IWRG chefs, DTU in Arena Aficion tonight, LU

IWRG (WED) 02/21/2018 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Black Puma b Puma de Oro
2) Chef Benito & Haziel b Guerrero 2000 & Power Bull
Chef Benito is actually a chef. Or at least a Chef character.
3) Kanon & Toto b Hijo Del Bombero & Skanda
Kanon beat Bombero & Skanda at the same time.
4) Dragón Bane, Lunatic Xtreme, Ram El Carnero b Ángel Oriental, Shadow Boy, Súper Brazo Jr.
5) Eterno, Leroy, Ovett b Leo, Mike, Rafy
Team Ovett won fall 1/3.

Chef Benito is a luchador Chef. The cultural reference is probably Chef Benito Molina, who was a star of the Mexico version of the MasterChef reality show for five seasons (and left amidst some drama with the production.)

IWRG has a bonus free show on Friday with no card announced. It looks like it might be a government sponsored event.

Wrestlers have been mentioning on social media heading to Lucha Underground the last few days. I think I was too soon in saying most people were going to be there Tuesday, but people have been headed there and will be there soon. Their first taping is tomorrow.

The one name jumped out yesterday was Daga. Daga missed all but the final weekend of tapings of Season 3 due to visa issues. Since then, Daga left AAA to work for The Crash among other promotions. During season 2, AAA warned their wrestlers that anyone who worked for AAA who left that promotion would not be allowed to continue on future seasons Lucha Underground. Fenix & Pentagon also left, but they’re so important to Lucha Underground that exceptions could be made in their cases. Daga missed 99% of last season and could be more easily written out without most people noticing. It looks like he’s staying. Which means one of three things:

  1. the original story about AAA threatening their wrestlers is false
  2. OR Daga’s gone back to AAA.
  3. OR Lucha Underground’s creative staff can pick and use who they want, regardless of AAA’s wishes.

I don’t think 1 is right, because many people heard that story. I don’t think Daga’s going back to AAA, because Daga’s still booked on The Crash shows. So that points to 3. Lucha Underground people have maintained they have the say over who works there all along, and they appear to be correct.

This used to be an important bit because of the idea that AAA wrestlers would become well known from Lucha Underground and then take that fame to work on their own. I’m not sure it matters as much now, because Lucha Underground fame wasn’t as transferable to the rest of the wrestling world in Season 3, and the AAA wrestlers on LU are generally near the top of the card and/or given the freedom to work a lot of their own dates anyway. But maybe it’s something to keep an eye on in Season 4 if someone new gets hot.

I wonder who’s running AAA’s taping on Sunday, since Vampiro will definitely be at Lucha Underground and possibly Dorian Roldan would be as well. It looks like they’re going to handle this situation for Rey de Reyes by just not running a Lucha Underground taping on 03/04 judging from Jeff Cobb’s tweet.

DTU has a big show in Arena Aficion tonight. Violento Jack & Aeroboy vs Ciclope & Miedo Extremo vs Halloween & Ovett main event in an extreme match. Negro Casas is on this DTU show as well, in a four way with Jimmy, Cobre and Draztick Boy.

Arolucha revealed Ricardo Rodriguez and Konnan will be the announcers for their pilot show. The Wrestling Observer mentioned Arolucha will not be running more house shows for “several more months”, working on TV tapings and getting a TV deal instead. The attendance seemed better last weekend, but I’d guess they weren’t making money on those shows if they’re putting a pause on them.

ROH’s “Manhattan Mayhem” on 03/03 (Saturday @ 6pm CTST) in NYC has these CMLL matches

This show will be ROH’s first show on their Honor Club service. The short explanation is you can watch this show live for $10 USD. At some point, I’m going to stop wrongly calling this ROH’s Anniversary show without anyone needing to reminding me in the comments. It’s going to happen. Just give me about fifty more tries. Castle defends against Lethal about a week later at that actual Anniversary show, so that’ll be the focus of the tag match.

03/24 MexaWrestling (MexaWar) at Arena San Juan has

The Crash on 04/06 at WrestleCon

Terrible was interviewed on CMLL’s Facebook page.

MLW announced Garza Jr. vs Ultimo Ninja for their 03/08 show in Orlando.

LuchaWorld has the new edition of LuchaTalk.

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