referee drama in IWRG, Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero tonight in Puebla, Elite postponed

IWRG (SUN) 02/11/2018 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, The Gladiatores]
1) Skanda b Full Contact
2) Alas de Acero & Haziel b Fandango & Odín
straight falls
3) Demonio Infernal & Hijo del Alebrije b Eterno & Lunatic Xtreme
Demonio Infenral replaced Aramis (moved up), which meant he and Lunatik feuded again.
4) Emperador Azteca © b Cerebro Negro [IWRG IC WELTER]
5th defense (last two were scheduled in small Oaxaca shows which may or may not have happened.)
5) Ovett, Trauma I, Trauma II DQ Aramis, Hijo del Pantera, Internacional Pantera
Aramis replaced Pantera I. Straight falls. There’s referee drama going on: the commission added Babe Richard to the pool of IWRG refs, feeling they were not following the rules. Normal referee Capu & Richard officiated this match, and DQed the Traumas in the first fall when they wouldn’t stop beating up the opposition after the won the first fall. In the second fall, Richard went to check on Aramis after a dive, and Capu counted a pin after Trauma II fouled one of the Panteras. Babe Richard, from outside the ring, overruled the call and called it a second DQ. The Traumas & Ovett argued with Babe Richard & the commission after the match. Trauma fouls appeared to be seen by referee Babe Richard but not called.
6) Dr. Cerebro, El Hijo del Medico Asesino, Máscara Año 2000 Jr. b Danny Casas, Hijo De Dos Caras, Imposible
Dr. Cerbero beat Imposible, which is probably setting up a title match.
7) Black Dragón DQ Spartan [hair]
Mascara 2000 Jr., seconding Spartan, interfered frequently. Babe Richard was the ref and called a third fall DQ, giving Dragon the win. This set off a Capos vs Comando elite feud.

I think a referee is losing their hair soon.

Today’s Arena Puebla show has an Atlantis versus Ultimo Guerrero. You may know this is not a first time match! This is their 38th singles match, if you throw in matches that happened in Memphis, Tennessee and Thorton, Colorado. It is their first match since last April, though that’s probably because Atlantis was out for six months and still doesn’t look 100%. The drama here isn’t in the outcome – there’s nothing on the line, UG is going to ask for the mask versus hair match either way, Atlantis will say no – but if Atlantis can at least get a Good level in this singles match. This seems too soon and unnecessary. Maybe it’ll draw.

The rest of the card seems somewhat more promising than usual. Mistico, Rush (in for Volador) and Soberano face the Hijos del Infierno. Stuka, Triton & Titan team up against Misterioso, Sagrado and Kawato in what should be a pretty good match if they go for it. Locals include Astro, Asturiano, Joker, and Arkalis, though the two opening matches each have people I assume will make the match worse. The show will air on YouTube at 9pm.

There’s one significant change for tomorrow’s card. Marcela was scheduled for the lightning match, but she’s now off the lineup. Princesa Sugehit will now take on Kaho Kobayashi in her first CMLL singles match.

EDIT: Are you looking forward to watching ELITE? TOO BAD. In authentic Elite fashion, CMLL announced the TV show – and the Sunday Elite shows – are on pause for now. The story is the TV launch date is being pushed back and so they’re going to run regular CMLL shows on Sunday until it’s ready to go. There’s no indication if this is a short term thing or a going to take a while.

Uno TV has a feature on Micro Man, including him training. He’s the oldest of three brothers (imagine a Micro Trio.) It sounds like they had him training with a normal class just as a trial before starting the micro group.

A Japanese news site posted an interview with Ultimo & Gran Guerrero from the FantasticaMania trip. Google Translate of Japanese interviews is shaky. What I did get out of it Ultimo Guerrero likes the movement of lucha libre to a more aerial style, though it also makes him feel like a soccer goalie trying to fend off flying objects at him all the time.  UG’s also got a real estate business to prepare him for a post-lucha life. Gran Guerrero wants a match with Tanahashi.

SoloWrestling points out a Johnny Mundo video interview w/ Chris Van Vliet of note. Johnny Mundo says Vampiro is an idiot. I’m not sure alone Johnny Mundo calling Vampiro an idiot is even news at this point. Mundo saying Kevin Kross, Fantasma, Texano, and Wagner among other have issues with Vampiro too is sort of news, though it comes off at least half in character. Mundo does say Vampiro will be back on Lucha Underground Season 4 and he seems to be as interested in finding out how they work together as everyone else.

Speaking of Lucha Underground, Johnny Mundo outright says they’re taping next weekend. Everyone is willing to say this except for Lucha Underground, though even Mundo isn’t even sure of the schedule. He thinks they’re doing 2 episodes a week, 3 days a week, for about 5 weeks – but that would be 30 episodes and they’ve announced 21. Maybe there are weeks without three days a week, maybe no one knows and that’s why this is taking forever.

Black Terry Jr. has photos of the latest Zona Ruda 23 show.

Aeroboy & Violento Jack are wrestling in Chicago’s GALLI next week.

Luchador Tacubo talks about his anti-bullying work.