new lucha videos for the weekend of January 12, 2018

My recorder didn’t work for this week’s Guadalajara show – didn’t work in it didn’t record at all, as opposed to recording badly like last week.

It’s super rare for Azteca to air two different tapings, but they went out of their way to show the Casas/Adonis match. It also aired on 52MX.

CMLL Lucha Azteca: 2018-01-14
taped 2018-01-06 @ Arena México – Mega
1) Pegasso & Titán vs Raziel & Virus
2) Drone, Esfinge, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón
taped 2018-01-01 @ Arena México
3) Negro Casas vs Sam Adonis for the hair

IWRG Zona XXI: 2018-01-15
taped 2018-01-14 @ Arena Naucalpan – YouTube/Mega
1) Odín & Shadow Boy vs Demonio Infernal & Lunatic Xtreme
2) Bombero Infernal vs Danny Casas
3) Emperador Azteca, Hijo del Alebrije, Veneno vs Dragón Yuki, Fly Warrior, Séptimo Rayo
4) Ovett, Trauma I, Trauma II vs Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Eterno
5) Pantera I © vs Aramis for the IWRG Intercontinental Lightweight Championship