The Crash: 2017-10-05 


Recapped: 12/19/2017

All matches were taped in Auditorio de Tijuana. This, like the last show, is one hard camera and no switching. This is the last Tijuana show available on Konnan’s Patreon. The November one never made it up there, and the December one was when they were splitting.


Black Boy & Black Danger vs Dave Crist & Jack Crist © for the IMPACT Tag Team Championship
(5:18, good, via Patreon)

Review: This was a decent action opener with a few flaws. There were a few cool spots, though the first one wasn’t helped to by the lights being down and blocking out the dive. Black Danger attacking Black Boy midway thru the match only makes sense if you know they’re usually opponents, but then it doesn’t explain why they’re teaming to begin with. It feels strange that martinetes are no longer Dqs without some big story, but these all feel like nitpicks. The teams generally work better against each other than you’d guess and they keep up a fast pace during this quick opener.


this looks bad for both brothers

Christi Jaynes & Keyra vs Baronessa & Diosa Quetzal
(7:01, good, via Patreon)

Review: the revolving door of The Crash luchadoras ended up with Mexicali’s Baronessa getting a shot. She didn’t screw up moves like that one Elite match, but seemed lost at times, didn’t really do much, and kicked out of the finish when that was the last thing she should’ve been doing. Diosa Quetzal did better, but also looked on a different page at times, and it came off like she was not much liked. Keyra and Jaynes looked like the better team and did more cool flips. The match overall was enjoyable when everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing, they tried to do interesting stuff, and it ended at the right time. Border line grade to the positive, just because it was interesting and the women who don’t like each other seem like they hit each other the hardest.

Diosa dropped on her head
Jaynes double stomp/moonsault
Keyra’s welcoming dropkick
and some responses

Trevor Lee © vs Último Ninja [IMPACT X]
(6:00, good, via Patreon)

What Happened: This is originally supposed to be a three way match with Daga, but Trevor Lee demands it to be two singles matches so they can’t double team against him. Trevor Lee asks them to decide between themselves which one will face him. Daga & Último Ninja agree they’re not playing by Trevor Lee’s rules, and they’ll both face him. Último Ninja will go first.

(Also, at this point, Daga’s not allowed to appear on Impact TV, and in theory, splitting it into two matches allows one of them to air.)

Review: Ninja & Trevor Lee felt like a more one sided CMLL lighting match than usual. Último Ninja got in impressive looking moves, then just got caught and rolled up at the end. Trevor Lee did a lot less than I would’ve expecting knowing this was a match being filmed for his show, but maybe the right amount knowing he’d have to do a second round match. This is about as borderline as the women’s match; there were good moments here, but you could just do just as well without it.

Ultimo Ninja doesn’t put it together all the time, but he’s can look so impressive at his size

Trevor Lee © vs Daga [IMPACT X]
(8:31, good, via Patreon)

What Happened: Trevor Lee fouls Daga, which is a DQ. Dqs are usually title changes and the ring announcer start to say that, but gets cut off. Referee ends up fouling Trevor Lee instead, which gets a pop. The ring announcers then says Trevor Lee is the champion, and everyone’s confused. They send in a official to confirm it, but not to explain it. Daga demands a rematch. Konnan comes out to confirm that and that the Garza/Daga match will happen when Garza is healthy and Bestia/Jack will take place on the Anniversary show.

Review: This was the better of the two matches, though maybe one long singles match would’ve been the best. Lee looked more impressive, and that got the crowd to care more as Daga kept kicking out of big moves. Daga himself didn’t look great when he was on offense – an unusually weak tope early stuck out – but the crowd was behind him strong enough that it made the match interesting. The finish was weak, and it was strange that the ref got the revenge foul.

this Trevor Lee german suplex is a good show of how much better these look when I zoom in
Daga springboard cutter

Arkángel Divino, Laredo Kid, Máscarita Dorada vs Demus 3:16, Steve Pain, Último Maldito
(7:14, great, via Patreon)

Review: This only went seven minutes and in some ways was the greatest hits of the usual guys, but everything went spectacularly. Steve Pain was a great addition, feeling as much as Laredo Kid’s natural opponent as the other rivalries (though I guess they would’ve worked a lot in AIW), and working well with the others. Arkangel & Maldito sometimes come off as one hit wonder but their one hit is a really catchy. Dorada & Demus stumbled a little bit at the end but the rest made up for it. This could’ve easily gone a lot longer but they had a good run while they went.

Laredo DDT with a little help
Demus throwing himself at people is the best finish
when doing a ‘rana to the floor just isn’t enough

Jack Evans, M-ximo, Willie Mack vs Bestia 666, Black Taurus (Indie), Mr. 450
(13:33, good, via Patreon)

Review: This was good in the usual style but didn’t leave me much to talk about. I was glad not to get the full dancing sequence, some of the dives were really good, and I’m unsure if the lady who’s always out with the Rebelion Amarilla actually has a name because she’s got so little to do during these matches. It felt like Jack/Bestia was a little more downplayed than usual until their sequence of counters at the end, and that most of the crowd wanted Bestia to win than Jack. That seems right for Tijuana.

Maximo backwards dive
Mechawolf with a normal spear and a flying one
Mack onto everyone

The King vs Flamita for the The Crash Cruiserweight championship
(17:04, great, via Patreon)

Review: Fenix & Flamita was an incredible match in ways, with them going at a fast speed early on and pulling off some impossible counters. Some of the stuff they pulled off late, like Flamita’s DDT and Fenix jumping backwards into a double stomp, were crazy in both how impossible they seemed to pull off and how much trust the people involved needed to have to take it. Fenix’s also really made that handspring cutter look great, pulling Flamita down with him. The back and forth near the end was great – but maybe to me, and not as much the level crowd. This felt like a match that would’ve gotten over huge in any indie arena and did with some of the fans, but the crowd wasn’t nearly as into it as me and made it not fee like the absolute top tier of a match for me. There’s also a portion after Fenix gets sent into the crowd where action slows down for a bit – maybe he was shaken up? This is still a match worth good out of your way to see but I’m not sure it would make the top of 2017 matches.

the old top rope cartwheel DDT
Fenix cutter
phoenix splash onto a Fenix

Brian Cage, Penta 0M, Rey Mysterio 619 vs La Máscara, Pierroth, Rush
(15:00, good, via Patreon)

Fans definitely did care about the main event, even though it was also as definitely not on the same level as the match that preceded it. It was good a times, with Rush notable working a lot harder here than he has in CMLL for most of the year, and Cage being used in the match nicely. The real highlight of this match was Pierroth’s total disinterest in trying to catch Brian Cage on a dive. Luckily the other two were there, but it was like Pierroth got in the spot just to watch Cage fly. Los Ingobernables matches make me have my guard up, because I’m so used to bad finishes, but this one ends better than most. It may just go on a bit too long, as the rudos really don’t seem to come all that close to winning but just force the finishing sequence to repeat a few times. This was perfectly fine as a main event.

Cage is a mobile carrying device
Rey is out