lucha TV preview for weekend of January 19th, 2018

full size. I hope you can find something to watch this week! This doesn’t even include the Cancun indie that’ll be on a streamed TV show this week with Misterioso Jr.

One more time: FantasticaMania is EARLY FRIDAY, EARLY SUNDAY, and EARLY MONDAY. All shows start at 3:30 AM CT, and will go between two and three hours. Probably closer to the short side. There’s VOD up usually right after the show if you’re a sane person not getting up/staying up for this. This are paid shows.

Luchando Por Ellos, Alberto’s benefit show for children affected by earthquakes, was announced and mentioned a couple times as airing on Claro in the same way the CMLL shows do. I have not seen a mention of it of late, so take it as 50/50. Marca probably will keep it on their Facebook like they do CMLL shows, but they don’t have a known YouTube place to put it later. (I’m thinking about recording it, not sure if it’s appropriate to upload.)

In more traditional shows, AAA starts it’s last taping of 2017 with a Faby/Shani title match, and Mephisto & Titan meet in Arena Mexico on Tuesday.