Negro Casas out with broken ribs, IWRG Zona de Ejecucion

Negro Casas & Dalys on Facebook.

Reminder: The Tapatia awards for the best in lucha libre are open thru January 28th.

Negro Casas announced on CMLL Informa that he suffered a fractured rib in his hair match with Sam Adonis on Saturday. The injury took place at the end of second fall, believed to happen on Adonis’ 450 splash. Casas says he’ll be sidelined for a few months, which means he will miss FantasticaMania among other shows. Dalys & Negro Casas are doing another Facebook live interview as I write this, and Casas there specified he had one broken rib and two injured ones.

(CMLL promptly announced Casas as wrestling next Tuesday. I’m assuming they’re wrong.)

This is the second fractured rib injury to a major lucha libre star in a week. Pagano suffered the same injury back on Saturday and AAA’s said he’ll be out three months. Triton also suffered some sort of rib injury on CMLL’s Tuesday show, though there’s no indication if was as severe. Rib injuries are not a common lucha libre injury.

NJPW’s probably going to announce the FantasticaMania tour late Friday night. That’s the pattern of the last few years: they hold a press conference for the IWGP Champion, and the lineups are posted a few minutes prior on both NJPW and CMLL’s sites. I don’t see an announcement of exactly when that will be, but guess it’ll be 36 hours from now. That’s going to be a tough turnaround to simply rebook the tour without Casas, and it might be impossible to find a CMLL replacement who’s available and allowed to go to Japan in that time.

Sam Adonis is claiming the referee should’ve stopped the fight and he’s the real winner.

There was no IWRG show yesterday, and there’s no CMLL show tomorrow. (It’s on Saturday. Everyone is going to forget.) The FantasticaMania lineup is probably the biggest thing and only thing going on for the next few days.

AAA named Lady Shani luchadora of the year.

AULL announced they’ll be holding a Mexico State licensing exam sometime in February. This is mildly interesting, because you don’t really hear about the Mexico State commission outside of the one commissioner who’s at all the Arena Naucalpan shows. It’s possible they’re quietly out there, but it seems like many promotions choose to run just outside of Mexico City because Mexico State has less – or no – regulations on what they can do.

Segunda Caida writes about Negro Casas & Shocker vs Rush & La Sombra from July of 2014. Casas & Shocker are still champions from this reign and will be for months longer if Casas is unable to wrestle.

There’s a short film entitled El Luchador on Vimeo. The wrestling promo dialogue is entertaining.

+LuchaTV has an interview with Bandido & Flamita. They’re going to Dragon Gate for two months, so they will be available for WrestleMania after all.


IWRG (SUN) 01/07/2018 Arena Naucalpan
1) Dranzer, Extic Drago, Puma de Oro vs Biosfera, Dinámico, Kraken
2) Dragón Orus & Súper Brazo Jr. vs Leroy & Lunatic Extreme
3) Shadow Boy vs Odín
4) Chico Che, Danny Casas, Veneno vs Capo Del Norte, Capo Del Sur, Ovett
5) Hijo del Pantera & Internacional Pantera vs Trauma I & Trauma II
6) Imposible vs KaraouiEternoDiablo Jr.El Hijo del DiabloAlas de AceroFreelanceAramisRafyLeoTeeloMikeDinamic BlackDragón FlyBlack DragónPantera I [Zona de Ejecucion]

This is an odd Sunday show to be all ‘local’ guys. Zona de Ejecucion starts with four people in the ring, with a new person coming in only when someone’s eliminated. (You may be familiar with this from video games that could only show four people at once.)

Hijo del Pantera hasn’t been around since September.

I have no idea what’s going on in the opener. No more Dragons! If someone tries to name you Dragon or Drago, they’re not helping you.

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