lucha TV preview for weekend of December 21st, 2017


Last week AAA‘s show ended with a mention that the next three weeks will be the Best of 2017. It’s strange to interrupt a taping like that. Planning could’ve been better. I’m excited to find out what AAA deems to be the Best of 2017 in a rough 2017; there’s only so many times they can show Dr. Wagner versus Psycho Clown. Will they show Taya/Ayako?

CMLL hasn’t said a word about what’s going on with Monday’s cage match. Let’s roll with the idea it’s just airing like normal, until we hear otherwise. Normal, in this case, means it’s a 5pm CT time start, so four hours earlier than usual on Monday. If you forget, that’s OK, there’s nothing really going on until the main event.

The IWRG trainee show has a good shot of airing, just because there’s nothing else to air this week. Assuming AYM sent cameras to the show, no certainty.