The 2017 Luchablog Abstract is now available

I wrote a book. You can get it via payhip. It’s available for the low, low price of “whatever you want to pay, even if that’s nothing at all.”

The 2017 Luchablog Abstract is a 80+ page year in review. There’s an essay about the year itself, about CMLL, about AAA, and about everything else. In between, there’s brief thoughts about anyone who had at least a couple of matches in AAA and CMLL. There’s also a similar section covering the important The Crash people and a few bonus entries.

If you’ve enjoyed what I write here or elsewhere on lucha libre, I believe you’ll like this as well. If you’re someone who reads this site often, you’ll get all of my thoughts on people in once place. If you’re a new to lucha libre or unfamiliar with it, it will give you some background on what different luchadors have done and what their future looks like. If you have at all a passing interest in lucha libre, I think you’ll find it worth a look.

And, it’s a free look. The price is set to $0.00 as a default. You’re under no obligation to pay anything for it. I encourage you to purchase it once for free, decide what it’s worth to you, and then buy it a second time for that price if that works for you.

To keep your expectations in check: this is a bare bones project from a person who has never done this before. There’s no photos or art, the cover is just text. it’s just a lot of words, though the words were actually professionally edited. I hope the words are interesting enough to make up for nothing else really existing.

Here are some answers to questions you may have:

Q: Did you just steal the Voices of Wrestling concept for a wrestling ebook?
A: Yes. Yes I did. At least half of them are aware of it, and this book wouldn’t have existed without their assistance.

Q: Who contributed to this book?
A: Just me. I had editing help, but all the profiles and essays are mine. It was a lot of work.

Q: Will this be available outside of Payhip? How about Amazon?
A: Probably not.

Q: What timespan does this book cover?
A: January 1 to December 31, 2017. Anything from the last six weeks, a period commonly known as “2018”, is not covered.

Q: Why is this out now? Does it feel out of date?
A: I could not commit to doing this project until January. It took about as long as I thought it would, it just took a lot of time. There are things which have changed in both promotions and for some of the wrestlers in the last six weeks, but that’s ok. My goal was to create something specifically connected to a specific time. I believe it’s still useful to get a sense of this past year.

Q: I really like this website or the luchawiki or the lucharobot or something else you do, can I just use this as a way to funnel money to you to say thanks irrespective the actual book?
A: Look. I’m not going to turn down free money. However, if I wanted to charge for those things, I would be finding a way to charge for this things. This is something else. Pay whatever you want for the book.

Q: What are your plans for any money you make off this book?
A: thought hard and came up with this list:

  1. a pizza
  2. one month of server costs
  3. ????graphic design????
  4. probably another pizza

Q: Will there be a 2018 version?
A: We’ll see. We’ll see.

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  1. I am not eligible for disability, and i am too young for social security, plus my medical bills are literally over 1 Million dollars, leaving me with no cash. I feel bad about not being able to pay for the e-book. Can I really get it for free?

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