches, like young Soberano being utterly baffled by Mephisto using a Gedo clutch for the win, and Tirantes being a troll in what might have been an attempt to get the fans more Soberano. (That may be a generous read of how much Tirantes was doing to help the match and how much he was doing to entertain himself. Whatever the intent, it felt more like it distracted than helped.) The second fall moved and ended quick. This third fall didn’t really. Mephisto matches turn into slow kick out affairs, and Tirantes slowed things down even more by making everyone react to his antics. Soberano still looks athletic and impressive, and took the super Devil’s Wing impressively. I wish he’d just stop taking the Canadian Destroyer as every big match finish. This match felt like it hit the upper limit of what this type of match is going to be, and it was a borderline good/great match to me.


The most impressive sight on that show is Hechicero somehow being able to pull Kraneo in it’s weird submission. Neither of these make shift teams showed anything unusual as a team, it was just weirdness to set up the weird Idol/Kraneo feud. Idol is in the right, Kranoe is not so accurate with his splashes.

Poor Templario took the knees to the gut on Rey Samuray’s 450 try because he thought hew as helping by moving closer, then lurched forward to catch Lestat’s dive and got a leg to the head. Templario saved Samuray from being dropped on his head at the end, so it worked out. Match was not interesting outside of Templario.

Astro would fit right in CMLL Mexico City’s minis matches. Unfortunately, so would Guerrero Especial, because those matches aren’t much. This was Mercurio doing the same Mercurio moments and Stukita not going off as much as he will on Fridays. Astro himself has had better showings.