DTU 10th Anniversary, The Crash, Caristico/Mistico, Pato Soria


DTU (THU) 12/14/2017 Arena Aficion [+LuchaTV]
DTU 10th Anniversary
1) Irving b Flash BoyÁngel NegroSteel Dragón
2) Anarquía & Angelito Mágico b Drolux & Tiburón
3) Billy Gamer & Toto Gamer b Devitt Rodríguez & Hard Boy
4) Black Fire, Corsario Negro Jr., Crazy Boy, El Exótico, Hormiga, Kevin b Ángel o Demonio, Camuflaje, Cerebro Negro, Junior, Paranoiko, Súper Mega
DTU defeated X-LAW. Paranoiko was the surprise X-LAW lucahdor.
5) Jimmy & Príncipe Cometa b Mikey Midas & Myron Reed © [DTU NEXO]
New champs. Midas/Reed fall on their first defense.
6) Ovett b Halloween © [DTU CONSAGRADO]
New champ. Halloween falls on his first defense.
7) Flamita b Cobre, ?, ??
Scheduled as a five way, turned into a four way. Flamita beat Cobre. Not sure which other two were in the match.
8) Dezmond Xavier b Moria ©Drastik Boy [DTU AI]
Moria falls on his 2nd defense
9) Crazy King b Shlak ©CíclopeMiedo Extremo [hair, mask, DTU]
Crazy King putting up his mask, Ciclope & Miedo putting up their hair. Crazy King got the win. Shlak falls on his fourth defense (two in the US).

Turnout seemed about the same as The Crash, which must be disappointing for a 10th Anniversary show. Lots of title changes, with DTU winning back the main title and their tag title. +LuchaTV seems like they’re putting up highlights of each DTU show (or for every promotion) a couple days before the next one so we may see these in January.

It’s a strangely busy Friday for the middle of December. For reasons unclear to anyone, but probably about talent availability, The Crash is running shows tonight both in Arena Neza and Teziutlan, Puebla. The Crash was running their last run of shows basically without Konnan being there, but they’re going to be stretched pretty thin with two shows.

The Tezitulan show, two hours from Arena Puebla, has LA Park & Rey Mysterio vs La Mascara & Carlito and Rush vs Brian Cage, but is unlikely to be seen outside that building. Arena Neza will have Ricochet & Sammy Guevera vs Penta & Fenix (which should be the main event), a four way with Daga, Trevor Lee, Willie Mack and Neza Kid (Freelance), and Flamita & Septimo Dragon vs Bandido & Laredo Kid among other matches. Mima Shimoda makes her debut for the group in a four way women’s match. There will likely not be any official filming, but probably a dozen different people shooting the Ricochet match for their own YouTube channel.

CMLL has the last Friday night before thing gets busy, with some anticipation for the main event. The sides are the same as last week – Caristico, Soberano and Ultimo Guerrero versus Mistico, Terrible, and Volador Jr. The match was good last week, but the big question is if CMLL will actually set up Carsitico vs Mistico or if they’ll back away from it again. Next week’s show will have the Leyenda de Azul of all rudos, so they’ll need something tecnico to balance it. If not Mistico/Caristico in a singles, a trios match of all tecnicos is possible.

The semimain was intended to be build to Sam Adonis/Negro Casas, but Casas is taking the week off. Shocker was his replacement, but it’d be understandable if he too ended up missing the show. At least for the moment, he’s scheduled to team with Cavernario & Mr. Niebla against Ephesto, Mephsito & Adonis.

The fourth match is NGD vs Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja and Rey Cometa. The Chavez brothers and a rotating third partner against the NGD have produced some good results. The third is a women’s match, with Maravilla, Marcela and Princesa Sugehit against Amapola, Dalys and Reyna Isis. Isis seems like the woman who’s most benefited from Zeuxis not being around much the last couple months, getting on bigger shows than usual.

Shockercito defends the main minis title in the second match against Mercurio. Both guys are really good when they’re motivated, and there’s not telling when they’ll get another singles match on a Friday night show, but their spot on the card might prevent them from going crazy. The opener is Star Jr. & Starman against Hijo del Signo & Templario, a preview for the 12/25 cage match.

This show will air at 8:30 on Claro’s website and Facebook. They left the website regionblocked last week, so it’s great Facebook is working.

Dragon Lee & Titan will be part of ROH’s Final Battle show, teaming with Flip Gordon against the Young Bucks and Adam Page. It’s a PPV available online for $35. Their show starts at 8pm CT.

Auditorio Tijuana has a Maxilar promotions show, the third show for the promotion that’s started running monthly. The show is notable because it’s Alberto teaming with his father and son against Dr. Wagner Jr., his son and Tinieblas Jr. The show will honor Dos Caras and Tinieblas Sr.. Tinieblas told the press that he’s retired. He’s 78, so I would hope so but it’s lucha libre.

Pato Soria, 75, passed away earlier today after a battle with cancer. His son Shocker mentioned the news on Facebook.  SuperLuchas said doctors discovered Soria’s cancer a couple of months ago and fell apart quickly. CMLL & AAA among many others have posted remembrances.

Soria, nicknamed Pato (Duck) was a charismatic star in Guadalajara of the 60s and 70s. He didn’t find the same level success in Mexico City, but was a well remembered figure. Soria worked at Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, made cameos in both CMLL and AAA when his son wrestled in those locations, and appeared on an episode of the El Luchador series. Shocker is scheduled on tonight’s card, but it would be no surprise if that changed.

CMLL announced Puma is sticking around Japan for a while after Fantastica Mania. He’s working on 01/28 in Kyoto (the show already announced) and 02/04 in Tokyo.

The FantasticaMania tour opening show (01/12) will air on SamuraiTV on 01/18. That’s one day before the live shows from Tokyo start. SamuraiTV is covering the first two days, which normally means no announcing for those shows on NJPW World.

Pro Wrestling Revoultion says Rey Fenix & Penta are off their 02/24 shows, due to Lucha Underground commitments. It’s still unclear if there are actually official LU dates at this point, but everyone’s doing the same math after the dates came out in the WON. Still, based on his reaction to it being brought up on the +Lucha podcast, I’m not sure if Fenix is actually coming back for a Season 4 if he has a choice. It was a long 18 months, things happened.

Rey Mysterio headlines a California casino on 12/22. On one of those podcasts appearances, Konnan mentioned they’ve got a half dozen more of this scheduled (mentioned as one the other non-Crash things he has going on.)

Bernado Guzman says Psycho Clown is luchador of the year: He won Dr. Wagner’s mask, he won Carta Brava & Soul Rocker’s mask, and he won the Lucha Libre World Cup.

126f has a photo gallery of that Heroes of Lucha Libre show.

A short bio on Leon luchador Skud.


TSW (MON) 01/01/2018 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México
1) Pegazus vs KalibusBaby Star
2) Black Warrior Jr. vs Thunder Storm
3) Oro Jr. & Templario vs Lokillus & Yoruba
4) Heddi Karaoui vs Toro Negro Jr.
5) Blue Panther Jr. & The Panther (CMLL) vs Ciclón Ramírez Jr. & Emperador Azteca
6) Sagrado vs Golden Magic
7) El Bandido vs Niebla Roja

I am all here for Sagrado versus Golden Magic.

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  1. On the most recent episode of the Jim Ross Podcast, guest Jeremy Borash talked about campaigning to bring LAX back to IMPACT. Borash also talked about the importance of social media and quoted the number of subs on the AAA YouTube channel.

    That’s interesting because when I watch AAA on YT I always look at the number of views they get for Worldwide, their flagship show, and figure it does over 100,000 views in part because people in the US can’t get it on television anymore. Only AAA and YT actually know who and where their subs and views are from, but I just assume the US television situation has helped pump up the YT traffic.

    Not many YT videos for wrestling can get 100,000+ views unless it’s WWE. I guess this is impressive for AAA.

    Hugh Savinovich spoke on Lucha Libre Online last night and said El Mesias and Johnny Mundo are off his February show in Kissimmee/Orlando to work Lucha Underground and he took a shot at LU’s poor promotion for their S4 return. He said ADR is now on his show.

    I’m guessing the reason Aroluxe put together a tv taping before the end of the year is to be ready for NATPE in Miami next month. The timing is perfect if their strategy is to have content for that convention.

    Prediction: 205 Live will fail at the box office and WWE will introduce a Lucha Libre/SuperAstros/Latino-themed touring unit in 2018. Especially with Survivor Series in Los Angeles, expect Andrade, Gran Metalik, and a few others to get a push going into that time period. “TakeOver: When Worlds Collide” in LA is my prediction.

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