lucha TV preview for weekend of February 9th, 2018

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AAA on Twitch is listed as an 8:30 start time. Let’s be real, nothing is happening before 9. I don’t know even if the card is right. Should be a good time.

CMLL on Claro has Kobayashi’s streaming debut, and also a competition to see who gets to lose to Volador & Ultimo Guerrero. It’s weird CMLL is having a competition to determine the best 2 man team in CMLL and also needs to fill it’s two man team titles and these are unrelated facts.

I guess CMLL Azteca is interesting to see how things get split? Maybe AAA Televisa is interesting to see if they just go one week behind Space or do something completely different? Maybe it’s not that interesting of a week.

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  1. With so little focus on 2-man teams, outside of tournaments like this one, why are the tag titles still being used? If titles are so important why aren’t they ever defended? If they are not important, why have them? Please explain.

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