The Crash: 2017-09-02 

Black Danger smash

Recapped: 12/11/2017

These matches are (almost) all shot on a single hard cam. It takes the operator a while to realize they should be zooming out and panning on dives, but I like it the best of all the different forms of video we’ve gotten so far.


Jonathan, Kamik-C, Sombra De Plata vs Mirage, Skalibur, Viento
(9:38, great, via Patreon)

What Happened:

  • Skalibur is in dark blue.

  • Viento is in black and white.

  • Mirage is in green and black

  • Sombra de Plata is in silver-grey and white

  • Kamik-C (listed as K-Mikc here, pronounced “kamikaze”) is in black, blue and yellow shorts.

  • Jonathan is the only unmasked wrestler.

Review: Just pure opening match insanity that holds together a lot better than the no-name opener on the last show. It doesn’t hold together close to perfectly by any means – it’s pretty clear they blew the finish dangerously and quickly have to come up something else to cover, and there’s a dive late that goes equally as horrendously. It’s pretty solid all considering thru the first two third, and while pulling off some really impressive looking stuff. Kamik-C, who looks about 16 but is somehow actually 23, impressed with his flying and his ability to just get utterly destroyed. He and Skalibur stood out the most. Jonathan was generally better here than he had in his other matches, and Viento had some impressive power moments. Crowd was really into the late stages for an opener and would’ve gone nuts if they just could’ve held it together.

this looked extra dangeorus

crushing powerbomb


Desi Derata & Dezmond Xavier vs Keyra & Laredo Kid  
(12:20, ok, via 

What Happened: I think I got the Patreon one, only somehow I ended up with a fish-eyed ringside cam from someone who is also shooting photos (and you can hear each digital click.) I watched it that way, was distracted by the video, and then watched the MegaKaKashi619 version and was still a bit distracted. This is Desi Derat’s debut and only match in the group. Both the men pin both the women at the same time, which seems like it should be a draw. It is not, they just go to one more fall.

Review: A clunky match which didn’t really come together The two teams didn’t seem to be on the same page at time, and the foreigner team itself looked like two people who hadn’t teamed much, which was probably the case. My assumption on any one and done outsider is they just didn’t do well enough to get brought back. Derata had a strange moment or two, didn’t do enough where I felt a need to see her again, but her issues problems seemed more mental than physical and I always figure those can be fixed. The finish seemed to suggest they had more plans for Xavier, but he hasn’t been back. He looked more impressive elsewhere.

here, a Desi highlight

Último Ninja vs Eli Everfly vs Homicide
(5:47, good, via Patreon)

Review: The triangle match was mildly confusing as a three way match – Último Ninja and Homicide mostly just threw each other out of the ring they could have a turn tossing around Eli Everfly. Ultimo Ninja versus Eli could’ve been pretty cool (Eli got more offense there), Homicide destroyed Eli pretty impressive, and it ended up being sort of a two man squash match. Still entertaining, everything looked painful.

Eli tornillo
a very big inside cradle powerbomb
Eli dead

Bestia 666 vs Jack Evans in a super libre match
(14:31, ok, via Patreon)

What Happened: There’s a board with light tubes on it in the corner even before the match starts. Garza and Demus second their men, and they kick off fighting before the actual match does. Pierroth runs into attack Jack and Damian about 12 minutes in, I guess with the idea Jack was about to win but it didn’t feel he was that close. They try to send Jack into the light tube board, but Jack eventually reverses a superbomb into a super huracanrana to send Bestia thru.

Review: I liked this match better the mixed tag, but it was all over the place. I’ve never seen Jack miss his dive like he did here, and he just didn’t seem on target tonight. The interference got over live – everyone just want to see Garza get hurt – but took away from the match watching it on tape. (And it looked silly for Pierroth and Garza to mostly stand here and do nothing while Bestia was fighting for his life on the top rope.). They raised the stakes enough where you’d believe the hair match was coming but all the additional stuff actually seemed to take away from personal intensity of the moment. They did a better job with that after the main event.

upside down Evans
even for Jack, that was a bad idea

Ortiz & Santana vs Dave Crist & Jake Crist and Arkángel Divino & Black Boy and Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Último Maldito for the Impact Tag Team Championship
(12:06, great, via Patreon)

What Happened: Dave (dark hair) & Jake (blond) are OVE. Ortiz (afro) and Santana (short hair) are LAX.

Review: An all action match, with the local guys obviously being fired up to go against US guys in something that would end up on their TV, and the outsider teams fitting in well. The teams are obviously hanging out more with their usual opponents than going against each other – Arkangel & Maldito do their spots precisely to make an impact for Impact – but it doesn’t feel like they’re avoiding each other. Jake seemed to stand out in the all action style of the tag match, and LAX looked like the best two guys at being a team here. I would’ve expected the feud between the Impact teams to come thru stronger, and this was one of those matches where it didn’t feel lit was close to ending until it just did, but it was still enjoyable.

rana onto everyone
black boy really wants to make this work

Carlito & Daga vs La Máscara & Pierroth and Garza Jr. & M-ximo
(13:36, ok, via Patreon)

What Happened: The story of the prematch is Los Ingobernable Máximo is unclear wh he’s teaming with Garza, and Garza rather hang out with the attractive lady he’s brought to the match. They start fighting it as a 4-2, then they turn on Garza, then Máximo immediately refuses to do the kiss spot on Garza, saving him. Mascara and Pierroth slap Máximo around, and it turns into a normal 3 way tag from there.

About 13 minutes in, Damian walks out and attacks Pierroth due to an arguments they had earlier. Pierroth grab Damian long enough to set up for Maximo kiss, but Damian moves out of the way and Pierroth gets it instead. Daga gets the win.

La Mascara & Pierroth attack Máximo after the match, kicking him out of the group. Damian & Daga eventually makes the save, but Garza helps the rudos take them all out.

Review:  the three way tag turned out better than I expected, especially with the goofiness about the teams. The match is really just a long set up to flip Máximo back to being on the técnico side. The action picked up once they identified who was on each side, but it never really gelled like a strong performance from anyone in particular. Garza selling big for Pierroth’s shots during the match at least made them seem like they’re something. Post match stretched a long time.

Oráculo vs Black Danger in a mask vs mask match
(13:38, great, via Patreon)

What Happened:

A recap video precedes the match. Jack & Bestia re seconds and fight during the match.

Garza gives Black Danger a Yellow Rebelion shirt to join the group after winning, which the crowd cheers loudly (even though they’re sort of the heel faction)

Oraculo was announces himself as Jose Rios, a wrestler for 10 years. This appears to have been his final match in The Crash. Bestia and Jack fight after the match and have to be pulled apart.

Review: Oraculo/Black Danger got the big spot at the end and made the most of it. There was really good action thru this whole match, and they build strongly towards the finish. The 450 kickout was really big. Danger lost Oraculo on the moonsault to the floor, which was unfortunate, but he’s in the right place for the finish and it comes off perfectly. There’s minimal interference by the seconds; this is the kind of “just let the two guys go at” apuesta match that we rarely get outside of CMLL. The one eye opening thing is I really didn’t get the sense of the difference in sizes between these two guys watching handhelds, and Danger looks so much bigger than Oraculo from the hard camera in this mach. The post match was done well, building on the win to make Black danger seem like a bigger star and this as a big moment in his career, not just a one off deal.

Oraculo flying knee smash
Danger Driver