AAA on Televisa: 2018-01-20 

what in the world

Recapped: 1/25/2018

All matches were taped in Plaza de Toros Monumental, Apizaco, Tlaxcala on 12/16/2017 


Faby Apache went to a double countout of the ring with Lady Shani © in a AAA’s Reina de Reinas championship match
(7:08, DCOR, ok, via luchalibreaaatv)

Dave The Clown & Mr. Águila beat La Parka & Pagano  
(12:32, Dave top rope splash Pagano, ok, via luchalibreaaatv)

Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria beat Monsther Clown & Murder Clown © and Histeria & Psicosis to win the AAA World Tag Team Championship
(8:35, Cuervo & Scoria pin Murder, good, luchalibreaaatv)

What happened:

a title change

La Secta won the tag team titles. They aren’t afforded a moment to celebrate, as the Clowns destroy the new champions. They also take out the referee when he tries to take the belts away from the Clowns.

Histeria wrestles the mask masked, which is really not a surprise at this point. The surprise turned out to be Histeria partially unmasking at some point, off screen after the match concludes while the Clowns are beating everyone up. You can see it’s off and even the front of his face if you look for him on the outside. He puts it back on before he leaves.

Dave kicks out of a Noa Noa Driver thru a chair, to Pagano’s surprise. Dave gives Pagano a horrendously poor piledriver and a top rope splash for the unlikely win.

Faby & Shani had the makings of a pretty good match with an inconclusive finish. I wouldn’t say it even necessarily ended early. They just kind of sped thru to get to the end match sort of offense before spilling outside for the countout. The hard back and forth right before that portion was pretty good, and they definitely did enough to think the rematch could be pretty good. Shani had one of the better outings, even if Faby was obviously leading/pulling Shani thru spots at time. Faby was subtly working ruda at time, though it didn’t like she could totally commit to it, and she sold the result like she was a wronged face by Tirantes bad decision, ignoring Shani at all. This was interesting if incomplete.

Pagano was awarded a sports award in Ciudad Juarez, possibly given to him before they realized he lost to Dave the Clown. Six different titles are mentioned to be on the line at Guerra de Titanes.


a brawl

The main event trios is an all action match for due to the people included. It keeps the pace going better than the normal tag match last week and covered up their weaknesses better by not giving much time to linger on them. The downside is didn’t feel like it was building anywhere – the finish sequence itself seemed to come as a surprise to the crowd – even though they kept the general idea of everyone being desperate to finish someone off.

I don’t know about the post match. That kind of felt like the Clowns were not thrilled about losing and decided on their own to beat up anyone. It would explain Histeria’s strange reaction and the referee not seeming like he was planning to be taking bumps. Even if it was planned, it really took the spotlight and the meaning out of Cuervo & Scoria winning if they were simply destroyed after the fact. They’ve got to give the fans a moment to care about those guys winning if they’re going to gain some support.

It’s really quite a battle to see who is the worst wrestler between La Parka & Dave The Clown. Parka is bad for long periods of time, Dave his singular moments of terribleness. That piledriver in this match was a thing of wonder. Dave’s also horrible at selling, either completely dead or not bothering to register an impact at all while moving to his next position. Pagano was easily the second best guy in the tag match, maybe the best because Mr. Aguila was checked out on this mess. Maybe Pagano was lucky to get hurt if AAA was going to have him taking losses to Dave the Clown. I was waiting for a post match angle where he would snap or something. He just lost.

Tirantes doesn’t immediately break Faby’s armbar when Shani is on the ropes. After the fact, it’s clear that help from Tirantes is supposed to be an indication Faby is now a ruda. Both women are counted out while they’re fighting outside. Well, maybe it’s more like Shani is balled up on the ground and Faby’s too busy hitting her with a chair to think about coming back in until it’s too late. This was one of those countouts telegraphed because the referee and the announcers were making a big deal out of the count they usually ignore.

Faby dive