2018 watch later catch up, part 2 of ∞


Recapped: February/March 2018

Leo, Mike, Rafy, Teelo vs Astrolux, Hijo De Panther, Pumita, Torito
(Mexa Wrestling @ Arena San Juan Pantitlan on 01/27, 11:58, good, via Carxyus)

The match proper starts at the 7:35 point of the Carxyus video. This video picks up the lights flickering off and on kind of too well. With the abandoned building lightning and teenage wrestlers fighting giant ninja turtles, this had an odd vibe. It was still a fun match, with the Turtles at least trying every crazy idea the youngsters had and adding their RAW 25 tributes in between. Not everything worked, and the match never really peaked, but it was a fun match for an indie show. Mike either needs to cut back on the pizza or Astrolux probably shouldn’t try slamming him again.

that didn’t quite work right


tornillo off the balcony
out of here

Metaleón vs Centvrión in a falls count anywhere match
(Mexa Wrestling @ Arena San Juan Pantitlan on 01/27, 23:25, great, via Carxyus & Adrian Martinez)

This match showed the strengths and weakness of the current lucha video ecosystem. Carxyus’s version has the most complete available version of this match, a steady cam from the second deck, which makes it my default choice. On that video, this match comes across as more creative and interesting than Metaleon & Centvrion’s XMW match from last year, but also still a bit of a lot of moves without much to them. Carxyus couldn’t capture the finish from his vantage point, so I watched the Adrian Martinez version to see it. This match is cut down about 33%, but the violence of the match comes much clearer up close. You can’t really appreciate the pound they give each other, especially on the outside, without that upclose view. This felt much more like a war from ringside, which I suspect it felt like in the building. My hunch is the best way to go about seeing this match is to don’t be lazy like I was, and ask Black Terry Jr. if he’s offering the full version of the match get the total feel. I really liked how Centvrion & Metaleon made much more use of the falls count anywhere than most Mexican matches do. I wasn’t as big a fan of Centvrion taking a driver thru a wood panel and quickly recovering to the do the same to Metaleon. This feud is based n them being equalys, maybe even down to them both wearing white for this match, but there is a point where you can go too far with that.

Metaleon code red
board fight

Lunatic Xtreme vs Demonio Infernal, hair vs hair
(IWRG @ Arena Naucalpan on 01/28, 11:15, good, via IWRG tv,)

Notes: Demonio Infenral is counted down for three after a package piledriver, where he obviously got his shoulder up by three. It’s not even particularly close, though it is the shoulder away from the referee. The commissioner quickly decides the match needs to continue, though it takes a little time to get to that decision.

Review: [good] A good effort that wasn’t a complete match. Both guys are willing to do extreme stuff to themselves and to each other. They were just too set on doing those bits that there wasn’t much else to third fall besides quickly hitting finishing moves. They had some ideas in mind for visuals but not drama. The mix of brawling and in-ring stuff felt better in the first couple of falls (and all the time in between falls) and the third fall didn’t work as well. Both guys are still young so this seemed about as complete as it should be. Everyone seemed to react too smoothly to the third fall bit for it to be an unplanned mistake, but maybe they just handled it well.

this seems like a fun ride
this too
not this
or this

Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón vs Alas de Acero, Aramis, Iron Kid for the Mexican National Trios Championship
(Lucha Memes @ Arena Naucalpan on 02/05, 17:59, good, via hector godfrey)

The Kamikazes were a more into the title match than the NGD, to no great surprise. This is a big match for just one of these teams. Sansón, Cuatrero and Forastero are up for taking the offense of the smaller indie guys. This just goes from an opening half which doesn’t amount to much, to técnicos running thru some offense, and to a dry “your turn/my turn” exchange of near falls. Even though most of those near falls don’t feel all that near, it is the best part of the match and they did come up with one convincing big near fall to the end. This was enjoyable and is worth a look, but it didn’t have the drama of a big match.

Kamikaze dives
NGD playing toss the luchador

Corsario Negro Jr. & Drako vs Centurion & Fly Warrior
(Mexa Wrestling @ Arena San Juan Pantitlan on 02/10, great, 11:23. via Adrian Martinez)

La Fortaleza are a fun team when they’re knocking around thinner opponents. Centvrion & Fly Warrior are the unlucky opposition for a while here, just getting hammered for the first few minutes before finding their way to a comeback. A crazy comeback, involving a Gori Stretch/tope spot that may be was not well considered. There were really hard chops and some spectacular moves in this match. What really separated this match was the smooth way they transitioned from one set of actions to another. There were many whips went wrong, there were reversals to set up other spots and moves flowing into each other. I’m not sure where to rate this, but is is worth your time as a fun indie match.

not sure if this was how they planned the landing
Centvrion gets hit by a bus

DTU Visoria final w/Cobre, JimmyMini FlashAdrenalinaLokilloRey GladiadorKastigadorMoriaKevinVengador, SadikoRey Volador
(DTU @ Arena Neza on 02/17, 16:02, good, via DTU Facebook

This video was condescend for time and edited out some blown spots (though still made it obvious that’s what they were doing, which kind of defeats the point.) What was left as a fun cibernetico style match. Everyone got a turn early on, they did some big dives, and big moves eliminated people quickly. Jimmy, Cobre and Moria looked like the best three in this particular match, so it worked out nicely that they were the last three. Any three would’ve been acceptable winners. Jimmy’s the easiest to root for, Cobre seems very fast, and Moria had the biggest spots. I think I would’ve picked Jimmy to send to Dragon Gate but not by much.

Jimmy stepping into a DDT
dive to the Casas side